Tegan Park dogs. Where are they now?

The evidence on Tegan Park

Farms of Shame has received an email containing one individual’s research into Tegan Park.

“In 2005 Angela Cunningham ran a successful website and puppy breeding business, no information was allowed out on how enormous this business was but I can show you at least the evidence for some of her breeding. The Internet Archive takes snapshots of websites and stores them, often not completely but a record is maintained on http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://labradoodle.com. Many of the Tegan Park breeding bitches did not have kennel names or much pretence of pedigree. Many litters were not advertised on the website particularly repeat litters when the same pair had two litters in the year as they usually did.  This list of 44 bitches and 18 dogs only represents some of the Tegan Park breeding machine and if you click on the links supplied as evidence you will find the original advert sometimes complete with photos. TP litters 2005

(Please click on the link and use the backbutton to return to this webpage. UL)


Give it time to open and you can see Yoshi the bitch bought from ACA that failed her hip scores, no mention on this advert of where she came from or the danger to the health of her puppies. I don’t know what happened to her or even the majority of the Tegan Park dogs when it became obvious that they could not sell all the hundreds of puppies they were producing and Tegan Park went bust in 2007.

Here are some of them advertised for sale to be sent all over the world, (Give it time to open! UL). Many arrived in Europe where the breeders were less aware of the risks of getting  a breeding dog with a high risk of HD, cataracts, or epilepsy from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Puppy Farms, either bred by them or the other puppy farms who they collaborated with.


Yoshi was not the only one to fail her hip score, did the buyers know? Many of the buyers certainly did not know that their new breeding stock were PRA carriers and some were affected or sired by PRA affected dogs like Tegan Park Mr Iron Chef.

The buyers of course would have to breed these tainted dogs to get their money back. Some strong minded individuals are to be commended as they neutered and pet homed unfit breeding stock”

We thank the contributor for this very informative email, which we have checked out and found to be first class research.


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7 Responses to Tegan Park dogs. Where are they now?

  1. Jasses says:

    Is this for real? Im in England and I have an Australian Labradoodle. My daughter saw this and we just cant take it in. Its this webpage http://web.archive.org/web/20071013120134/www.labradoodleasd.com/ASD-Breedingdogs1.htm His mum is one of those who was auctioned and imported , I can’t believe the price they were sold for, its unbelievable.
    Good god, I love him and would never let him go but this is not right.
    What the hell has happened to the other dogs. It must be stopped. I cant believe the lies and the sheer fraud. I dont think our breeder was bad but how can they have been telling the truth when we see the way the Australian breeders have behaved.
    I really regret paying all that money to support the labradoodle breeding industry when it is so full of fakes.
    Im sorry, I actually feel ashamed.

    • ellie says:

      I think all of the people in the UK who bought from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park were conned. These people don’t love their dogs. It’s purely a business and when the dogs are worn out they are either sold or killed. Places like this need to be closed down.

  2. silva says:

    I felt very let down too but I can’t regret my ALD. I know what you mean about shame, apparently that is normal for the victims of a confidence trick. Have you considered DNA testing? It proved my pet was just a mixture with a fake pedigree but once I looked at the results I knew it didnt change her at all and just made me determined that the tricksters would get their just desserts. My breeder was one of those fooled by Rutland Manor and Tegan Park like the rest of us.
    Please don’t feel so bad.

  3. Jasses, you are not on your own as you can see, thanks to Silva.
    It is “for real”, many of the auctioned dogs on the web page went to the UK. Tegan Park breeders were born and even had other litters in puppy farms such as Banksia and Valley View. You now know that Yoshi was from ACA Breeder Kennels, now known as Banksia, Tegan Park Winsomemore (originally called Tegan Park Wonmortime) was another crossbreed bought in and breeders and puppies were traded constantly.
    Whether the people who bought the auction dogs actually received the dog they thought they were getting is another complication, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor changed the dogs’ names at will and some buyers have privately admitted that they received a different dog to the pictures they had seen.
    I assume your breeder was another one caught up by this con artist, I hope they are better than the original.

  4. Sad, very sad indeed, what a rip off these people have done to the world…..As Silva says, I love my dog, but I will not rest until this fraud is brought in the open to the world….

  5. Georgina says:

    This is fraud on a very grand scale!! Perhaps a Class action of people would be worth considering

  6. It is International Consumer Fraud. A deliberate and continued set of lies told to create and bolster their business. They made millions but the ownership of the dogs is still being contested in the Australian Supreme Court, Rutland Manor is bankrupt and Tegan Park is now operating undercover as Lil Allusive’s exotic puppy farm without a breeding licence.

    Does anyone now believe their lies?

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