An open letter to Schools visiting Banksia Park Puppies

An Open Letter To the Parents, Staff and Governors of Sale and Longford Schools Visiting Banksia Park Puppy Farm.

I know that your schools have a great day out at Banksia Park Puppies every year and receive financial support from them as is evidenced by the testimonials on the Banksia Puppy Farm site. I’m sure that these visits are undertaken with nothing but the best intentions, assuming that what you see on the visit is the actual way the Puppy Farm is run. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth, your visit is carefully stage managed.

The most important information that any School should consider before visiting any business is whether it is run in a legal and ethical way. I am well in the position to tell you that Banksia is run against the law in several important ways and that the mothers and fathers of the puppies the children see are kept in dreadful conditions and killed as soon as they can make no more money for the Hams.

1 Bitches are bred on every season against the law which states

Section 3.2 Bitches must be at least 12 months of age before being mated and a bitch must not have more than two litters in any 18 month period.

This law, designed to protect breeding bitches from abusive breeding practices, is flouted by this Puppy Farm – as can be seen in the record higlighted below of bitches bred 3 times in the 18 month period from 6th January 2003 to July 6th 2004. 78 bitches owned by ACA/Banksia Park Puppies had 78 illegal 3rd litters and one bitch had 4 litters in that 18 month period, as is witnessed in the record below. Banksia Park Puppies continues to break the law today as do all Puppy Farms.

Record in pdf form:

ACA 6th Jan 2003 to 6th July 2004 illegal breeding

2 Dogs and Bitches are kept on chains and behind electrified fences which your schools do not see.

3 The picture of good care that you see is not generally found on the puppy farm; bitches from well under the legal age are mated routinely to dogs that are far too big, and then whelp on their own with no veterinary care. Death is frequent and inevitable for all the dogs once they are too sick and exhausted from the abusive and illegal breeding practices to produce any more puppies. The veterinary record shows 24 breeding dogs put down in a few days before Christmas 2007 at a cost to the Puppy Farm of $280.

4 There is also the fact that puppies are sold to the public who are not made aware that they had to have operations performed in order to sell them. This is unethical and if found by the family vet would invalidate any insurance

In the light of these obvious acts against the law, and contrary to good caring practice in the breeding of companion animals, I respectfully put it to you that your Schools should not support Banksia Park Puppy Farm by your visits and testimonials and acceptance of financial inducements.


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12 Responses to An open letter to Schools visiting Banksia Park Puppies

  1. silva says:

    OMG!! They take children to a PUPPY MILL to learn about pet care. Thats like learning sheep farming from a wolf pack..

    Seriously, that is SOOO wrong.

  2. Its a serious error of judgement.
    The Hams know that if they put puppies into children’s arms they will sell puppies! There is good business sense behind their “ongoing generosity and support”

    Another local School , Gippsland Grammar, appears to have been involved against their wishes using the words “requisitioned”.

    “Banksia Park Open Day on 15 November 09.
    Recently at the Banksia Park Puppies Open Day, two tents belonging to Gippsland Grammar were used by the Stradbroke CWA to serve their Devonshire teas. We wish to clarify that the School is not aligned with any organisation or business that was present at the event. An individual in the school requisitioned these tents in order to support local not-for-profit organisations on the day.”

  3. J0 says:

    In supporting this horrible puppy factory farm these Gippsland schools are giving a terribly wrong message to their students. Banksia Park/ACA’s Publicity Manager Malcolm Ralton & his wife are both employees of Gippsland Grammar and by using a tent with the school name on ACA open day, they obviously intentionally promoted the ACA puppy breeding establishment by aligning it with this prominant school (students come from a wide area of Gippsland).

  4. Annabelle says:

    A school teacher at Gippsland Grammar was employed by the Hamm’s to be their PR Manager due to all the negative publicity they have been receiving. A number of Gippsland Grammar students wrote to their principle voicing their disgust that their school equipment had been used at the puppy factories open day (1/3 of the property was actually “open” to the public) and the Principle was forced to publish the above in the school newsletter.
    Congrats on a wonderful website, its good that so many people are exposing the Hamm’s cruel practices.

  5. Julie says:

    How disgusting. These farmers will stoop to the lowest level if it will encourage business. They are twisted, greedy, cruel and only think of the money they are making than the welfare of the animals. The sooner this farm is shut down the better, with the owners prosecuted and getting the book thrown at them.

    • cathryn Levvey says:

      I have been reading these comments and I have noticed that they are all dated 2010.
      My government (Baillieu) said that he would either abolish or regulate puppy farms. I’m just wondering if and when that will happen. This was one of his promises made in the last election.
      I think it is time he became accountable for it.

  6. Regulation requires that there is a will on the part of government to uphold the law. There is not a single Puppy Farm that obeys the law. Puppy Farm paperwork, books, and diaries must be closely inspected as I have done here to find out what is reallly happening..
    Cathryn, it is really time something was done. Suffering on this scale is an offence to a decent nation.

  7. Kellie elia says:

    Perhaps instead the school should be providing excursions to a shelter such as Pets Haven where children could provide invaluable cuddles and playtime to the many dumped and abused animals so desperate for love, whilst at the same time being educated about puppy farms and how our companion animals should really be treated. Awareness is the key to changing the future of this filthy trade and if we teach our children young perhaps they will grow to be the ones who never buy from byb or puppy farms and eventually abolish this whole evil slave for profit industry of our beloved furry friends. It really shows the lack of awareness that schools do this!! Wake up Australia!!! Start teaching our kids right!!!

  8. I can’t believe this is an ongoing issue! I have children and I would NEVER want them anywhere near a puppy farm. The Hams are exploiting these visits as they know the students will go home raving about the cute puppies and beg mum and dad to buy one. They never see the behind the scenes conditions. This is a scam and manipulation at its best. As a teacher I am disappointing that the school continues this excursion in the face of all we know about puppy farming. I would not send my children there if this is the kind of morals the school supports. What lesson are we imparting on the next generation?

  9. Banksia, they call dogs mongrels, you are the MONGRELS. How dare you suck linnocent children into seeing your fake place. I hope you will be haunted every night of your life, in your dreams, whoever runs this puppy farm.. Children STAY away,!!!.. remember the big bad witch, Hansel and Grettle, The wolf in Little red riding hood?..Well Banksia, human people are worse that all of them put together..Tell ya mummies and daddies,, NO…NO……. We dont want to go!

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