Labradoodles, just a business, like any other

Nichii Gakkan medical services company has bought out Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodle Puppy Farm. The last vestiges of any doubt we might have nurtured that their dogs were bred with any real care and concern has gone. It’s been an open secret for some time that Melinda Radus was looking for a buyer for her huge numbers of breeding dogs in the sheds at Sunset Hills and she has now announced the sale here;article=147439;title=Doodle%20Breeders%27%20Discussion%20Forum

I’ll give her this , Melinda is making a strong case for selling out to the Japanese giant but the case made is purely business.

So what’s the plan? Nichii has over 600 medical facilities and they intend to have multiple therapy/assistance/companion dogs resident in each facility. They intend to track, monitor and record the success of their program and publish medical papers on a large scale to the government and medical communities to the benefits the Australian Labradoodle dogs have on the aged and ailing.

There is no voice for the dogs but then there never was. Just how”productive” can a dog be?  The most fortunate can be sold as adored pets, some can be trained to be companions for the elderly (until of course they are too old themselves), and of course they can be passed on  on to the subsidiary Pet Shop chain or even disappear forever as research animals.

The truth is we don’t know what will happen to the dogs and all their puppies sold to this uncertain future, but they will have to make money for Nichii Gakkan or the shareholders will want to know why. Don’t believe the hype about “sharing a vision”, this is ALL about PROFIT.


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  1. Concerned says:

    Did you know that Cloudcatcher has also sold out? The ex owners are not even in Australia, so much for ongoing care and concern

    The rumour is they got out while the getting out was good

    • Shirley says:

      We have a magnificent labradoodle from Cloudcatcher. He is now 5 years old with absolutely no health problems. Kathy was just so helpful and caring. I am mortified that she sold to a medical “research” organisation. The Japanese are not known for their kindness to animals at the best of times, and I hate to think of what may happen to some of the gorgeous dogs that they will produce. How can anyone sell to this kind of organisation? They are well aware that all will not go on as before. Kathy, I thought you were truly different and loved your animals. Now I am most certainly not so sure. I could never put my animals at risk, no matter what the price offered.

      • T says:

        I agree that this sort of this is absolutely unacceptable but I urge you to choose your words carefully. “The Japanese are not known for their kindness to animals at the best of times” is extremely ignorant and offensive. I know this is an emotional issue, and as a labradoodle owner myself, I am shocked and saddened. I am also Japanese, and am equally saddened to see such flippant remarks made about an entire nation where, like any other nation, there are people who love animals and people who do not.

  2. Joyce says:

    The picture painted is lovely. We all know that the Japanese business world is very efficient. I can see that those that don’t cut the mustard will be ‘efficiently dealt with’ and since this conglomerate is medical based, I can only imagine what that will be.

    What is very interesting is that RM and TP have fallen so far into the ditches that they could not be even considered for this kind of ‘professional buy out’. I believe had this happened during their ‘heyday’, every one of those doodles would have been sacrificed for the almighty dollar. Money moves mountains, life dreams, visions, ethics and responsibility. I can’t say that I blame them for their choice to ‘grab an opportunity of a lifetime’ but I am disappointed that it was to such a huge corporation.

    In another post elsewhere, the Family Care Homes are under obligation for 6 years. That means those girls will more than likely be bred at a year old at every cycle. That could be 12 litters. The end result is a dog with a ruined uterus that hangs down to the ground. Let’s hope this is not the scenario, but it is a corporation and they ONLY look at the profit margin. :+(

  3. Joyce, you have a good grasp of the main issues.
    Of course its a lovely picture. Any statements made by Melinda Radus are made by a woman who is now an employee of Nichii Gakkan. She posts for and on their behalf. Her (or is it their? ) posts on the Doodle Breeders Discussion Forum are coming from beside Lake Washington. Kathy Young (ex Cloudcatcher) now lives in considerable comfort in Hawaii. Kathy isn’t talking

  4. Joyce says:

    I agree, from what I have been reading if this truly is ‘a wonderful opportunity for the Labradoodle’ breed, why the heck was this not outlined and ‘the vision’ exposed all over the world? Had this been something I was becoming a part of, I would have been pleased as punch to invite people to celebrate what this means for the breed in general. Instead it has been over a year in the making and NONE of it was shared publically by either breeder – not even to the breeders who have their lines were told! The cat was out of the bag and had it not happened, no one would have been the wiser except for a non-response from both sites. Actions speak much louder than words. Back-peddling now to make it seem like a wondrous thing just shows ‘backlash management’.

    I realize there is nothing we can do but watch and see. Most USA breeders are now aware of this negotiation. Perhaps the associations will be able to accept them into their folds, but I think that is going to be difficult given that it appears interpreters will be needed and the Japanese company has a total lack of knowledge with breeding in general. It is not up to the associations to hold their hands, but the people who sold the dogs to direct and steer. One is already gone and the other may not be far behind. Yes, a kennel manager can help – I hope that person speaks Japanese and understands English. I hope they will take care of the doodles, I hope this whole philosophy is a huge success and other countries follow the path. And, I pray to God, these furry babies don’t end up in some medical laboratory.

  5. alison2 says:

    my mother lives next door to sunset hills labradoodles and have been fighting mallala council for 7yrs in regards to it being a puppy farm.The noise from these dogs goes on day and night. Its hard to understand how this place can have a dog lic for only 20 dogs but has 80 pups and 70 dog on property today. Why do we have rules , nobody obeys them .How can this many dogs get the attention they need. this property needs to be shut down

    • cassandra dykes says:

      they do not bark all day and when i was working there it was ur mothers dogs that barked all the time and when melinda owned it was run kindly and all the dogs got love and attention and it wasnt a puppy farm at all as they all got medical care and there were breaks between the breedings as it is outlined by dogs sa she folloewed all their guidelines and a puppy farm is when the female dogs constantly produce litters each season

  6. Concerned says:

    Your mother is right. No one living near Sunset Hills believes that most of the dogs are in Guardian Homes. Its just a dirty puppy farm with all the dogs packed into sheds and kennels with the puppies all outside the house barking ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT for attention food and water.
    And its getting worse.

    • Jaspi says:

      OMG. Am I glad I saved my boy from those conditions. Judging by her website you would have never thought, what it was really like.

  7. Jaspi says:

    We bought a dog off Melinda Radus with Genetic inherited Epilepsy, known to her for 4 years, but always denied. Well, her actions now are no surprise to us. Due to our dog’s mother being sold as a breeding dog to Scotland, this horrible disease will continue to spread all over Europe. She was in it for the money, not the love for animals – that’s for sure!

