Service Dog Charities and Rutland Manor (Update)

We are please to announce that HALO dogs has  a new committee and Beverley Manners is no longer part of that worthy organisation. It’s good when people open their eyes to the truth.

Well done HALO

Sadly she is still on the board of Aussie Angels as Vice President. I wonder how long that will last?

In 2009 she was on the board of Disability Aid dogs                                  

Then there was HALO

Now there is the AAAD

No organisation lasts long with Bev involved


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8 Responses to Service Dog Charities and Rutland Manor (Update)

  1. h. allison says:

    Yup everyone will finally catch on to her abuse and lies!!

  2. Concerned says:

    Rutland Manor is going to be sold at auction..

    Just how safe is your deposit on your RM puppy?

  3. alison says:

    Rutland Manor to be sold…The web site for aussie angels assistance dogs no longer shows its board of managment. Beverley has never hidden the fact she would like to rename her dogs as aussie assistance dogs…what better place to take your animals to then a charity. Might be quite financially advantageous too…!!

  4. Glenn says:

    Just an update in case you are un aware. Aussie Angles Assistant Dogs no longer associates with Beverly Manners and has not since October 2011. Although there is no proof of the puppy farming, but her association with AAAD was a black mark on the organisation which was not needed. I am very supprised that you went after Beverly as a prefered, when there is a puppy farrmer in Tasmania which does need alot of attention. AAAD is an organisation who is trying to do right for a broad spectram of people by suppling trained companion animals to make there life easier. I am asking you to help us out please by removing any slander which associates AAAD with puppy farming. The dogs which are being concentrated on are rescueing animals from shelters.

    • Comment Left says:

      AAAD do not rescue animals from shelters. They state that they do not give this option because they need to know the dog’s full background breed and history of their health. The information Glenn has given is false.

  5. I am pleased to bring to the public’s notice that your organisation is no longer associated with Rutland Manor puppy farm. It was not libel/slander as Beverley Manners’ association with your organisation was an acknowledged fact and continued as you have stated until October 2011. That Rutland Manor is a puppy farm is very well established and the evidence includes horrific photos, fraudulent pedigrees, and the fines paid for illegal breeding. As for other puppy farms, Farms of Shame will only post after extensive research and there are a number of stories from all round the world that are in the pipe line. We are here to educate the public rather than as a specific whistle blowing site just for Australia

    We believe that Oscar’s Law is a whole world movement, please support it!

    • Jazz says:

      I would love to think that this site will become more and more recognised and eventually used as a tool for people to identify places they do NOT Want to buy a puppy from.
      Keep up the good work – to know this is reasearched prior to being exposed gives great comfort to me – as i am sure it does to many others.

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