Rutland Manor and Tegan Park: who are you conning now?

It seems almost impossible to think that people still believe that Angela Melodie Cunningham of Tegan Park and Beverley Rutland-Manners of Rutland Manor are good and caring breeders. Sadly they are still breeding and people are still fooled so let’s take a  look at what they are up to now.

Beverley has fled to the States after the Baw Baw Shire Council issued a final warning against back to back breeding. As below.

The allegation of breaching SECT 63A of the Domestic Animals Act 1994 has been investigated by council rangers and was found to be substantiated.  As a result, action has been taken under the Domestic Animals Act by way of a First and Final Warning.

Odd but true, Beverley has gone to Mike and Twyla Pyles Paintball Pro Park in Texas, taking a number of dogs with her. She has no visa and will not be able to stay very long but back at Rutland Manor the rest of the breeding dogs Shania, Isabella etc have been split up between staff and hangers on and not many left at RM. Beverley is carrying on the pretence of retiring from puppy farming, but while there are still people foolish enough to buy from her she will stay in business. Anyone who believes her promises of inheriting her estate can join a long queue. Her staff is not loyal and she better watch her back.

Beverley has often been on poor terms with her daughter Angela Melodie Cunningham as can be seen in this open letter, still available on the dead Tegan Park Usa site. (Use the back button to return.UL)

Our family is deeply ashamed

Wed May 13, 2009 11:54

that Angela has taken my own name amongst her several aliases. After the death of my husband I reverted to my maiden name of Rutland-Manners. Angela at no time was known by Rutland-Manners until recently when she chose to add it to her list of aliases. My father would turn in his grave if he knew how our family name is being dirtied.

I took out a two hundred thousand dollar loan to help Angela to buy the Florida property and she was to repay me when she sold her properties in Australia. I also lost my own home and property from other loans I took out to catch up with her mortgage payments and continue paying them to rescue her properties from being seized by the ANZ bank in Warragul Victoria Australia.

Not only did she not pay me a cent when she sold all three of her Australian properties and the Florida property, but she disappeared without a word and ran out on all of her commitments to me, her mother. She and her new boyfriend have purchased two properties with acreage and I only recently found out where she is through a mutual aquaintance.

Angela’s aliases are –

Melodie Maryiniak
Melodie Woolley
Angela Rutland-Manners
Angela Wetzel
There could be more.

Her address is –
1414 Howes Creek Road
Howes Creek
Victoria 3723

I can not take her to court because she is my daughter and despite everything I still love her. But I hope that someone will catch up with her one day, because she is leaving a trail of broken hearts, empty pockets and betrayed friendships everywhere she goes.

She said she retired from breeding, but I have reason to believe that she is still breeding and selling under the counter through other breeders, to the USA and to Holland.

I was proud of my name once upon a time. Now I just feel shame.

Rutland Manor

So when such a mother despairs of a daughter we all better take notice! Beverley is right by the way, Angela has more aliases.

Angela has run her puppy farms under several names Tegan Park, Acacia Park and most recently Lil Allusive’s Exotic Poodles as Melonie or Melodie Woolley. Checkout the website

where you can buy your “shnookums”

You might think she had mended her ways and was now a loving caring and careful breeder, well here are recent photos of the “family” dogs.

“Our dogs are our family so breeding is a hobby” Is this how you treat your family Angela? Sorry Angela, err, Melonie? or is it Melodie? Woolley? Living in wire cages, peeing on the poor dog below. Photos taken on a mobile phone at her puppy farm

Angela claims to be closing this down,  .GREAT!!!  and reopening Tegan Park. GROAN!!! Today there are two of Angela’s adverts in the Trading Post.

Here’s copies as she will soon realise that she has made a big mistake and used the same phone number for Tegan Park and Lil Allusive, please click on the links

Lil Allusive’s Poodle Teacup American Pocket Tiny Toy

Tegan Park ABSOLUTELY NOT poodle cross Lab or these days god knows what


I think you know the truth about this labradoodle advert by now and God DOES know what these “purebred” puppies of hers are.

Does Angela?

Here are some of her labradoodle puppies last year at her puppy farm. They were sold as prime Breeding Stock, do people never learn?

