“I bought sick dogs and sold them with fake Rutland Manor pedigrees” Beverley admits it all

In an extraordinary turn of events Farms of Shame has received several emails. They were written in December 2007 by Beverley Manners at Rutland Manor.  Just to remind you it is the same Beverley Manners that is now Vice President of a previously reputable Service Dog Charity, Halo Dogs. We will let you see these original emails without editing except for covering  private information. They do not read very coherently but we are sure you will all understand EXACTLY what she is REALLY saying.

From: Beverley Manners [mailto:
Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 6:47 PM

Some of the Valley View puppies came from pedigreed parents  had pedigrees but most didn’t.  The best I got in those days when I took the rescue puppies was a hand written scribbled pedigree of the sire which was usually Von Silverbertal Plutarch (Standard silver Poodle) and the  lab mother, and I’d have to write up the pedigree for any puppies by combining the two.  But mostly there was no pedigree.  Incidentally I forgot to mention that when I rescued all those puppies Fred and Helen made me pay five hundred dollars each for them.  Amazing.

You know what?  I think that the people who most slander others are usually the ones who are the least reputable themselves.

Cheers, Bev

So what is most “Amazing“, Beverley? 500 dollars for the Valley View dogs or the 22K AUD you sold them for?

First she admits to creating the pedigrees herself from some random names. But there is more! In response to a question about Taranella Tara who she had bought from Trading Post, Beverley tells us exactly how she got her cheap and sick stock from the Colac Puppy Farm. and dying puppies from Valley View.

From: Beverley Manners [mailto:
Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 10:33 AM

There is a bit of a story about Taranella.  It has nothing at all to do with Valley View.  There was a couple who lived near Colac in country  Victoria, who were breeding lab to poodle in the early nineties.  The husband ran a knackery and they lived on the premises (I didn’t know that at first but that’s another story).  I first met them when they started bringing some of their small females to be mated to Rutlands Heart Throb (Huggie) and later on  I contracted them to be a guardian home for me.  Some of the dogs they had were my Lil Ruby, Lil Mollie and Brown Shadow plus a couple of others whose names I can’t think of at the minute.

Then one day my husband and I visited their property while we were in the district with a horse we had racing at Colac.  Less said about the property and the conditions the dogs were in the better, but I ended up taking all my dogs back home shortly after plus a couple that they had bred.  Some died from corona virus which I’d never heard of before that and never want to hear of again!  It was a nightmare I prefer to forget.   It was not a friendly parting of the ways and I paid them about fifty thousand dollars  to sign a document stating that they would not breed Labradoodles for a certain period of years, I can’t remember how long it was but for some legal reason it wasn’t allowed to be ‘never’.

I have heard the tweaked version of the Valley View girls that you’ve been told too. Fred has boasted for years that he “supplied Rutland Manor with breeding stock and started them off”  I bought a lot of puppies from Valley View to save their lives.  Any time Fred and Helen couldn’t sell their black ‘smoothies’ as they called their lab coated first crosses at that time,  they’d call me and tell me they would be ‘donged on the head’ by nightfall if I didn’t take them.  Of course I’d drive up to their place, only about an hour away, and pick up the puppies, some of them four and five month old black labby males and never desexed, and I’d take them back home, have them desexed and then sell them without pedigrees and most of the time not cover my costs.

One notable time was when they called me to let me know that there were two litters of all black puppies, fourteen in all, who were in an old shed and ate rat bait.  They were about six and seven weeks old and were bleeding through their urine and poop, were dehydrated  and were very sick.  They too were going to be ‘donged’ as Fred and Helen said they were not worth spending money at the vet.  I took those fourteen puppies home and to the vet (********** in Warragul….he would remember this incident very well!)  and over the next three weeks me and my staff nursed them day and night and saved every single one.  From memory, that was the time that I also had black puppies of my own, and some pedigrees got mixed up and a black male, Rutlands Midnight Shadow, went to his owner with one of the Valley View pedigrees in his envelope instead of his own.

I bought from memory, four Cream adult females and a Black adult female on behalf of xxxxxx who was working for me at the time, and she re-sold them to Angela to make a profit on them. The Black female was later called “Big Eb” by Angela.