  8. Carole Grundy says:

    The reason for the poor health is simple… any good breeder keeps the best pup from the litter to breed, a puppy farm keeps the pup they CAN’T sell and breeds that.. ill health is absolutely guaranteed and each generation the situation gets worse. Then they breed just for colour and ignore temperament and health, it’s all about what will sell quickest. It’s a recipe for disaster and the loving owners of the sick dogs have to pick up the pieces.
    I am horrified to see epilepsy as described as common in poodles,…. it isn’t…. its just common in puppy farm breeding stock,a puppy has fits so they don’t sell it but they do breed it..

    What is common knowledge amongst the breeders is that Valley View Teddy Bear passed through several hands, spreading epilepsy in his wake.. for all we know he is still being bred, epilepsy doesn’t prevent a dog from siring litters. There is reason to believe that the bitches he was mated to came from equally tainted stock, puppies do have two parents and it is unwise to just “blame” one of them. Yes Jaspi, his daughter Sunsethills Lace Teddy also produced epilepsy when she was in Australia. Sold by Sunset Hills straight after the problem was known. I am told the Scottish breeders have been informed but Sunsethills Lace Teddy is stll listed as a breeding bitch. I hope the breeders will NOW do the right thing.

    • Jaspi says:

      That is correct Carole. My dog’s mother Sunsethills Lace Teddy, was sold to a Scottish breeder just after his litter.
      The sad thing is:
      Firstly, that Melinda knew for 4 years PRIOR to my dog’s litter about the Epilepsy issues of Valley View Teddy Bear blood line and should NEVER have used any of his offspring for breeding.
      Secondly, once I informed the Scottish breeder of the problem, she was shocked at first, but later on “remembered”, that she was aware of the seizure history of the breeding dog’s father!!!!!! How can that be? Why would you even consider buying and BREEDING with a dog with such a history??

  9. Julie says:

    I believe there was at one time ethics in breeding dogs but in reading this thread I now see that, that has now gone. all i can say is i feel sorry for the puppies and the mothers.
    But in the end as long as people buy the puppies they will continue to be bred by these type of people.
    It would surprise me if the puppies are born outside in the cold, and they never tell you how many puppies die within the first few weeks.
    I could just imagine the noise coming from the property with that many dogs on the property and I feel for the neighbours but if this is true why are the neighbours not doing anything about it? why are they not complaining to the councils or to the RSPCA?
    if there is a neighbour that could see what was happening at this place then why is the RSPCA not already involved?

  10. alison says:

    unfortunatly RSPCA and Animal welfare when called would not come out it is up to councils to inforce dog laws first

  11. anomynous says:

    I have inside information from both sides of the spectrum. Firstly Melinda did run Sunset Hills like a ‘puppy farm’, money & profit her foremost interest, it is common knowledge in the community here. Secondly council has intervened & Sunset Hills is now under re-development to improve the conditions of the property for all puppies & dogs kept there. Nichii Gakkan is trying to standardise Sunset Hills to the the very high standards of Cloudcatchers. Puppies are now very much cared for & looked after, as are their dogs. The putrid, disgusting conditions the puppies/dogs lived in (conditions that Melinda had bred her dogs in) have changed, the yards have been turfed, fenced & new housing, heating, toys & nutrition are in place to ensure adequate care & health of all puppies/dogs on the property. If a puppy is found to have any abnormalities, no matter how small (ie; red bottom, runny poo’s, sore eyes), it is seen to immediately, by the compassionate staff who’s first priority is the care of these beautiful animals, the vet is also consulted in such an instance. Conditions have changed for the better & any talk of ‘puppy farming’ is now dismissed. The yards used by Melinda before Nichii bought the business are either un-used or the materials used to build these disgraceful ‘puppy farm pits’ have been re-cycled to upgrade the new yards. Proper dog care facilities are now in place that had never been there before. There has been no sickness in any puppy or dog on the property for the last few months, it has become a Class A faciltiy, i have witnessed the progress. There is no complaints from neighbours, no further concerns with council & the facility is on the up. The Management & staff there are disgraced at past Management & well as past ownership & although the future of Sunset Hills & its uses are unknown, the care of the puppies & dogs are of the highest priority, ethically there is no other way to be 🙂

  12. anomynous says:

    Following on from that comment, there is only allowed to be a maximum of 20 adult dogs kept on the property at any one time, on average at present Sunset Hills has no more than 10 adult dogs, they do not enforce the behaviour of acting like ‘pack dogs’ in which can have disasterous results, like that of the past. I encourage anyone interested in the progress of Sunset Hills & the care of all dogs/puppies there, to pay them a visit & witness it for yourselves…i can gurarantee you’ll be not only relieved but happy to see the work gone into protecting the health & care of these animals.

    • anonymous2 says:

      We all know these comments have come from “the inside” look at the way they read!

      Smoke and Mirrors will only get you so far!

      I’m utterly disgusted that the RSPCA and their local council WILL NOT do anything about these practices!!

  13. We had heard the rumour that conditions at Sunset Hills were so bad that the dogs were moved to Cloudcatcher. But what has happened to the breeding dogs living in what were called Guardian Homes, were they torn from their families and sent back to kennels? Or were the Guardian Homes as much of a myth as Rutland Manor’s and all those dogs lived in squalor at Sunset Hills..Puppy farmers and lies go hand in hand.

    • Please read the follow up article on Sunset Hills. The Guardian homes, now called Family Care Homes had their contracts sold. Its a very mixed picture coming out.

      • Jennifer Kruger says:

        I really want to buy a healthy Labradoodle but am beginning to despair. Can anyone give me the name of a breeder/breeders they consider reputable please?

      • ralsy says:

        Jennifer Kruger, I ended up with a Labradoodle from Melinda Radus Sunset Hills with Genetic Inherited Epilepsy. He is now 10 years old. Through all my research I would only trust one breeder… Charlotte from Tamaruke Labradoodles in the Hunter Valley.

  14. Levi says:

    How strange that Nichii spent over $2.5 million buying a puppy mill. No wonder Sunset Hills was not open to the public. Smoke and Mirrors once again – it all looked great on the website and the ALA were more than happy to endorse Sunset Hills and their breeding practices/standards but when the truth was told – it was no better than the horrid conditions you see at other Puppy Mills.

  15. Jenz says:

    It Says a lot for the LAA (Labradoodle Association of Australia) doesn’t it !!!
    They endorsed the breeding practices of Sunset Hills for all those years.

    • anonymous2 says:

      Sunsethills and Cloudcatcher Labradoodle puppy farms are not members of the Labradoodle Association. they are not on their website as recommended breeders.

      • Sad Owner says:

        The LAA was actually defunct only a few years ago and got reinvented as ALA by, among others, the parties discussed in this forum. Another (reputable) doodle breeder I know refuses to be party to ALA membership on the grounds that eligibility is only via recommendation from another member which can only be gained by purchasing a breeding animal. Furthermore the ALA board reads like a who’s who of doodle breeders in Aus ….. conflict of interests?

