Rat Catcher Labradoodles :Cloud Catcher Labradoodles as it really is

When Nichii Gakkan bought up Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher Labradoodles, some money was spent updating the old and dirty kennels and I thought the dogs would have a better life even if it is in a Puppy Farm dedicated only to Profit. Then I received a report highlighting several problems with hygiene and animal welfare at Cloud Catcher as the Australian wing of the multinational Labradoodle breeding factory is now called.

The public needs to know that the online image of clean, friendly, and caring facilities is a dirty, uncaring, rodent infested, profit obsessed LIE.

Here is the reality:

Rodent droppings in the Cloudcatcher Labradoodles kitchen


rodent contaminated food bag, taped up for use

Rat and mouse traps and the droppings and dead are everywhere. Food bags chewed into by rodents are just taped up to be served to the puppies and breeding dogs despite the real risk of salmonella.

Call in Pest Control? Throw the contaminated food away as any good breeder would? No, that would eat into Profit. The managers would never stand for that!

Quote from a worker at Cloud Catcher Breeding Kennels

Quote from a worker at Cloud Catcher Breeding Kennels

There is no training for the staff, just given boots and a mop and told to get rid of the droppings and dead rats and mice as if that gets rid of the dangerous conditions that puppies and breeding dogs are living in.


puppies alone in the indoor runs

Everywhere on the walls are cartoons of dogs aimed at building a media friendly image but dogs don’t appreciate art! Puppies of unfashionable colours, still waiting for sale, are kept in solitary cells unable even to see their litter mates and well apart from their mothers. I fear for their future, these goods cannot be recycled.

Puppies get no benefit from the artwork in their bleak  and boring kennels with just bedding to destroy and no toys to play with. The puppy you have paid good money for is desperate for attention and love. But attention and love costs time; and time is money. Here is a statement from a worker at Cloud Catcher Labradoodlescloudcatcher23


UNBELIEVABLY for a breeding kennel and against all professional advice Cloud Catcher Labradoodles is advertising to board dogs in their breeding kennels.

Many of those reading this blog are professional and caring breeders who would never risk the lives of their precious puppies by allowing strange dogs on to their premises when they have a litter. The danger of Parvo and Kennel Cough is a real concern. The danger to the boarding dogs is also very real from these dirty kennels, owners boarding their pets should be prepared for salmonella and leptospirosis.

When a Puppy Farm is also a Rat Farm the health risks are real and obvious.


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Jandaz: Puppy Farming a litter every 7 Days 14 Hours and 2 Minutes

In 2006 The Kennel Club registered nearly alAG(2006) +Websitel of Janice Griffiths’ breeding. My researchers  don’t claim to have ALL the records for ALL the breeds she produces but, as a follow up to Number Cruncher’s look at the Jandaz  poodle breeding, I requested a survey was done on the other breeds as well. Here are the results of the GSD/Rottweiler/Poodles  registered in the year letter AG (2006) by Janice Griffiths. This will not include registrations that were sent in late and appeared in the following year AH but does include late registrations from the previous year AF. We don’t know if she had Cocker litters that year. 2006 is the last year for which there are proper records for Jandaz breeding as that was the year she branched out into Cockapoos and Cavapoos.

These are not ALL the litters she had that year, but they are all for which we have proper evidence.

48 litters in one year is a staggering number for a breeder claiming to home rear and socialise all her puppies, or even know which puppies are which when they are sold. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t even seem to know who her breeding dogs are or what sex they are.

Email from Jandaz with Pablo photosOne of our contributors forwarded an email from Janice Griffiths with the photos of  Pablo the sire of her Jandaz cockapoo puppy. I have included  the attachments of  Pablo, a rather feminine looking apricot or red  stud dog with a pink collar who Janice claimed to have just groomed herself.Pab in the pink today 3 photos

The photos of the little poodle with a pink collar  looked familiar and an exact copy was found on the Jandaz website where it had beenGoldie AKA Pablo for some time but this time labelled “Goldie the mini.” Goldie is Windanna Golden Flake at Forestflame, one of Janice’s very hard working bitches http://www.jandaz.co.uk/622/all-my-other-friends/

Look quickly as it will be removed. The photos sent of the sire  are of Goldie, a poodle bitch 

Not a dog

Not Pablo who she claimed she had just groomed, taken pictures, and called Pab in the Pink today!

Do the lies just involve the Jandaz photos?