Note, she never did answer the question about Taranella Tara bought from Trading Post .

We have information about these sick dogs that Beverley Manners claims to have “rescued” from Colac and Valley View. They became pure Pedigree Australian Labradoodles of Rutland Manor and had new shiny Rutland’s pedigrees created out of thin air. Colac Farm were not a “Guardian home” at all, but just a puppy farm where Beverley went to buy sick dogs they wanted rid of, to fill her own kennels. She bought all their stock in 2003 to get rid of a competitor. Beverley Manners called her new victims Rutlands Lil Mollie, Rutlands Lil Ruby, Rutands Lil Minty, Rutlands Lil Tammy, Rutlands Lil Misty and Rutlands Lil Penny. The new breeding dogs brought the deadly coronavirus with them and in a few weeks, 60 poor little puppies died needlessly because of Beverley’s eye for a bargain, overstocked kennels, and refusal to pay for proper veterinary treatment. Attached are the original birth records from Rutland Manor Files .Their puppies were sold for thousands by this Monster of a Puppy Farmer and some of them even went as prime breeding stock for tens of thousands to the USA, an act of  FRAUD.

Lil Misty, born and bred at Colac, was sold to America as the finest Australian Labradoodle breeding bitch, with a full Rutland Manor pedigree.

Here are some of the other Valley View and Colac Puppy Farm dogs with their fake pedigrees
Beverley has told us about her business dealings, her faking of their pedigrees and buying and selling whole litters from them  but we have more information to share.

Valley View, founded in 1997, provided Rutland Manor and Tegan Park with foundation stock. Gypsy, Hippy, Omah, Meeka and Jolene were all from Valley View and given Rutlands pedigrees.

THREE WEEKS AGO Valley View gave away dozens of labradoodles because they had been caught with too many illegal dogs on the premises. Did Bev go to the Fire Sale? Its the same old depressing kennels full to bursting with unnamed puppies from several litters all mixed up together.  Is your future RM puppy among them? Or his mother? PROBABLY

Colac Farm, Rutland Manor, Valley View, Tegan Park,  all operate in the same way, by breeding very, very cheaply and selling as expensively as possible to internet buyers They are all brutal to their dogs. Shooting dead any that are inconvenient like poor Ellie,  or just “donged”on the head as Beverley writes of her business partners at Valley View.

So why did Beverley Manners admit to all this FRAUD? She was rattled at the question about Trading Post Tara and tried to explain away her actions.

We think she just proved how big a FRAUD she is.


About Ubique Larkhill

Contact me at ubiquelarkhill@gmail.com Confidentiality will be respected. Comments only accepted from responsive email addresses..
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28 Responses to “I bought sick dogs and sold them with fake Rutland Manor pedigrees” Beverley admits it all

  1. Debra Tranter says:

    Well done for exposing this abhorrent link between more puppy factories. Its well known that all the puppy factories in this area buy/sell/swap their breeding dogs between each other. Beverley is well known amongst the other factory farmers and as we know Rutland’s Billie Jo and Bobbi Jo are still alive at ACA/Banksia Park puppy factory. Bev sold then off to Colin Hamms for a few hundred dollars years ago. It’s pitiful. And as for using ‘rescue’ as an attempt to make herself look good !! I work with dozens of rescue groups and that comment is a slap in the face to all who truly do work in rescue. The only thing Bev has ‘rescued’ is her bank balance. This is massive consumer fraud.

  2. Farms of Shame have received a comment from Beverley Manners, we have removed names out of common decency to a family and children. Other accusations are put there to defame without proof so we decided to remove all the names. No other editing has been done. Beverley had replied by mistake to the previous article so we have moved it to this one.

  3. Beverley says:

    Dear all who are reading this forum of shame,

    I don’t know if this forum is the same as the other hate sites and will remove any post I make or posts that support me from people who know the truth, but there are so many lies and photos appearing which aren’t even of my dogs or my place as if they are mine, and skewed documents that seem to add credence, it is worth a try to post here just the once. If anyone really wants to know the truth I do have extensive records of the way things really were and I am happy to provide documents to prove the truth. I have it all on record and perhaps the time has come to share things that I have kept confidential from decency. But decency is not something I am being shown.