      • Hi Sad Owner, trying to contact you, please check email or leave a comment marked not for publication

    • ralsy says:

      Hi Jenz, Melinda Radus, Ex owner of Sunset Hills Labradoodles was actually the Pure Breed Coordinator of the LAA in 2009 at the time of our official complaint against her. She was then removed, sold the business and now breeds Bengal cats.

      • I do not make any recommendations, the best advise is that you see the whole litter with the mother and look close to home if possible so you can visit more than once.
        If you have allergies, poodles, schnauzers and other non shedding breeds may well be a safer choice and there are many rescues waiting for a home who could be a wonderful companion for life.

  16. Jane says:

    I think anonymous knows that Melinda has started breeding again as Adelhills Labradoodles as an ALA breeder in competition with Nichii Gakkan. That could be why they will now spill the beans on her puppy farm. Every word said is true, Sunset Hills was just a hell hole, pity the poor dogs.

  17. Jenz says:

    Adelhills is now an addition to the old Sunset Hills and so the cycle continues.
    I wonder why Nichii thinks of Melinda going into direct competition with them after they have bought her out.
    Doesn’t Melinda’s Mother breed in the US? I wonder what the standards are like there????

  18. Callie says:

    SHAME on you Melinda Radus – for taking advantage of the dogs and disrespecting them and their needs and
    SHAME on the ALA (Australian Labradoodle Association) for condoning and supporting Sunset Hills and their breeding practices

    I have become aware that The Epileptic Stud dog (Valley View Teddy Bear) was knowingly sold by you Melinda to a breeder who you knew did not de-sex their puppies – he was sold for money when you KNEW he would continue to breed epileptic progeny which would be sold with the ability to continue to produce Epileptic Bloodlines. YOU could have stopped this from happening but you chose the money.

    • Jaspi says:

      How could Melinda Radus be the pure breed coordinator of the ALA while she was breeding pups of a known Epileptic bloodline (Valley View Teddy Bear) for years?
      No wonder decent AL breeders left the ALA, as they had a conscience!

  19. ellie says:

    Was Valley View Teddy Bear sold to the UK?

  20. alison says:

    new thread on Doodlezoo is good reading regarding the other ‘doodle association ALFA…is there any association that actually upholds its own regulations and holds its members to account…, i am very disheartened

  21. Concerned says:

    Valley View Teddy Bear fathered several epileptic dogs and was sold in Australia, his daughter Sunset Hills Lace Teddy is the dam of an epileptic pup and is STILL a breeding bitch at Lomond Hills Labradors and Labradoodles in Scotland. What bit of EPILEPSY IS A GENETIC DISEASE don’t they understand

    Unbelievable that these dogs could still be producing puppies for buyers prepared to pay silly sums of money for mutts from puppy farm stock..

    Disheartened doesn’t even start to describe how many of us scammed by Rutland Manor and Tegan Park feel.

    • alison says:

      dont worry, had my own run-in with Beverley and Warragul Boarding Kennels as it was known… disheartened is a bare minimum of what i feel regarding her…

    • Jaspi says:

      I ended up with an epileptic pup from Sunset Hills Lace Teddy. Does anybody know HOW I could make contact with other owners of the same litter 8 in total, born 28/05/08? I know one pup was sold to Hong Kong.
      What amazes me is why on earth Lomondhills Labradoodles would buy and breed with a damn of known epileptic bloodline? I informed Lomondhills of the issue with my dog. First she seemed surprised and 2 days later she was suddenly aware of the Epilepsy issue in her breeding dog and continuous to breed. Where are ethics getting when all that matters is money to some people?

  22. alison2 says:

    I agree sunset hills has had a wonderful makeover. The new fencing is great.Keep up the good work.

    • anonymous2 says:

      I bet a makeover to produce more and more puppies, the council and RSPCA should be ashamed they are not doing anything about this farm!

  23. I bought a labradoodle pup from Lomondhills Labradoodles about three weeks ago. Not from the dam with the epileptic bloodline. The mother was “Sunsethills Chokola'”j and the father “Sunsethills Masterpiece”. We saw the mother with the pups but were give a story that the father had become sterile and was re-homed. The story of the Sunsethills dam with the epileptic bloodline “Lacy” who is still listed on the website at present is a concern for me. We considered the breeders to be sound and they appeared to have a good reputation. The facilities when we visited the pup at 5 weeks and collected at 11 weeks looked very good. Our dog is now almost 15 weeks and she is making good progress – it is evident to us that she has been well socialised. Ha anyone who bought a dog fro Lomondhills Labradoodles had any problems with their dog?

    • anonymous2 says:

      Sunsethills Masterpeice is a sterile dog!

    • George says:

      My pup has had various problems, fitting, ear/kidney infections etc. Also Sunsets Masterpiece is indeed sterile and was sold on but pups have been advertised stating him as the sire??? It is impossible to know who really is the sire but certainly not Masterpiece – must be making a fortune at Lomond Hills (up to £2k per pup) as seems like a breeding farm. Also they stipulate a dog of theirs can’t be sold on without their knowledge. Can they hold anyone to this? What’s it to do with them once you’ve bought the dog!

      • Jaspi says:

        George by”fitting” do you mean seizures? If so how many has your pup had so far? Are they focal/ partial seizures or Grand Mals? At what age did they start?

  24. Jaspi says:

    I bought a pup from Sunsethills in 2008, who started seizures from 16 months onwards. He was fine before that. His Mom Lacey was sold to Lomondhills straight after his litter. When I emailed Lomandhills the owner was very stressed and concerned at first, but then emailed me again saying that she “forgot” and her son reminded her, that Lacey’s father had a seizure. I replied “not just A seizure, but Epilepsy” and his DNA is on the Genetic Database in Melbourne as an Epileptic dog. I have since provided them with my dogs DNA as well for research purposes.
    What I don’t understand is, if Lomondhills realy knew WHY on earth would you buy a dog of known Epileptic bloodline and continue breeding???? Beyond me!

  25. Sad Owner says:

    I have the entire list of email addresses for Family Care Home “owners” from Sunset Hills if anyone is interested? If anyone here is looking to take legal action against Sunset Hills or are already attempting to have their FCH contract negated I’d be keen to hear from you.

    • alison2 says:

      yes sad owner i would love to have copy of home care owner email address as we have been fighting council for 7 yrs and melinda has lied so much to next door to this property we are listed as complainers but with this web site there eyes are opening.thanking you sad owner alison 2

    • Jaspi says:

      How can I contact you Sad Owner? We are not suppose to show our emails on this web site, are we?