Bella DNARemember Bella? The F1 Cockapoo sold to Ann whose sire was a Cocker Spaniel Chanpamar Freckled Fancy and whose dam was a brown miniature poodle called Jandaz Queen with photos sent to Ann together with the request for full payment in cash.Bella's parents according to Jandaz

The DNA tests are in on Bella and they are unequivocal: one parent is a Miniature Poodle and the other is a Cockapoo, making her an F1b. Ann cannot be sure who the parents of Bella are. The photos she was sent may be the parents of someone else’s puppy.

But then Janice Griffiths  swears that:

1. She does not mate cocker spaniels to her little toy poodles, but we know she does. Remember Jandaz Henryetta Coney, the toy poodle puppy she mated to a cocker?

2. She does not breed F1b cockapoos that are 3/4 poodle, but we know she does.

3. She retires her bitches at 3 years old, but we know they are bred almost into old age.

4. She has been breeding cockapoos for 15 years,  but her cockapoo puppy farming started   in 2006 and in February 2007 she admitted being new to Cockapoos.

5. She ONLY breeds cockapoos, but the website shows toy poodles and she has just registered a cocker spaniel litter.

These lies are told to make Jandaz appear to be a reputable breeder. She isn’t, she’s a Puppy Farmer.

Jandaz  sells roughly 50 litters a year.  Jandaz is breedersonlinejandzadvertonly licensed for 30 litters, does she breed the rest?  Does Jandaz buy puppies from other puppy farms to sell on?  Does Janice Griffths ‘make up’ pedigrees for them using names that sound almost like dogs she knows or has sold (eg ‘Jandaz Fancy’ for Fancy Fuchsia, ‘Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing’ for Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous)? So much for “pure traceable” poodles and cockers as she claims.

Jandaz Black Fury pedigreeJandaz Black Fury KCJandaz doesn’t even give the right parentage for KC registered dogs she has bred herself. Changing the pedigrees so they make no sense to anyone, here the dam of the cockapoo is described as a tiny red cocker (12″!!!)  but Jandaz Black Fury was registered black and from different parents, above is her birth announcement from UK KC records.



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Jandaz: a Problem of Pedigrees.

Farms of Shame has received a bundle of pedigrees from the concerned owners of Jandaz puppies. My researchers have discovered that they show up the principle problems that we  find in the paperwork issued by puppy farms: no health testing; under age and over age breeding; breeding on successive seasons, contrary to law; and pedigrees that may not even represent the parentage of the puppies sold.

I’ve given the “petnames” as a heading for each investigation but the dogs involved are clearly not pets.


According to Kennel Club records, Jandaz My Love had a litter of toy poodles sired by Black Blinky of Mansel on the 12th of September 2004. This was their only registered litter together and there were only two puppies: Jandaz Brown Betty and a brown dog puppy.

Jandaz Brown Betty had toy poodle litters for Janice Griffiths and I believe it can only be her that appears in pedigrees under the name of “Jandaz Bessie” as she has the same parents. Jandaz Brown Betty has no health tests.

On the 22nd of October 2007, Jandaz Brown Betty had a litter of toy poodles jandaz brown betty litterand just 2 weeks later, on the 3rd of November, “Jandaz Bessie” was also said to be the mother of a cockapoo litter to an American Cocker, Tisaj’s Eye Candy. One of the litter called Heidi (originally Jemma) was sold as prime breeding stock. It is unclear who the parents of these puppies really were and where they came from.heidiinsured21Dec2007born03Nov2007

You will notice that the Jandaz ‘pedigree’ has the names changed and tweaked from the genuine UK Kennel Club registered names that I have used. This makes them impossible to find on the KC online tool when you look for health tests.


Similarly, toy poodle “Jandaz Fancy” (parents Marcus Witha Splish Splash and Jandaz Black Millie) had cockapoo litters for Janice Griffiths. There is NO “Jandaz Fancy,” but there is a Fancy Fuchsia with those same parents.

Fancy Fuchsia’s full litter sister is prcd PRA Affected. This is a genetic condition causing blindness. Fancy Fuchsia produced 2 prcd PRA affected puppies for a breeder just down the road from Jandaz using a stud dog from Janice’s lines.

Was Fancy then handed over to produce untraceable cockapoo puppies with mangled pedigrees for Jandaz? If not, who can she be? Jandaz lines are behind 4 of the 9 prcd PRA Affected toy poodles known to the UK Kennel Club


The name changes become all important when we look at another Jandaz ‘pedigree’. PabloandSadiespuppiesThe dam of this litter was a gold English Cocker Spaniel, “Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing”, called Sadie by Janice Griffiths. “Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing” is unknown to the Kennel Club. There is, however, a Jandaz gold Cocker bitch with the same parents called Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous and it seems to me that the bitch has been renamed. But: why would anyone bother? Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous (or Spiffing) pet named Sadie was born on the 4th of December 2003 but was still apparently having litters at 8 years old on the 15th of January 2012. Sadie had yet another litter to Pablo on the 8th of June 2012, not quite 5 months later.