    Why hide the names of the ‘inside sources’ who are providing ‘information’ to discredit Rutland Manor and myself? They are well known to me and others and so are their reasons for providing twisted half truths and documents that can be used to mislead people.

    For starters, *********** the woman who told me I saved her life when she was lost in the horrors of drug and alcohol addiction, and then went on to embezzle me when I gave her a job. When I fired her and her husband ******they threatened that they would ruin me. There’s ********close friend **********, who was my book keeper and also a guardian home for some of my dogs. I fired ******* because she wasn’t doing her job, she was busy setting up her horse trailer importing business with ******** brother ******** and his wife *******, who also worked for me. They took wages from me while they were spending the days setting up their own business. When I discovered that ******* had sold one of my dogs after telling me that the dog had died, we had a huge row and I took back my dogs .

    Then there is ******** who worked for me at my present home. ***** and her son stole money from me, stole my new camera, my mobile phone (there are police records on this) they are frequently evicted because **** has a hard drugs habit that takes all the money she can lay her hands on. Her three young children were taken away from her, and I tried to help her for over a year. I let her and her son live in my home and had to ask them to leave because I just couldn’t trust either of them. Some people can not be helped. I ended up firing her and telling her I didn’t want her in my life any more.

    **************, I could write a book about. Her integrity that she talks so much about really should be scrutinized. When she didn’t get what she wanted from me she turned on me like a viper. I have been too much of a lady to reveal what I know about ********** but she is pushing me a bit far now.

    ******* who posts under aliases, now there is a very dangerous and unstable woman. She lived in my home for a month, wrote glowing (truthful) reports about what she found here, and then when the scam she had planned with her bosom buddy as she calls her, ********** failed, she suddenly claims that I am ‘Satan’ and that I cast spells on her which is why she didn’t tell the truth before. What??!!! And anyone believes this ludicrous make believe??!! ******** backs it up by telling people the whole time I stayed in her home she was ‘terrified’ of me because I had such ‘evil eyes’.

    I was smothered with kisses and hugs by ********** when I was in their home and told over and over how much they ‘loved’ me ……until I refused to sign over the dogs I leased to her, into hers and her husband’s name, then I was dumped in a hotel in Dallas at ten at night and the rest is very public history.

    Let’s not forget my own daughter. About to have her properties seized by the ANZ bank, I stepped in and borrowed a half million dollars to save her neck. Rather than pay me back when she sold all four of her properties, she disowned me instead. Much more convenient to tell stories about me to justify that. Truth is that I lost my own home and property because of it and now have a huge mortgage at age seventy.

    Have I forgotten anyone? Probably. When you don’t take abuse of trust but stand up for yourself and what you are and believe in, you are sure to make enemies. There is an old saying “anyone who has not made enemies, hasn’t made anything else either.”

    As I mentioned before, I have stacks of documents and proof that the lies being told and embroidered and built on are not factual. Everyone knows how to contact me, please do if you are really interested in truth and not just enjoying the soap opera at my expense.

    To illustrate just one case of twisting facts to make me look bad, try the misquote that I am supposed to have ‘admitted’ that I wrote fake pedigrees – Valley View gave me the sire’s pedigree and the dam’s pedigree of the puppies I did rescue from them, because they couldn’t be bothered combining the two to write out the puppies’ pedigrees, so they left it for me to do. These were not fake pedigrees.

    • alison W says:

      Dear Beverley,
      you say that “there is an old saying that anyone who has not made enemies hasnt made anything…”
      …my mother has no enemies… but has made a life of service to others… you still have not answered my question put to you on several occassions. Why did you verbally abuse and physically threaten a disabled 72 year old women?
      Your behaviour as witnessed, recorded and reported. Will you turn her experience into another one of your excuses? You can try and blame her, try and say my dog was the problem, but if this was the case… why did you accept him to board at your kennels which you were not legally allowed to operate at your Robert’s Road property…

    • Paul says:


  4. Lisa J Ryan says:

    No-one needs to make up anything about Beverly Manners to make her look bad – the evidence is overwhelming – world wide. A history of cruelty and abuse towards animals which is shared by most of her family, most of her staff, her ‘dog’ colleagues and trading partners, some of her vets. The lies, fraud, intimidation, use and abuse of anyone who stands up to her. The only victim is these dogs and is is also very clear that hundreds/thousands have suffered and died because of this woman and anything she has had her greedy and cruel hands on. The sooner she is shut down and charged and hopefully gaoled, the better.