    • Sad Owner has now shared their information with this site.

      Thank you for your courage. Keep the faith, these dogs must have a secure future


  26. alison2 says:

    did you know melinda now breeds bengal cats .are they going to be treated the same way .

  27. Victoria Tan says:

    Hi Folks I live in Singapore and my Sunset Hills labradoodle arrived in sep 2010 at 12+weeks. He arrived dirty, with an ear infection and with the wrong microchip number. He was not socialised or toilet trained. I noticed he has a unexplainable (from several vets) and involuntary tremor in his hind legs but is otherwise healthy. Sunset Hills stopped corresponding with me once they received payment. I had believed in Australia there are rules against proliferation of puppy mills and I was assured by the proprietors of Dogtainers Adelaide who are dog judges that Sunset hills is a top echelon reputable breeder. I am shocked! How can I help to inform others of my stupidity?

  28. I think you have just informed the world Victoria! Thank you, you weren’t stupid at all, you were conned by some very slick operators. Buying puppies over the internet is not the way to get a puppy from a reputable breeder.
    Who are the parents of your Sunset Hills labradoodle?.At least he is generally healthy.

  29. Jaspi says:

    You could do an official complaint with the Australian Labradoodle Association. Look at there web site. It took us a few months of patience and lots of emails, but our complaint against Melinda Radus back in 2010 was fairly successful. She was forced to de sex the last pup from the Epileptic bloodline, known to her for many years. Without our complaint this vicious circle might have not have ended, resulting in more poor pups suffering from this horrible disease.

  30. Kath says:

    I have two lovely family care dogs from Sunset Hills. Both are lovely in nature, fit healthy and my best friends. Since the buisness changed hands, there has been a improvement in the facilities. The staff have been friendly and supportive and I have always been able to visit when the girls have had their litters. I am very sorry that other people are upset, but I am VERY glad I have had the opportunity to fall in love with this special breed of dog.

  31. alison2 says:

    i would like my email address given to sad owner .i also have names of 1oo of melindas breeding dogs would love to match them with owners.thanking you alison2

  32. Sad Owner says:

    Hello again everyone.
    I hope the information I’ve provided regards contact details will prove useful. Thank you UL for the contact details for alison2, you’re welcome to the information I gave to UL but for now I’m not looking to gain any further ammunition. Also thank you for your support and encouragement Jaspi, congratulations on a great result, if only more people were strong enough and determined to make a difference. My personal situation and concerns are not quite as serious as epilepsy although I have experienced incompetent and IMO unethical practices by SSH.

    My most recent correspondence to SSH made my intentions quite clear. In the event they wish to involve lawyers then I encourage everyone with similar concerns regarding their contract to band together, one voice.

    • Hilary Courey says:

      I am very happy to rely to this slander of Melinda Radus, When I first applied to get a puppy from Melinda, my husband and I had to go through a screening process which took time which allowed her to get to know us. She wanted to be sure that the puppy would get a good home. I have two dogs from Melinda, Cara (med) who will be six years old on the 18th of November and Opal (mini) who will be five on the 10th of November, both of these dogs were in the family program, during the years I dealt with Melinda everything was about the dosgs well fare, neither of my dogs had puppies untill their second heat, and Cara who had her last lot of puppies in June this year only had four litters. Opal who had her last set of puppies in June this year only had three litters. During the years that I dealt with Sunset Hills Melinda made upgrades to the property and always took great care of the dogs in her care, she even went so far as to have a barbcue every year with an invite to the owner and for the dogs to come as well, this was so she could see and be sure they were all well. I don’t know who started this but I will tell you this much someone has aquired my personal information illegally and if I find out who has breeched my privacy I will sue.
      I have been thinking over the last almost six years and my association with Melinda and what took place was this. When I first got Cara, Melinda told me that she would not breed off Cara until she was at least a year old as she had to go through tests to make sure she reach certain standards. One of the test was that she had to see a ophthalmologist (this was due to the fact the labador’s had eye problems) I know this was carried out as Melinda didn’t have time to take Cara and so she asked me to take her, which I did.
      Also shortly after that I had to take Cara up to her place to go to the Vet to check out for this other test to make sure she met these standards so she could have puppies. I went to the vets when she took Cara to have this other test (While she was there the Vet gave her her bill and I saw it, it was for over $8,000.00). Opal had to go through the same test before she was able to have puppies and again she was over a year old. I am an accountant, and I know that when all the puppies were born they had them DNA tested that is not cheap, and like any of who works, or are in business, no matter how much we may love what we do, we do expect that we willl gain some return for what we do, whether in wages or profit. I know that Melinda spent alot of time taking care of the dogs, and that is why she decided to sell her business, she has four children and they needed her attention and at times I am sure they probably missed out because she was delivering the puppies or taking car of the dogs. I know from experience what it is like when you have young children and you are runing a bussiness, some times it can pull you away from taking care of your family.
      I know of other families and their experience has been the same as mine.
      I believe that an old employee of the current company or possibily one of the carer home of whom I know Melinda had to take back a dog from, obiviouly, have spread lies that are unfounded.
      One more thing my dogs are in good health and are part of my family and also know of others who have been through this program and feel as I do. As to the new owners, I finished my contract that I signed with Melinda, this year with the new owners and they honoured that contract to the letter and during the time my girls where there I visited them and they were cared for as well as they were when Melinda was there. As to the barking some one mentioned I ave been there many times and stay for quite a while and there was not alot of barking going on escept for my two dogs who wanted my attention. Also I might add, yes sometimes there may have been more that twenty dogs there but only because Melinda took care of my dogs if I went away on vacation, so again you are wrong they were not all there to have puppies as you suggest.
      This Ubique Larkhill, I would bet is not their real name, and I would also suggest that who ever you are are just looking for attention.

      • Elena says:

        Hello everyone

        I’ve just discovered this conversation as I’m an Adelaide resident and I’m looking to adopt a labradoodle. The research I’ve done indicates their characteristics will fit into my own and I require an allergy free dog.

        Of course when you google labradoodle and Adelaide Sunset Hills comes up. I’ve put in some enquiries there but would not want to support a breeder who abuses their animals in any way.

        So my question is: how do you find a labradoodle in Australia which has been bred by a reputable breeder? And do any labradoodle owners have any suggestions.

        Many Thanks

      • jaspi says:

        You can do your own online research in different dog forums, websites and groups.
        TAMARUKE and TALLAI Labradoodles have one of the best reputations. The owner of Tamaruke is highly respected as being honest and devoted to ethical breeding standards.