My researchers also noticed that a bitch, “Secret Miss”, not bred by Jandaz,  had been Jandaziced to “Jandaz Secret Miss”!  Tweaking and changing names effectively prevents owners without the research facilities available to me from knowing how old or how young the dam is or what health tests the parents of their puppy had (or, more likely didn’t have).


Jandaz Henryetta Coney litterJandaz Henryetta Coney was brought to my attention by the Labradoodle Forum. This tiny toy poodle bitch was born 31st of October 2006 and gave birth to her first litter of Cockapoos on the 30th November 2007. She had been mated as a 10 months old puppy to a working English Cocker Spaniel, Cynin Black Magic. Neither parent, of course, has any health testing. I find it difficult to believe that a breeder could not see just how risky this mating could be to her little puppy, unless money is her only aim.

Janice Griffiths has repeatedly denied mating male cockers to her tiny toy poodles. According to her own pedigrees, however, she does so as a matter of course.


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Jandaz, the Statistics of Shame

Farms of Shame has received an  email from Number Cruncher which gives a breakdown of Janice Griffiths’ poodle breeding from  2004 to 2007 when most of her litters were registered and for the price of kennel club publication anyone could find out how often her bitches were bred and how many dogs she had in her kennels. In the same period Janice Griffiths also registered Jandaz German Shepherd Dogs, Jandaz Rottweilers, Jandaz Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Jandaz Cocker Spaniels and Jandaz Pomeranians. Since 2007 most of the breeding at Jandaz Cockapoos and Toy Poodle puppy factory has been of poodle cross breeds.

I found the Jandaz Poodle Breeding record very interesting. 

Jandaz 48 months poodle breeding

 32 Poodle litters were born during 2006, 20 litters in 2007. All registered with the Kennel Club and so the information can be verified. Let us not forget that this is an account of the Poodle litters and other breeds were also being sold during this time and so the total number of litters born each year may be higher.

 One toy poodle bitch, Little Black Sambo, is recorded as giving birth to 6 litters. The last 4 reported litters were born in the space of two years, with births in January 2005, September 2005, June 2006 and January 2007.

Many other bitches produced litters in back to back seasons.  For example, Harriet Hopeful produced a litter in November 2006 and then again in July 2007, Windanna Goldenflake at Forestflame gave birth in February 2005, November 2005 and then again in September 2006, Kenmillen Roxanne in September 2006 and May 2007.  Similar back to back litters for Chocolate Orange, Alexhian My Foxy Lady, Jandaz Fabulous, Bonnierose Cuddly Joy, Sunday Smile, Jandaz Black Charity and Jandaz Cream Puff.  I appreciate that mistakes can happen but for the mistakes to happen so frequently I must question the level of care has been shown to these breeding bitches.

unnamed Jandaz silver toy poodle

unnamed Jandaz silver toy poodle


During June and July 2006, 8 litters were born.  During September, October and November of the same year, a further 10 litters were born.  Are we expected to believe that all of these puppies can be home reared and socialised as has been claimed?

One final question – Why the change from breeding pedigree dogs?

As cross-breeds are not registered by the KC, it’s easy to understand the attraction of breeding cockapoos and explains why the puppies advertised on the Jandaz website do not name each mother. It not just those that post on Farms of Shame who seek to hide behind anonymity!

Number Cruncher

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Jandaz: Bella’s story

Ann has contacted Farms of Shame with the story of her puppy Bella which she bought from Jandaz Cockapoos. Thank you Ann for your courage.

Here is Bella, according to her pedigree she is supposed to be a first generation Cockapoo. I Bellahave  made enquiries of the UK Kennel Club and corrected the names on the Jandaz pedigree which  now tells me that the  sire is an English Cocker Spaniel, Chanpamar Freckled Fancy (prcd PRA Clear )and the  dam is a brown Miniature Poodle called Jandaz Queen born 11th April 2006 (no health tests). Bella is small and lightly built and was born on the 14th of May 2012 and she looks very much like a poodle with her colour presumably coming from the cocker ?