Melodie/Melonie Woolley absolutely denies that she is Angela Cunningham.


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25 Responses to Rutland Manor and Tegan Park: who are you conning now?

  1. Maggie says:

    Can you get a picture of Melodie/Melonie Woolley? There should be breeders in OZ and the US that can identify her if she is Angela Cunningham.

  2. Gina says:

    It’s amazing that poor Beverley can’t remember when her ex husband died but I have been told it was around 4 years ago. She used the name Rutland-Manners for many years which can be proven by her archived websites. In fact she would have been using the name Rutland-Manners for at least ten to 15 years before her ex husband passed. It must of been terribly hard for her to lose her home and property and buy another one costing $625,0000.00 to replace it. That is what her current residence was advertised for when it was up for sale. What a joke!

    • alison says:

      has her husband actually died? When i looked up her property listing on the website, interestingly the contact name was Mr Wetzel?? Who is Beverley actually???

  3. Not hard to buy another puppy farm when you have bought dogs from a pound (see ) for a few dollars and sold their offspring for $2,000 +, is it? Or $22000 for breeding stock. Just multiply that by the 800 plus puppies the two puppy farms manufactured in 2005. In fact 800 was only the number of puppies we know about , there were FAR more.

  4. Can’t these people get a real job instead of pimping dogs out for their money???

  5. silva says:

    What happened to all those millions of dollars? No way were they spent on improving the lives of the dogs.

  6. Lisa J Ryan says:

    Puppy farming and intimidation run in the blood very obviously. And Angela’s attempts are about as good as her mum’s.

    • People are in danger of forgetting that Tegan Park is wanting to start up a labradoodle and poodle puppy farm again. HEAVEN HELPS US!

      Found the uk labradoodle site prepared to discuss difficult matters, upto a point at least before the admin feared retribution from the UK breeders.

      I got a message from a forum member saying “I wish one person would say:
      if these dogs of dubious mixes were imported and used over here, doesnt it then bother anyone that the UK breeders are charging a fortune for dogs of unknown parentage and raking it in, seems to me just another con!”

  7. alison says:

    hi folks…
    i am writing to ask that all those who know breeders, pet owners etc who have defrauded, owed money or had other monetary dealings with Rutland Manor that are concerning to contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). They have a website in which you can contact them regarding tax evasion concerns… like that when puppy orders aren’t fully refunded etc…
    I have wondered how Beverley has afforded to travel to america so often, when her company was in the hands of liquidators…and she on a pension and all…
    best wishes

    • Very good idea, I wonder how many names they have for her?

    • Coco says:

      Alison I have tried that because RM is still refusing to refund a deposit for a puppy but the homepage of the ATO is not very clear to me.
      I have found the following but I am still uncertain where to address the complaint:

      Is your information about tax evasion?

      Email to a friend
      Printer friendly format

      You may see financial transactions that are illegal, but are not tax evasion. Other government agencies may have responsibility for these illegal activities or may be able to provide you with the information you need. A few examples are listed below.

      Centrelink uses information from the community to detect people who may be getting benefits they are not entitled to. You can provide Centrelink with information at

      The Australian Federal Police combat organised crime, trans-national crime, money laundering, major fraud, illicit drug trafficking and e-crime. If you have information that could help their investigations go to

      The Department of Immigration and Citizenship uses information about people working or living illegally in Australia. You can find their contact details at

      The Australian Crime Commission uses information about organised crime. If you have information that could help their investigations you can find their contact details at

      The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provides support for consumer protection, and anti-competitive and unfair market practices. If you need help or advice go to

      • alison says:

        hi coco… i was thinking that beverley seems to conveniently forget, or mislead in so many things, that who knows what she has actually declared to the ATO as income… after all she claimed in a letter to the Baw Baw shire council, that she was running a multi-million dollar business…

  8. because she is leaving a trail of broken hearts, empty pockets and betrayed friendships everywhere she goes. I find it funny that Bev is accusing her daughter of the same thing she has done herself. Guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree….