      • Fiona says:

        Jaspi, am heartened to see you recommend Tallai – I am considering a pup from Tallai.
        Anyone else – Are there any issues with this breeder I should be aware of? (Ran screaming from Tasmanian Labradoodles once i did some research. By the way they also like deleting negative comments from their Facebook page.) Thanks.

  33. alison says:

    Have you been allergy tested? Do you know what part of a dog you are allergic to? Dander, hair saliva etc..? Until you know this, you wont know whether any dog will work for you… Even knowing this, your specific allergy may still be set off by a supposed allegy friendly type of dog, your allergy may be triggered by one puppy from a litter but not another puppy in the same litter or from the same breeder. Quite often the allergy triggers are very specific
    What ever you do, do not get a puppy or dog without visiting the the breeder/owner in person before you decide… if it is a puppy ask to see the mother and if posssible the father, ask to see actual health testing results that have been done, and what diseases/syndromes should be looked at in the breed you are looking at. The fact you are fter a low allergy variety of dog, comes after all the normal things you should do when looking for a dog from a breeder/owner.
    best wishes in your search

  34. Jazz says:

    The Epilepsy would be well and truly through the bloodlines of sunsetHills and many ALA breeders breeding programs – it is well docuemted that there are many cases of Epilepsy in breeding dogs of not only SunsetHills but many ALA (Australian Labradoodle Association) members/breeders. One of the main culprits of producing Epilepsy (Teddy Bear) was used extensively for breeding/stud purposes – many of the progeny were sold as breeding puppies/dogs throughout the world and Australia – then to complete the exercise Teddy Bear was sold to a breeder who Melinda knew did NOT early spey (de-sex) the puppies. This means he was free to continue to breed Epileptic puppies who could breed on. The crime here is that Melinda/Sunsethills were aware of the Epilepsy as were the ALA – but they failed to do the Ethical thing and ensure they de-sexed all/any relatives of Teddy Bear – his progeny are still in the SunsetHills breeding program and ALA members Breeding programs to this day. This could have been stopped BUT it wasn’t. Where did Teddy Bear come from – he was purchsed from Valley View kennels – well recognised for low standards and producing Epilepsy.
    Does this sound like a breeding program or an Association that promotes and conducts their mission of “Bettering the Labradoodle Breed” !!!! Now SunsetHills is being operated by inexperienced breeders (Nichii Gakann) – well intentioned perhaps but inexperienced !!!

  35. LizzieScotland says:

    We bought a lovely Labradoodle from Lomondhills – we saw the mother but not the father. She developed a limp and we are a little concerned about her hip. We’re going to get her checked out fully by our vet. I now wish we had insisted on seeing where the dogs were kept. Everything seemed great but with so much publicity about puppy farms, we would just be devastated if we had bought from one.

  36. k9kleo says:

    omg,cant believe what im readiing about lomondhills kennels ? i bought a labrador there last year and i found the breeder the complete opposite to what has been said. my lab is perfect and found no faults with the breeder?

  37. Doodle lover says:

    I have now bought 2 beautiful healthy labradoodles from Lomondhills and seen both parents. I found the breeders to be excellent dog lovers and were very helpful both during and after the sale! I didn’t see where the dogs were kept but a full litter of healthy pups gave me no reason to be concerned.

  38. Jeremy says:

    We bought our dog from sunset hill. Our dog Wally is now 5 and has all ways been of good health. His parents were river and Cooper he was born aug 2007. Does anyone know the history of his parents. Wally’s brother is named fudge. Don’t have anything bad to say about them but we did find as soon as we paid the money it was like they packed up shop and wouldn’t reply to calls, emails etc.

  39. Me says:

    Yes that is Wallys brother, his parents names were Cooper River and romeo and was born on the 4th August 2007, we checked his papers. He is a beautiful dog, very gentle, kind and loving. We havent had any problems with him. I did meet a lady in SA on a labradoodle forum that owned his Brother and his name was Fudge but i lost touch with her.I remember at the time of choosing wally we did enquire about Horatio because he was the darkest out of the litter but melinda mentioned that she was keeping him, I believe she did for a period of time.. Its a shame to see all the negative comments, we certianly havent had any problems with Wally. We have many people comment how lovely he is 😉

  40. I’m sure he is and I am glad to hear it.
    Sunset Hills Copper River born March 2004 was bred back to back, twice a year, all the time Melinda had her.
    1st litter July 2005
    2nd litter January 2006
    3rd litter August 2006
    4th litter April 2007
    5th litter August 2007
    6th litter February 2008

    from then it gets hazy but I hear she had at least one more litter a 7th in August 2008.
    Sunset Hills Copper River wasn’t a dog, she was a wallet that opened twice a year for the Puppy Farmer, however much it hurt. Was she rehomed or did all those litters cause multiple mammary tumours as is so often the case?

    I’m not surprised Melinda didn’t reply to emails, she didn’t want to be found out.

  41. How many Litters? says:

    Nichii Gakkan – are breeding their females for FIVE (5) Litters each under the guardian program. This is puppy milling – on a very grand scale. They have retained almost every puppy born (except Black) since they took over ownership of Cloudcatcher and SunsetHills – now they are breeding five (5) litters from each female. This is not a “selective” professional breeding program this is producing on mass as many puppies as they are able to “Pump” out of their females. To the guardian it may apprear that the dogs is loved and cared for in their home – to Nichii it means they are able to wipe their hands of the responsibility of caring for the female and still breed her extensively. Combine this with the fact that we already have evidence to prove that Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher have manufactured pedigrees (for puppies they brought fro Pet Shops and Puppy Mills) and have some serious Health Issues in their bloodlines and we can clearly see that Nichii Gakkan are producing a massive amount of puppies which are nothing but Puppy Milled “Mutts” with a high risk of Health Issues – this is NOT a professional Breeding program but due to their ability to promote themselves to the public in such a favorable light they are able to mislead the public easily – masquerading as a Professional Breeding facility. The public need to be made aware of the fact that this is happening = what they are buying is NOT what they expect to have as a family companion. The staff keep the Nichii Breeding facilities looking fabulous – the guardians get a free dog to love – this give Nichii the green light to mass produce under the radar.

  42. Doodles are us says:

    I have two fabulous lomondhills labradoodles who are 5 and 4.5 respectively. No health problems whatsoever and couldn’t be happier with them. Fab nature’s, wonderful personalities and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again from them. All facilities are clean and comfortable, both now and at prior address and there is a genuine adoration and appreciation of all their dogs. I feel there are a few axes being ground out on this forum and although this appears,on the whole, to be directed at, ‘Melinda’, it seems a tad too personal for my liking. Bottom line is money and dog breeding is their job…..get over it!!!!

    • Jaspi says:

      If money is the main concern for a breeder, then Ethics are thrown out the window. Resulting in dogs suffering from diseases and illnesses, that could have been avoided.
      Breed with love and concern for the animal and you have a well respected breeder earning money well deserved.