  5. Karen McKay says:

    Oh Beverley – Put a sock in it!!

    I swear, there has never been anyone who can lie, and as bald faced as you do, on this planet.
    I and a million others, are so tired of your continued reteric about documents and proof that you have and will show the world, that has never materialized to this day. It never will, it is not in existence. I guarantee that you will make up some huge storey now about producing it, and how we have slandered you etc. etc. etc. but you won’t produce any of those bogus documents and proofs you always blather on about because you can’t.
    Prove me wrong – produce them all – the world would love to finally see the : PROOF IN THE PUDDING”. I dare you!!!

  6. Debra Tranter says:

    Beverley you have just validated that anyone who comes into contact with you soon realises what you are and tries to get away from you. How can everyone else be so wrong and your the only one that is right? When these people start speaking out, you try and discredit them personally by making up more lies! As for people not wanting to be named, I don’t blame them. Charlotte McGrath and I have both spoken out publicly and we both had our homes broken into and our computers hacked into and files copied. You have a reputation for bullying and harassment, in fact didn’t you have to pay out one of your ex employees after they won a bullying claim against you?
    In any case, whats all this got to do with the dogs ? Everyone now knows the Rutland Manor scam and the way you have used these factory farmed dogs to make yourself a fortune. You have even admitted you buy/sell dogs to/from other putrid puppy factories. Factory farmed dogs don’t have pedigree’s Bev, and when you pay $500 a puppy from another puppy factory thats not rescue!!! Why don’t you apologise and retire instead of making up more lies. Leave the dogs alone Beverley.

  7. Ms. Manners…yes, you did forget someone as you asked in your post. That would be You.

    I’m sure you are aware of the personality disorders surrounding an individual’s
    inability to take responsibility for one’s own actions and behaviors; rather, blame others . Look at all of the asterisks of names lost to you. All of the asterisks, all who have “done you wrong”. Yet at one or another point all were apparently friends, family, significant colleagues enough for you to now call out in a virtual littany of hate and anger speak. It looks as though you are blaming the victim, or transferring the blame to others, unable to accept that your own behavior might have had a direct impact on those around you for the length of your life. When I think of what landed you here, on this page, I am reminded that this behavior has been paramount as a life’s script, and in actuality what has brought you here to Farms of Shame.

    I am also sorry to say in the realm of the post being your problem, my problem, or our problem, this transference of blame as you have assigned in your post and to others in your life as it would appear in this history of Farms of Shame is your problem, and ensuingly the dogs, owners, and breeders you seem to have interacted with poorly in this world. And last, probably part of the meaning of line in an ee cummings poem: “Be of love a little more careful than of anything”.

  8. Anon says:

    Oh for goodness sake – is this supposed to justify the crap and lies that this woman has told. I “rescued” dogs from other puppy factories and SOLD them to poor unsuspecting clients, telling the greatest load of garbage that were multi gen labradoodles – oh some possibly throwback because they are ‘flat coats’ and “oh my, this hasn’t happened with that particular mating before” how the hell would you know what the previous matings were, you “rescued” them from someone else. you lying, cheating , nasty old woman.

  9. ellie says:

    Beverley, this latest revelation is totally beyond belief. If it is not true and you do have the “proof” give it to Farms Of Shame and justify what you are saying. Although I doubt you ever will. I don’t believe it exists.