  9. Tania says:

    Try getting a copy of “The Mansfield Courier” dated Wednesday July 28 2010 (as in Mansfield, Victoria, 3722 – Australia). The front cover features a story “Dog breeders struck by delay” and on page 5 there is a photo of Len and Mellodie Woolley. The gist of the story is that they had fallen foul of Mansfield Shire’s building requirements for a proposed kennel. The Woolley’s took the matter to V.C.A.T. and were granted permission to continue with the proposed kennel, however for some strange reason the Woolley’s have decided to abandon plans and sell their current business at Howes Creek Road, Mansfield, Victoria 3722 Australia.

  10. Maggie says:

    Copy of article –

    Dog breeders struck by delay

    Tribunal overrules council for kennel go ahead, but couple’s dream is in tatters
    Catherine Ritchie

    DOG breeders Len and Mellodie Woolley have won a battle to begin a dog kennel business on Howes Creek Road – but it seems it’s all too late.

    The couple was originally granted a permit to establish kennels for 20 breeding dogs and 20 boarding dogs on their two acre block on Howes Creek Road last year by the then Mansfield Shire planning officer Dirk Cummins, under stringent guidelines.

    But then Mansfield Shire councillors overruled the planning application for kennels in December on the grounds the site was inappropriate, and gave the Woolleys 28 days to remove all but four of their dogs or else pay heavy fines.

    Now the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has ruled the permit should be granted because the enterprise would not make unreasonable impact on neighboring properties.

    VCAT recommended the original guidelines from the planning officer should be adopted, with some modifications for noise.

    But the win is a hollow victory for the Woolleys.

    They say they were forced to get rid of 90 per cent of their valuable dogs quickly at give-away prices.

    Mr Woolley said they had funded the project from the sale of a much larger enterprise in Gippsland, in particular importing $100,000 worth of dogs known as American Pocket Poodles.

    Having lost half a year’s income, and sold their valuable breeding dogs, the Woolleys have said they cannot afford to continue their business and are currently making plans to take up the permit before selling their house and business to someone else.

    Somehow they always make themselves seem like the victim – like mother like daughter. What a bunch of C___!

  11. Jane Burton says:

    I found and interesting plea for help on a horse website where poor Angela is looking for all her stolen horse gear. She has named more gear than any one person could possibly own… it’s straight out of a catalogue! I did wonder about it being strange until I linked it all to this forum. Yes, they are again the victims or is this a way to replace money they lost through other means?

  12. Thanks Jane, a real eye opener! Wonder what the Loss Adjuster makes of the claim. I hope she cares better for the horses than she does for the dogs.

  13. k.blair says:

    wow- just stumbled across this thread……small world- i actually used to work for angela & derek cunninham- as they were once called!! witnessed alot of stuff and got out of there as quick as i could…does anyone know the whereabouts of her recently??

  14. lorna michele Le Blanc says:

    I also used to work for angela and derek cunningham for some 18 months.They went through a lot of staff whilst i was employed there and the only thing i miss is those beautiful dogs and my old workmates.Saw a lot of shady stuff and mistreatment and left when i became injured on the job and angela made me work my shift till the end and then wanted me 2 do hay carting whilst hobbling on one foot.I had to have orthoscopic surgery on my ankle to repair the damage and never went back to work for them again.She never even once called to see how i was.
    Thats the sort of heartless creature your dealing with so never trust her or her mother,beverly who is just as bad if not worse.

  15. Reu says:

    they are now located in the Redland Bay area QLD and trying to set up breeding again , using the “daughter ” as the breeder , SHe is a con woman using different names and aliases to get back into breeding labradoodles . Mel is also registered with Dogs Qld and MDBA … wonders never cease

  16. Tania says:

    So that’s where the slimey pair ended up, was wondering what became of them!

  17. Tania says:

    I’m wondering if they are behind the new gimmick – Teacup Chi Hua Hua’s? Friend bought one off the net (grrrr!) from a breeder in N.S.W. and I also see them advertised in Qld. May not be connected, but the “Teacup” thing got my mind moving in that direction.

    • Don’t think so. But breeders selling badly bred sick puppies by using gimmicks such as strange colours, huge or tiny size are everywhere. And the public keeps buying the lie.

      If you have any evidence that the puppy farmer Lil Allusive, Melonie (Melodie?) Woolley formerly known as Angela Cunningham has branched out into Chihuahuas please do send it to me.

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