Bella’s Story as told by Ann to Farms of Shame

 I bought Bella from Janice Griffiths for £775 cash on Friday 3rd August 2012 (I did not sign a contract); she appeared to be a happy and healthy puppy.  The first problem occurred when I started to socialize her.  She would whine and shake when I took her out in public in my arms as she had not had her last injection. I’m not an experienced dog owner and  didn’t realise this was  unusual  but when she was allowed to go out on a lead the real problems started with her pulling hard to go home and terrified if approached by people, although she was not scared of other dogs. This continued for  several weeks  and Bella’s  fear became more extreme, shaking and whining if approached.

I tried to contact Janice twice by telephone, leaving messages  (these telephone calls were logged on my bill) but she did not ring me back. I also emailed her once but again there was no response. My whole aim was to make life easier for Bella and  I wanted to get help from the breeder who had promised lifetime backup on her website.

I got no help and Bella and I were becoming very stressed with her fear of strangers, in fact she was only at ease with myself and my husband and she was even fearful of other members of the family. The situation was impacting on my health so I grabbed for the only lifeline that I could find and phoned The Cockapoo Club of GB which offers help to any owners and Cockapoos in need. We made the decision to take Bella to Lincolnshire and leave her with Stephen and Julia Charlton who had kindly offered me respite.  I took her back a month later as I had got a referral to a therapist and Bella had been well socialised by the Charltons with their dogs and they had tried to take her into town. The Charltons reported that Bella would pace back and forwards at the end of the lead, trying to find an opportunity to flee the space, if put within about 1.5 meters of any stranger.

I sent Janice a courtesy email to inform her that I had placed Bella in the hands of The Cockapoo Club of GB and within an hour I got a call back, wanting her returned with an offer of a full refund. I didn’t feel that was the best course of action for Bella. This was the email I got back from Jandaz! Mentally disturbed

I took her to a reputable behaviourist  who said that Bella was a very anxious dog and recommended that she was not walked near my house as it is in a built up area, and not to walk in woods as that made her panic, also I had to avoid paths and confined spaces. Essentially I felt that the therapist had understood Bella very well but I was left confounded as to how I could exercise my very lively puppy without panicking her, as every time she felt afraid it would stop her improving and would make her even more anxious. I felt that I was left with no other choice but to try to rehome her, possibly as a dog kept on the grounds of a substantial country property . I asked Stephen urgently for help again and we drove the 5 1/2 hours to his home, and from then on she has stayed with Stephen and Julia who are still working with her and trying to find the perfect home for my Bella.

The emotional distress this as all caused has been bad for my health and I want my story told as I do not want anyone else to go through this torment.

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Jandaz: Portrait of a Puppy Farmer

I posted on a UK Labradoodle Forum a few years ago and asked if there was any breeder they knew who deserved a place on Farms of Shame. I got a lot of emails mostly from people too scared to post but naming Janice Griffiths, breeding as Jandaz Cockapoos and Toy Poodles in Wales.

Mrs J Griffiths, Jandaz GSD’S, Fynnon  Gynnen, Cross Inn,  Llandysul, SA44 6NH
Licensed for 30 bitches

So the following is drawn together from several contributors with apologies for the delay.

The first story was from A Dog’s Life and told how Janice had pretended to be a good home in order to get free breeding stock from the vulnerable elderly . Here Janice claimed to have just ONE other poodle when in fact she has about 50 dogs on her premises being licensed for 30 bitches with many stud dogs present as well.Jandaz so called rescue

A sad story of just how unprincipled Puppy Farmers can be and led me to look into Janice’s background. Jandaz has been licensed since  1st November 2007 as Jandaz GSD’s having bred German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Cockers, Cavapoodles, Cockapoos and Poodles etc  as an unlicensed puppy farm for about 20 years previously.  Her main income up to 2004 was from GSD’s,  Jandazgsdhips1the greatest problem for her buyers was the lack of health testing with only 10 dogs hip scored in 10 years of breeding and even those had poor results, some displaying severe HD with scores of about 50.  From 2004 onwards the biggest income was from toy poodles and I received a document with the proof of the level of poodle breeding.Jandaz 48 months poodle breeding 51 poodle bitches had litters for her in a period of 4 years, 457 puppies were registered with the UK Kennel Club. Not one of these bitches had an eye certificate. They were  bred back to back on every season  which is against UK breeding law but since Jandaz was not licensed at the time, that wasn’t the only law she was breaking.

Since 2008 Jandaz has mostly bred Cockapoos, using her poodle bitches as dams for yet more litters but these are not registered or easy to keep track of the large numbers. Buyers are experiencing the usual problems of buying from a puppy farm with unsocialised, sick puppies for which they pay cash.  When complaints are made, Janice doesn’t want to know and can be very aggressive to anyone who dares post their problems on a forum. Janice and her daughter Sarah (together with sock puppets) batter the poor poster into submission and if that fails there are the usual empty threats of  legal action.  Truth cannot be Libel Janice!