  10. Debra Tranter says:

    From the RM website “With about $250,000 worth of the finest breeding dogs in the world now being held as hostages in Texas, I cannot help but wonder how much Kate Pappas who is on the brink of bankruptcy is being paid”.
    Um Hello ???? Havent you declared bankruptcy Bev to get out of paying your bills to Dogtainers ?? Didn’t you get people to drive the dogs to New South Wales overnight to hide the dogs from the liquidators ?
    Isn’t it you that censors people and prevents discussion on your website whilst you publish outrageous lies and personal attacks daily! These websites wouldn’t exist if you were honest and told the truth!
    Do the dogs a favour and retire!!

  11. Gina says:

    Publish the post above without the names blanked out and give those mentioned a chance to take her to the cleaners for libel.

    • Anon says:

      You’re so right Gina. Grandma Beverley better have stack of documents to back up her defamatory claims.

      • Good luck with that, she shouldn’t get away with making such allegations, I’m sure you understand that we cannot publish those names, its unethical and we would be part of the libel.

  12. Rutlands Alecia says:

    Please don’t forget me.
    I am the beautiful little loving dog who did nothing but make Grandma Beverley money.
    All she did to repay me was have me killed.
    I hope my ghost haunts her to the end of her days…….woofs and tail wags and slurpy ghostly kisses Grandma Beverley…. yours from the Rainbow Bridge…. Ellie

  13. Rutlands Andie says:

    But Grandma Bev, you’ve forgotten me! I’m the black puppy born out of a “honeymoon” that never should have happened (if you listen to veterinarians who say you don’t breed dogs with genetic heart defects). My daddy Knossos (the poodle you’ve pretended is a doodle) sure has fathered an awful lot of puppies. I can only imagine how many brothers and sisters of mine are in heaven with me that the world never even knew were born.

    You told people I was living with a loving family, but somehow no one could find my microchip number registered in Australia. Of course you know that’s because I’m with Ellie over the Rainbow Bridge.

    Woofs and tail wags and more wet ghostly slurpy kisses,
    Andie (the black labradoodle born from Ava and Knossos November 2009)

  14. Anon says:

    My daddy Knossos (the poodle you’ve pretended is a doodle) sure has fathered an awful lot of puppies………..
    What proof do you have of this statement?

  15. We allow all comments that are not defamatory of innocent people. There is proof that Knossos has sired health problems, we don’t know exactly what he is, but then, does Beverley know what he is? Or care? Maybe the poster thinks he looks like a poodle?
    Rutlands Andie’s comment was allowed because the main points are proven. Knossos and Ava should be desexed according to specialist veterinary opinion but are still breeding.
    Anon’s comment above also allowed
    Its an odd point to be so concerned about, considering all that has come out in the last week from Beverley Manners herself.

    • Anon says:

      I am sorry but I don’t consider it an odd point to be concerned about when Knosses is the father of many puppies in the uk, do you?

  16. h. allison says:

    And she breeds for the betterment of the the breed, Ha!! Getting dogs from other puppy farmers only show what she truely has been all these years, just another money grubbing puppy farmer. We all know she fabricated pedigrees, been long documented. I love how on her website she states “beware, not all shaggy dogs and so called Multi Gen are true Australian Labradoodles”. Nope Bev, and not even yours are!!! Lies, lies and more lies and they just keep coming from her cruel and twisted mind.

  17. Delta says:

    Beverley says BLAH BLAH BLAH who cares about these humans she’s had “relations/dealings” with. The poor animals that didn’t have a voice, didn’t get care, love, used and abused, everything was about making money for her, no amount of pain inflicted on her could make up for all the pain she inflicted on these poor furbabies.

  18. Gail says:

    She will certainly go where all evil goes when she is gone and put in the ground

    poor innocent dogs poor poor sad and truly disturbing I hope that if there is life afterwards she comes back as a dog and is in cage her entire life begging to get out

    what a shame and a crazy woman is this ? poor duped people that beleived for so long

  19. A horse lover has just sent us this.
    Here’s another victim, posted by Beverley Manners on a English forum, labradoodle.org.uk
    ” I have a three year old filly who has recently had surgery for cancer on her back. The surgery left a hole the size of a dinner plate (it has since filled in thank goodness) but the biopsy showed that the cancer has already invaded her lymphatic system, so my precious filly’s days are numbered. the Equine Reproductive Specialist recommended that even though she is just a three year old, I should put her in foal. The reason? Because the surges of hormones that go through a female’s body when fertile, feed the cancer, and at best, produce the acidic environment that is favorable to the onset of a cancer even if it is not already present.”