  43. Ubique Larkhill says:

    Sadly not all have been so lucky

  44. eddid Carroll says:

    Just as a follow up to a previous post of mine. We bought a labradoodle from Lomandhills in June 2011. She is now 15 months old and is a fabulous dog. No health Problems, great temperament. well socialised and very easy to train. The breeders have been on hand to help out with any questions we have had over the past year or so. Our experience has been very positive but I appreciate that this might not be the case for all users of this forum.

  45. Justin says:

    well said Jaspi – !!

  46. Justin says:

    How can a breeder who professes to tbe Ethical house app 82 Breeding dogs onsite and offer them the interaction and love they need? How can a breeder claim to be ethical and yet ship entire litters on-mass to Singapore where they are distributed via a wholesaler to Singapore Pet Shops for an unknow fate?? This breeder – located in Tasmania – seems to have a total disregard for the wellbeing of the animals in their care. They hide behind a glossy website. When breeding animals -we have an obligation (and should have the WANT) to consider the animals’ Health and wellbing BEFORE we consider the income we may/maynot generate from that animal. It takes sacrifice on the Breeder’s part – to ensure that the animals under their care – have their emotional wellbing catered for – Dogs cannot and should not be left kennelled or tiedup for days on end. They need the love and interaction of humans. As breeders – they should consider ONLY the dogs first and foresmost – not the income. Each dog/puppy is an individual. It does not matter how mayny dogs you have or puppies you produce they are ALL individuals. As a breeder YOU produced that puppy and it arrives into this world with needs. The more puppies produced the higher the workload – if the breeding program is conducted professionally. BUT people mass produce and disregard their obligations to the animals they breed. It Is not and should not be ONLY about the money – a good breeder will make the financial sacrifice to FIRST consider the needs of the dogs under their care – to cater for this. Health testing, accommodation, care and husbandry will take a great deal of effort, cost and sacrifice. Puppy Mills simply MASS produce, grow the puppies to a saleable age and then ship them out to God Knows Where !!!! THAT is why so many puppies end up in shelters or neglected. People see a cute puppy in a Pet Shop and fall in love. Buying a puppy should NOT be an emotional purchase – it needs to be considered, researched and the realisation that being a dog owner takes work and commitment. The love and devotion you recieve from your dog will be returned to you tenfold. Puppies are NOT commodities.

  47. jaspi says:

    Well said Justin !!!!!

  48. Jim says:

    UL, is there a problem with lomondhills ? Can you email me please.

  49. check your spam/junk mail, email sent again

    • Jim says:

      UL , do you have anymore info on Lomondhills any new concerns ?

      • I know very little about them apart from what was put here by contributors, they are a licensed breeder producing registered labrador puppies and labradoodle puppies that appears on a site listing uk commercial breeders
        C G McKinney, Lomondhills Labradoodles and Labradors Percy Baldinnie Farm, Ceres, KY15 5LD
        Licence for 20 breeding bitches and 17 litters per annum
        Its a shame that they bought a bitch and bred her although apparently knowing she had produced epilepsy and her sire was epileptic. I guess they thought they would get away with it.
        Its a working farm, just google Percy Baldinnie for pictures.
        Anyone buying should ensure they see the litter with the dam and have copies of the parents’ health tests and a full pedigree.

  50. Spider1967 says:

    Hello, our family have visited Lomondhills and are seriously considering buying a labradoodle puppy from them. We were very impressed with the breeder, her husband and all the dogs and their conditons . We had no cause for concern at all until I read this blog….. Please can someone email me about the specific concerns in relation to Lomondhills and their dogs. I would hate to make a mistake here ..

  51. Eddie Carroll says:

    I bought a labradoodle puppy from Lomandhill. She will be two years ond in April. She is a wonderful dog. Healthy and a great nature. We were happy to buy from Lomadhills and they were very helpful with advice when we telephoned them. On our recomendation a friend of ours bought a puppy in July 2012. He is extremely happy with his puppy. I have to say that we have been delighted with our dog. we have had no health problems, the dog is great in the house and wonderful with children. We would not hesitate to buy another. I would be quite happy to let you meet my dog if you didn’t live to far from me, if you were worried about buying a labradoodle from Lomandhills – you then see and can make your own judgement. I want to stress that I have no connection whatsoever with Lomanhill apart from buying the puppy there.

  52. Jim says:

    Spider1967, I bought a doodle from Lomondhills 2 years ago, I also house one of their doodles under the home care scheme (pebbles on the website) I just dropped Pebbles off today as she is expecting pups. I like you was worried when I saw the posts on this site after I bought my first dog from them, can I just reassure you that both dogs are fit and healthy very sociable and have had no issues whatsoever with them, the breeders have been extremely helpful in every aspect , I will back up what Eddie Carroll has said on this site, I understand people being anxious, I have spoken to Brenda at lomondhills at length and have no issues or reservations. They have a great set up and care deeply for their dogs they have always been there with advice and help as and when needed, again I would recommend buying from them and your more than welcome to visit my doodle if you are near enough to travel. Get your doodle you will not regret it !

    • lablover says:

      Sorry but judging by how theyre breeding their labradors this isnt a good place to get a dog. Dog breeeding should never be about profits and the very fact they feel the need to have a business development manager just proves this isnt done with the dogs best interests at heart.

      • Eddie Carroll says:

        Lablover – I think that is is a very unfair comment to make considering you have had no dealings with this breeder. Business development managers are a normal part of business – businesses needs to pay the bills and balance the books. Whether you like it or not – dog breeders are a business and as such it would be irresponsible of them not to plan for the development of their business. Making statements about the dogs best interests when (as far as I’m aware) you know nothing about the breeder is not fair. By all means investigate the breeder and make educated comments based on what you find but wild unsubstantiated statements and allegations only undermine the reputation of this site and the posts on it. Lets stick to the facts – if you have any then by all means post them up!

  53. Eddie, how are you in the position to know that Lablover doesn’t have relevant information? UL

    • Eddie Carroll says:

      Look at the last sentence of my post. Lablovers previous post does not contain any facts regarding his assertion that having a business development manager means that things are not done in the dogs best interests. I can’t possibly know if he does or does not have facts hence the part of the sentence which says “if you have any (facts) then by all means post them up”. I didn’t say I was in a position to be in knowledge of what Lablover knows I simply asked that if he has facts to back up his statement then by all means post them so we can all make a judgement.