Here she posted as Pinkpoodle on a UK forum Jandaz AKA Pinkpoodle (Download) Some of her posting is scarcely credible and appears as if under the influence. Maybe the beer glasses used by her after washing the puppies have other use as well. I found several pictures on her website with a horrible display of her helpless puppies and I am sorry if they give my readers the same offence they gave me.




So whats it like living near a Puppy Farmer?  You assume they would keep a low profile but not Jandaz. Janice Griffiths attacked her neighbour baring her breasts and acting with no dignity at all, this landed her in court and fined with the story in the local press.

Cambrian NewsJandaz website

So here you have it, don’t live near a Puppy Farm and above all don’t buy from one. If your puppy is sick you will get no help or sympathy, just solicitor’s letters, threats and abuse.

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Labradoodles , just another business. UPDATE, Nichii Gakkan the Multinational Puppy Farm.

株式会社 ニチイ学館                                                              子犬の農場

Since I posted that Nichii Gakkan had bought both Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher Labradoodles, I have continued my investigation.

There is a lot of secrecy but some extraordinary facts have come to light.

Nichii Gakkan now owns another Puppy Farm in Australia in the suburbs of Sydney which is their head quarters and 3rd Australian breeding kennels.  This was previously  Tuxzat (AKA Dogtrainers) who run a “buy a puppy and pay for training”  scam which has angered a lot of owners. The kennels  have had a much needed refit for mass production.

Nichii no longer pretend that the Labradoodle breeding is for their discredited therapy dog business. How could they, a bitch has 8 puppies, are all of them intended for therapy work? Of course not, they are for sale and the therapy tag is just for publicity and to excuse puppy farming. One or two from 10 litters might be trained as a genuine therapy dog.

250 Australian Labradoodles are already in Japan and the number is rising – not pets, but entire breeding animals. The intention was to attract  Guardian homes, but of course most of these labradoodles are in their kennels, where they recently advertised for a vet.

Here I experienced culture shock. Nichii have opened a Dog Park  at Lakewoods Gardens linked to their kennels. Some of this is harmless, a field to exercise your dog, a grooming parlour; but they also have dogs for you to meet  of many different breeds.

Their annual statement has already admitted that they are breeding a variety of pet dogs – labradoodles and “other rare breeds”.

The produce of 250 entire labradoodles + any other of the rare breeds they mention takes a considerable effort to sell. Anyone experienced in dog sales  knows that, with such huge numbers, secrecy is important to keep up the myth of scarcity and prices high and that many puppies remain unsold. They must either be destroyed or sold on to pet shops. In the case of Nichii Gakkan we do not know which course they have chosen to take, we do  know that they intend to export to Singapore and China where the pet shops are looking for labradoodle puppies. Black puppies unfortunately are usually not wanted in the Japanese and Chinese market, their fate is often grim. However prettily packaged, Nichii is factory-farming dogs and every factory has a reject bin.

Nichii Gakkan has realised that the sales model of a public anxious and willing to part with their Yen for mass produced puppies has failed and they were losing large sums on the dog venture.  Now there is a new strategy in place, a Puppy Market in the Lakewoods Gardens dog park. Initially this was for a few days but it has become a rolling event.

 The 4 month old puppies for sale are well past the small cute-and-fluffy, easily sold stage. However bitches are still being mated to their flagship dog Ty (who has his own blog), giving them a constant supply of tiny saleable puppies in fashionable colours for $4000 AU. It is the sale of high priced little puppies that fuels a dog business. The lucky ones go to good homes; what happens to the rest of the litter that remains unsold in the first few weeks is the big dirty secret of the puppy factories.

The Japanese public should be made aware that Ty comes from Sunset Hills and the alternative Cloudcatcher lines are also ALL from  the major Australian Puppy Farms, Valley View, Rutland Manor, Tegan Park, Trentons and  Crawford Farm  with all the problems that we know so well.

So we  now have the extraordinary spectacle of this multinational company, respected in the field of elder care, dominating the breeding of Australian Labradoodles and Puppy Farming on a multinational scale.

Four GIANT Puppy Farms in Japan and Australia .
Did Nichii not do the minimum research before buying into this fraud?  It seems extraordinary that when all the other breeders in the world were turning their backs on these lines full of epilepsy, HD and other diseases that a reputable company allied themselves with this farce .
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