More lies from Rutland Manor

Its quite obvious that Rutland Manor is one of the worst sorts of puppy farms. The pictures of their abused dogs are sickening.

The photo is of Rutlands Happy Wanderer

Matted, distressed, and in pain,  she was seen by a visitor to Rutland Manor who got the vet out to her. A temporary worker then drove her to the clinic to be anesthetized to have ingrowing grass seeds in her ears and vulva  removed. Beverley Manners knew how sick this dog was, but all she cared about was whatever money she could get from Happy.

Farms of Shame have told you of the sad, sad fate of the Factory workers Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo on Deathrow at Banksia Park Puppies, and Rutland Manor Exposed has told you of the shooting to death of Rutlands Aleicia (a poodle called Ellie) which Angela has told us was done by her husband Derek Cunningham.

But Rutland Manor is a Puppy Factory with a twist.

No other Puppy Farmer sells the produce for 22K AUD for a worker and a mere 3K AUD  for a neutered puppy.

No other Puppy Farmer claims to have founded a breed and worked tirelessly to perfect it for 26 years.

No other Puppy Farmer is such a BIG FAT LIAR. but every liar makes a mistake. Originally RM and TP claimed to have taken up breeding labradoodles where Wally Cochran had left off after breeding a Guide Dog labradoodle litter in the 70’s. 26 years looks possible doesn’t it?

Unfortunately they got 2 things wrong, the Guide Dog breeder was called Wally Conron and he published an article in the  Readers Digest stating that he had first bred his labradoodle litter in 1989. 26 years is no longer possible, is it?

“It was 1989 and the publicity surrounding the new designer dogs went national and then international. A new world opened for countless people who had once thought they could never enjoy the delight of a pet pooch.”

Beverley is quick on her feet and the story was changed swiftly  to Rutland Manor being founded in 1989, now the earliest possible date.

Of course it isn’t possible to have the Guide Dog founder of the Labradoodle stating that his first litter was for sale in 1989 and Rutland Manor stating that they started with 2nd generation stock in the same year.

Who do you believe, the Guide Dog breeder or the Puppy Farmer?

Sift through the statement above and  somethings are true, Rutland Manor did start with 2 bitches bought from another puppy farm in Victoria, mated them to a standard poodle to produce their first RM litters  in 1997. At the same time Tegan Park bought another three bitches and went quickly into production. These  bitches were given a variety of interchangeable names, Anastasia, Dynasty amongst others. They are all closely related. Dates of birth were fabricated and pedigrees created with other breeders’ poodles renamed as labradoodles, for example Neiger Bluebelle renamed Tegan Park Bluebelle.

Beverley again slipped up. Farms of Shame have just received 2 documents from Beverley’s own store, we have checked them out, they are genuine!

Dynasty appears on her own “pedigree” with a date of birth of 11th of July 1997 On another “pedigree” Rutlands Dynasty is the mother of a puppy, the so-called Tegan Park Heirloom born the 2nd of August 1997 when her dam was only 3 weeks old.

In 1997 Beverley desperately needed an income and an interest after recurring serious mental health problems. Her mental state is very fragile and dependent on day to day medication. She sleeps very little and spends day and night at her computer tweaking her database. She does not visit or know her dogs. The wealth that followed her fraud fed her sick vanity and encouraged her to increase the real 13 years to an impossible 20 years, and now to the current ludicrous 26 years

“Specialises in the Australian Labradoodle only for twenty six years as of 2010″

Rutland Manor continues to buy in breeding labradoodles and poodles and create inventive pedigrees for them.

The Farms of Shame advice?

If you have an Rutland Manor or Tegan Park pedigree, do something useful with it, light your barbecue.


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4 Responses to More lies from Rutland Manor

  1. Annabelle says:

    I was hoping someone would post about the ludicrous claim by Beverley that she founded the breed 26 years ago. We knew this was yet another outright lie by Beverley.
    The woman has told that many outrageous lies, has fabricated so many documents and pedigrees that even she doesn’t know fact from fantasy!
    She is truly living in her own delusional world, she just doesn’t realise that everyone is waking up to all her lies and they are disgusted!

  2. Thank you. We received an email (with far more detail than we have room to publish) that proved Beverley had only been breeding labradoodles from 1997 onwards. It seemed important to nail this lie along with her other claims. Its all fake and fraud at Rutland Manor.
    Sources very close to her added more information. There is no shame in Mental Heath problems but there is also no excuse for her cruelty and disregard for her dogs.

  3. silva says:

    Last time Bev was in the States, many people had their eyes opened to just how sick and mentally unbalanced she is.

  4. alison says:

    hi all, its not just her claim for labradoodles that needs investigation, her claim to have been a judge in group five breeds appears to be an utter fraud as well, under any of her aliases. I have family who have been breeding AND showing a breed uner group five in Victoria and Auastralia, and they can’t recall her at all, or find any records of her judging in their files.

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