    • Ubique Larkhill, could you please email me about Lomond Hills. I am seriously considering buying a puppy there but I am well worried now I have read this thread. I am very much against breeding dogs who will ultimately suffer. If it wasn’t for my allergies and two cats I would just rescue a dog. However, I met someone who said their puppy was from Lomond Hills and that it was perfect but I am worried about the epilepsy. Actually, if I am honest I am not into pedigrees and pure-breeds and I think the Kennel Club people and Crufts are just plain cruel. Just look the designer dogs and the breeds who can barely function due to being bred to the point of deformity. I’d just love to rescue a mongrel pup but I’d probably suffocate 😦 my doctor said I should give my cats away but I refused (FYI I wasn’t allergic to any animals for most of my life hence I have cats, it just kinda developed after a prolonged illness) so annoying. Hence I am now looking for a low shedding dog. It’s the hair that kills me not the salivia and my vet suggested a doodle for me.

      • Fiona says:

        I went through a similar thought process a few months ago when I was considering a Doodle. Also have allergies and asthma, and just hate hair in the carpet. So many questions about breeder ethics and no real way to be sure. I ended up getting a Miniature Poodle from a very small breeder that I met at home with pups and Mum and older sis – five months old now and she’s so wonderful. By the way Poodles are also often cheaper, but that was not one my priorities. And I don’t bother getting her professionally clipped, so easy to do a basic cut yourself. Good luck with your adoption. 🙂

      • Very helpful from Fiona.Thank you.
        To learn more about Labradoodles in the UK there is a registered charity called the Labradoodle Trust with a help number on the website for you to ring . They have an article on their website entitled The Allergy Myth which would be worth reading as well. Maybe print it out for your vet?

      • ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300) says:

        I am a home carer for Culdie, owned by Lomondhills. I too suffer from allergies. Culdie does not shed and the only “reaction” I have experienced is pure utter love and joy towards my lovely dog.I decided to contact them since I wanted a dog that would have no long term congenital abnormalities and a dog with a temperament that would cope with children and large crowds. I take my dog to a busy church with children and adults! I adore Culdie and she adores Brenda at Lomondhills.The “home care” system means that the breeders have a “large genetic pool” to avoid the genetic inbreeding. Check out the Lomondhill’s website and you will see that many dogs live in family homes and only visit the breeder for holidays or mating. I do not get paid for doing this but instead I paid less for the dog initially. I am afraid this blog is misleading as many of us can testify to being delighted with our lovely dogs. I am furious that folk who have never visited any of us or the breeder can comment.

      • Number Cruncher says:

        @ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300)

        This arrangement benefits the breeder, because they can breed more puppies with limited space and do not have the cost of caring for the bitch between litters. To quote the Lomond Hills website, “The benefits that this programme offers to our dogs are the reason why we do it…they have a loving home to live in, where they can enjoy having a family all to themselves! It also means that our dogs never need to be re-homed which can be stressful, since we sign over full ownership once she has had all of her puppies.”.

        No mention is made about the dog’s stress of being taken away from her loving home, only a few days prior to giving birth.

        Are you really happy for this to happen to Culdie? Do you not think that this will be extremely stressful for her at this time? How would you feel if complications set in during while giving birth? You say that you’re “furious that furious that folk who have never visited any of us or the breeder can comment”, but there are many who will be equally upset by this situation and your acceptance of this to save money.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300)

        Annice, I too have to admit to being rather taken aback at the level of acceptance you have with “part ownership” of a dog that only gets recalled to fulfill it’s breeding quota for the sole benefit of it’s breeder !?!
        This is a breeder operating a series of Guardian Homes where the breeder is not the person who loves, own, cares for, plays with and even understands the bitches they breed from !! 😦
        It means they can own as many bitches as they like with little outlay and then profit fully from their “crop” !
        These bitches have to go back to the breeder to be mated (over the course of several days) and then summons back from whelping. Do you really understand the stresses and strains and anxieties your beloved dog could be going through giving birth away from Your loving environment ?
        Gene-pool my ar@e ….there are enough good, honest, open and ethical breeders out there to ensure a sufficient gene-pool, why would one breeder feel the need to maintain it ? …..Money !

        You mention you got a good “deal” to take in Culdie, do you also gain from the selling price of the litter ? I doubt it. If the breeder only has 4 litters (one litter per year) then at a guessed 5 puppies per litter and lets pick a price out of the sky of £500 per puppy then the breeder stands to take £10,000 from that bitch……..that I think is why you got a good deal from them ! If you gave a dam about the gene-pool and helping this breeder out then why are You not the one breeding Culdie ? You are there purely to line someone else’s pocket…wake-up and smell the coffee !!!

        Food for thought…..what if Culdie went off to whelp and there were complications ? What if she did not make it and you were not there to be with her ???

        As an aside, surely it is better to retire and rehome a bitch once than recall her and whelp her 4 or 5 times ?

        Ban Guardian Homes alongside Puppy Farms !

  54. Jim says:

    Well said Eddie! I agree with you, I find it incredible that lablover can make assumptions on a breeder that they have had no dealings with, I think it is important for the credibility of this site that accusations are only allowed to be posted with proof of said accusations, if this does not happen then innocent people have their name tarnished and the credibility of the site is lost,
    I am at a loss to understand why having a business development manager equates to the welfare of the dogs not being looked after !

  55. Alastair McKinney says:

    Hello all – my name is Alastair McKinney and I believe I am the “Business Developer” at Lomond Hills Labradors and Australian Labradoodles that ‘lablover’ appears to be referring to. My parents, Grahame and Brenda McKinney are the breeders/owners of Lomond Hills and I am NOT a paid employee! Lomond Hills does NOT “feel the need to employ a business development manager” as ‘lablover’ stated, I am simply supporting the family business. I look after the ongoing development of the business side of the breeding programme for a few reasons:

    1. I love dogs and have a particularly soft spot for Labradors and Australian Labradoodles (not that I am biased!).
    2. Lomond Hills is a family run breeding programme and as a committed member of the family, I support the business in any way that I can.
    3. I am a final year Business Studies student at the University of Edinburgh and therefore this is where my skills and abilities lie.

    For us, our Labradors and Australian Labradoodles are a way of life. Neither of my parents have any form of employment beyond Lomond Hills and as a family, we are absolutely committed and devoted to both our own dogs, and those dogs that we have produced. This is not a 9 – 5 task, we are usually woken up in the morning by big wet licks and when we sit by the fire in the evening, we have canine company on our laps within ten seconds of sitting down! If we didn’t love it, we simply couldn’t do it.

