Deathrow: Rutlands Billie Jo and Rutlands Bobbi Jo

The Stop Rutland Manor website has published the fact that Rutlands Bobbi and Rutlands Billie Jo were sold by Beverley Manners to ACA now known as Banksia Park Puppies.  As promised we can offer more information about their life and possible future at Banksia through the Diary entries which chart the lives of dogs on the puppy farm as shown in these entries.

When Rutlands Billie and Bobbi Jo  first arrived the staff did not know which was which, but that didn’t matter to anyone as dogs don’t usually have names at Banksia and are identified by approximate breed and frequent use of the microchip reader.

Billie Jo’s microchip number is 956000000081915, Bobbi Jo’s is 956000000075770. The only documents that are kept for the dogs are concerned with their breeding so here is what happened to Bobbi Jo who we can trace through the last numbers of her chip 5770.

Go down the page passed 2 Bichons and you will find a Cocker cross mated on the 5th of April 2007 to a “Cavie” (a Cavalier stud dog). Her microchip is shown as 5770 but there was the usual confusion and Billie is “corrected” to Bobby Joe

Next about the 31st of October 2007 Bobbi Jo was mated to a Spoodle twice and then to Whizz Kid, she is now described as a mini labradoodle but as Banksia were now mating each bitch to several different dogs it hardly mattered what breed the puppies would be. If a bitch stops breeding she will be destroyed.

We also have the copies of Bobbi Jo’s breeding in 2008, on the 9th of May 2008, (again wrongly identified as her sister Billie) to a Cocker and then on the 4th of December 2008  to a Cocker Cavie cross .

Bobbi Jo had more litters in 2009, we just hope she and her sister are still alive, but the odds are against them surviving much longer.

So what happens to old breeding stock at Banksia? Again we have the evidence to show you. Every dog, however much they have earned their owner the Ham’s family which owns Banksia Park Puppies, is worth $20, the price of the vet’s injection. Colin Hams has even stated on television that he kills the dogs when they stop producing. Unwanted stock is put down in batches for convenience sake, 24 dogs were destroyed by the Ham’s vets in a couple of weeks in December 2007 as you can see below. No name or microchip even records their passing.Can anything be done to save the two sisters sold to this hell hole by Beverley Manners, or are they only worth the last 20 dollars each? Judge for yourself


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9 Responses to Deathrow: Rutlands Billie Jo and Rutlands Bobbi Jo

  1. Lisa J Ryan says:

    Oh god these poor girls. The no names, the mix-ups the repeated matings including to different dogs,is truly sickening. Colin Hamms is a monster of a man and Beverly Manners and her daughter are no better for the evil puppy farm ‘trading of these beautiful girls and how many others for a few $ to live this kind of life. May you both rot in hell for your greed and cruelty. As for this unethical and money hungy Vet – well the invoice says it all.

  2. Very few of the dogs had names, some of the stud dogs did but they don’t last long, infections and hard treatment wears them out and makes them infertile and then they are worth only $20. I don’t think Pinocchio, Clifford or Whizz Kid are still alive at Banksia but if anyone knows, please tell me.

    • Lily says:

      i can tell you that 90% of the dogs at banksia have names, billie an bobby jo are still alive an well an happy, i know there are down sides to puppy farms but u cant believe everything you see and read, i have been to banksia an know that the dogs there are well looked after, well fed and all medical need looked after, no matter the cost.

      • I hope they are still alive, thank you for that information. The public does believe the documents that we show proving that death awaits all the Banksia dogs and the illegal and depressing breeding practices that Banksia forces on their stock.

      • Amanda says:

        I have also spent time at Banksia. Most of the dogs have rotten teeth and infected gums from an inadequate diet. Ear mites and infections are also a huge problem on this property. One local vet has refused to see any more Banksia dogs after they brought one dog in to the clinic that was full of rotting dead puppies, another dog who they should of brought in for an emergency caesar straight away but decided to wait until morning to avoid paying the after hours emergency costs, this dog was in incredible pain. Dogs are routinely killed, once they can no longer breed. They are bred repeatedly and from a very young age. They are confined with electric fencing wire in barren dirt pens. They suffer years of psychological trauma from constant confinement and no socialisation.
        So what, they have a name, I am sure it makes no difference to the dogs that are suffering on this factory.

      • Lily says:

        They no longer use electric fences, i have to say they have improved greatly over the years, they are fed the best money can buy concerning dry food and also have a diet of fresh chicken and meat i was their while feeding was taking place, so amanda i have to ask how long ago it was that you visited, because all the dogs were in exceptional health, for a puppy farm and they have hired more staff to give them time to socialise with the dogs. I cannot defend all the misgivings of a puppy farm, yes there are downsides how could there not be, but i think their are alot worse farms out there to be attacking and try to bring down, after all i have seen about puppy farms i couldnt believe how well run this one was, honestly i think it is greatly due to the size of the place that makes it such a target as it is one of the biggest farms in the country. i have found that in groups of dogs there is always going to be one or two that are naturally timid no matter how much time is spent with them and i have found that animal activists seem to use these dogs in their photos whereas the others are happy, and also alot of dogs dont like strangers especially on what they consider their territory so there not going to wag their tail at the sight of someone my own dogs are like this. So i do have to question some of the photos that are taken by animal activists, though i have to compliment them on the good work they do do in bringing down the farms that are mistreating their dogs, i love animals and could never dream of how anyone could intentionally hurt them.

  3. silva says:

    I’m looking more carefully at the Farms of Shame documents and googled some of the stud dog names. I’m sure there was a Tegan Park Whiz Kid, Tegan Park Pinocchio (Tegan Park Clifford?), as well as Phantom which I suppose could be just a description of the dog’s colour or is it Tegan Park Phantom? More and more questions, are these dogs safely somewhere else or were they just sold to Banksia as some of the 53 Tegan dogs with the bill dated March the 6th 2007 you mention on Doodle Zoo. Its horrible wherever they came from.

  4. Geraldine says:

    There was indeed a Tegan Park Pinnochio and a Tegan Park Whizz Kid and also a Tegan Park Phantom. Obviously the bloodlines that many people paid VERY Large sums of money for when they purchased breeding stock from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park are now discovering were just fakes!!!
    I can hear the groans of disgust from all over the world!!!

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