    The truth appeared on another forum in Australia, Bev used one of her many aliases.
    Ebbleby on horsecenter.com.au

    “Can anyone help me? I have a three year old blue grey mare who has just had surgery to remove a malignant tumor from the middle of her back. The lab report has come back and says that the cancer has invaded her lymphatic system. She is in beautiful condition and ‘looks’ as healthy as can be, but the lab report has devastated me because this is my heart horse.

    Because I don’t know how long I may have her, I want to either do an embryo transplant into a recipient mare or else harvest her eggs. But I don’t know much about either.

    Can anyone tell me who I should contact for some advice about all this? I live in Victoria.

    Many thanks to anyone who can give me any assistance.

    Ebb “

    SO it wasn’t the specialist that suggested speeding this mare to her death through pregnancy, but Beverley herself looking for a means to get just a little bit more productivity from a sick and dying animal.

    Andie, Ellie and this poor mare cry out for Justice, and not just a woman calling herself Mrs Justice as she lied to obtain people’s pets for her obscene Factory.

  20. alison W says:

    i just love that statement…i’m a human cancer care nurse…
    hmm… pregnancy to stop the hormones… i don’t think so…!!!! what a load of crock…

  21. Silva says:

    This has just been published. How on earth did Beverly fix an advert in the Malibu Times?
    “For more information about Beverley Manners visit http://www.rutlandmanor.com.” read the lies and of course buy your puppy!

  22. A Tree says:

    Typical hype! The Labradoodle Trust holds a yearly Doodlefest for the charity over here in the UK, latest figures are 600 people and 220 dogs attending. Obviously bigger than this one claiming to be the only one in the world.

  23. Yoshi says:

    Hello all. I know this is an old forum, but I would like to add some recent info. Beverley ‘partially-donated’ one of her CobberDog (the rebarnded labradoodle) to me. Beverley claimed (in writing) this pup would cme with DNA & Health Testing and would be suitable and healthy for Mobility Assistance Doh work (all oputlined in my puppy contract). Clearly we were tricked by this skilled amnip[ulator who treats dogs as commodities. 2 years on and Yoshi, my dog, is NOT large enough for mobility work, and he had shoulder surgery due to a genetic deformity… we are still waiting for the health guarantee to be honoured by Beverley, and when I email politely and ask her to honour this agreement she replies with horrid abuse and serious threats to me & my family. I am disabled and needed a mobility Assistance Dog. Yoshi fortunately recovered brilliantly from his surgery, but he is not able to do mobility work such as ‘brace’, therefore his assistance dog tasks have been limited and I still require a mobility assistance dog – for heavy mobility (as outlined in my original puppy contract with Beverley Manners). At LEAST THREE pups from the same litter of Yoshi have issues and one of them the EXACT shoulder problem! Thedrefor it is clear this is a genetic problem. But, Beverley, in her typical manner, blames the owners of the dogs and not her careless breeding! Hedre is a little video i made about Yoshi from last year and an update will be available soon. I have been accused of so many horrid things, in a bullying attempt to stop me telling my story. It is clear Beverley is preying on disabled people. Unfortunately I am one of them. I love my dog Yoshi and would NEVER give him up… although some of the threats from Bev (aka Bad Manners) and her ‘followers’ have said they are coming to steal my dog away! I have all of their abuse and kept it for legal reasons, I have made a police report as I am scared of these bullies who are making threats to my personal safety…all because I am asking about health documents, and the guarantee of health. My experience with this horrid woman, and her followers, has been an absolute nightmare. Of course I love Yoshi, but I do NOT respect or agree with Beverley Manners’ methods of trickery (to make puppy sales), manipulation, abuse, intimidation of disabled AND her *somehow* ongoing careless dog breeding program. I do not undertsand how these people are still in business? 😦 DOGS ARE NOT COMMODITIES!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BbQ98T3WP4

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