    As I said, this is our only form of income and therefore, our breeding programme needs to be self sufficient. The way that we make our breeding programme sustainable is very simple. We do absolutely everything to the highest possible standard and provide support to our customers throughout the entire life of their Lomond Hills dog. As a result of this, we have built an excellent reputation and the vast majority of our sales are now either repeats or referrals. For us, taking shortcuts and cutting costs to maximise short term profits would be entirely counterproductive. We are in this for the long haul and are not here to ‘make a quick buck’ as many ‘breeders’ seem to think they can. Our excellent reputation is our most valuable asset and we take pride in what we do.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eddie and all of our other customers who have shown support on this forum. It is you who have met us face to face, seen the love we have for our dogs and seen the love that our dogs have for us. You have seen our facilities, you’ve had experience of our ongoing support and more than anything else – you’ve got first hand experience of owning and living with a Lomond Hills dog! We really appreciate your support.

    If anybody has any concerns or questions, we will be pleased to deal with them, by email, on an individual basis. Our email addresses are as follows: OR

    • Stuart Todd says:

      My current lab is two and a half years old. Brodie is a great family member and a credit to lomondhills. Brenda and Graham were great when we got to pick our brodie from them. We actually saw both dam and sire mating which I’m sure was a bit of surprise for both chester and suki lol!!

      We were able to see both parents and we’re given great updates about the litter. Judging from what I read on here you should take with a pinch of salt. Goand visit the breeder….. They were always very accommodating.

      Brodie is of excellent temperament and everyone we meet both walking brodie and also people in the dog fraternity such as agility clubs and other breeders also commented on his bone structure and temperament.

      We have a 8 month old son and brodie has been absolutely fantastic with him.

      In stead of judging a place from word of mouth go and actually see for yourself.

      Stuart lindsey ethan and brodie

  56. ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300) says:

    I am delighted to be a home carer for Lommondhills labradoodles. I have no concern about my dog being with an experienced breeder during the whelping process. I do not gain any money for the puppies. I can visit my beloved Culdie when I wish. She adores visiting the breeder and regards it as her second home. I like this arrangement as I have the support of a caring breeder to give me life long support. I chose to get my dog from Lommondhills since I knew they were not a puppy farm. I am not experienced in delivering puppies and so I am putting her in the safest place possible.
    For the mating, my dog visited on three occasions for less that 20 minutes. She was delighted to visit! I have a wonderful dog and she will have great puppies.
    Forgot to mention that my dog will only have 3 litters. I will miss my dog during whelping but she won’t miss me as she will be too busy with her puppies. I will of course visit. I like the home care system as it does mean that the dogs can be bred in the best way possible. I did not enter into this arrangement blindly. I actually visited Lommondhills and saw how my beloved dog was being raised.

    • Hi Annice, who are Culdie’s parents and what was her date of birth? Do you know what health tests she has had.

      • ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300) says:

        I know both her parents and I have all her health tests. She passed all her tests and they were carried out by a team of independent vets. I have met her parents and the dog owners.

      • Is Culdie’s parentage and date of birth a secret? This is information that good labradoodle breeders have on their site and is automatically given for pedigree dogs. The only reason to hide them is if the breeder has something to hide. Surely not if Lomondhills is not a Puppy Farm?

    • Number Cruncher says:


      Your post and your naivety leaves me astounded.

      “I have no concern about my dog being with an experienced breeder during the whelping process.” – unless of course complications occur in which case I hope you would be concerned.
      “I do not gain any money for the puppies.” – good for you, but I bet the breeder will charge a premium price despite not having the cost of caring for Culdie for the remaining 10 months of the year.
      “She adores visiting the breeder and regards it as her second home.” – you know this because Culdie told you??
      “I like this arrangement as I have the support of a caring breeder to give me life long support.” – any reputable breeder will give lifetime of support whether or not they have a financial interest in the dog.
      “I chose to get my dog from Lommondhills since I knew they were not a puppy farm.” – and yet they breed so many bitches they can’t manage keeping them all on site. They may not keep lots of bitches in filthy kennels, but they operate this scheme to maximise earnings while keeping costs as low as possible.
      “I am not experienced in delivering puppies and so I am putting her in the safest place possible.” – choosing not to breed her, thereby exposing her to unnecessary risks, could be considered even safer
      “For the mating, my dog visited on three occasions for less that 20 minutes. She was delighted to visit!” – Mated to Spencer who is also new to stud duties. I would have thought mating her to a more experienced stud, would have been preferable as, if the tieing had not gone according to plan, both dogs could have become traumatised. The fact that you believe she was delighted to visit, again demonstrates you ability to converse with Culdie
      “I have a wonderful dog and she will have great puppies.” – most dog owners think they have a wonderful dog, you cannot say for sure that her puppies will be great. Perhaps your vanity is clouding your decision.
      “Forgot to mention that my dog will only have 3 litters.” – your compassion for her welfare is heartwarming. I also hope that she is mentally mature enough on her first litter and that you leave at least 12 months between matings.
      “I will miss my dog during whelping but she won’t miss me as she will be too busy with her puppies.” – How on earth do you know this? If you had children, but were prevented from seeing your husband or returning home for 2 months after giving birth would this be OK, because you’d be too busy with your baby?
      “I like the home care system as it does mean that the dogs can be bred in the best way possible.” – No it does not. Remaining within their usual environment, keeping stress levels to a minimum would be far better.
      “I did not enter into this arrangement blindly.” – Really???. Did Lommondhills provide you with all of the information you needed??
      “I actually visited Lommondhills and saw how my beloved dog was being raised.” – Visiting a breeder before collecting a puppy does not make you a saint. All responsible owners getting a puppy from a breeder will visit and meet the puppy’s mum. Ironically, prospective owners of Culdie’s puppies may not get to meet her because she’ll be back with you when the puppies are 6 weeks old!

  57. ANNICE MACLEOD (1218300) says:

    You are right. Good breeders do give out the date of birth of the dog and all the health test results. I have all of these and I took my dog for the tests myself. I was in the lucky position to visit my dog as a puppy and I have met her parents and their owners. I also know their health test and their parents too. Lomondhills have given me all the information I would need. Just out of interest, what kind of dog do you have and where did you get it?

    • Weird that its a secret.
      I live with varied dogs and a number of rescues that stay until they can be rehomed. Like Culdie no parentage that can be known or disclosed. There are really no good reasons not to declare a breeding dog’s parentage unless it is not known or is too closely related or unwise from the point of view of health.

      • Eddie Carroll says:

        I don’t see where this exchange is going! The owner is happy with her dog and with the breeder yet you insist on questioning her as though she was some sort of criminal. Lomandhills is a legitimate breeder of labradoodles with many happy and satisfied customers – can you not simply accept that?

      • Jim says:

        I think you are missing the point here, with what Annice is saying. She says she has all the pedigree and health test details. The health test results are disclosed on the website. Just because Annice doesn’t seem to want to tell you any pedigree information about Culdie, doesn’t mean she doesn’t know. There is no secret! But it really is no-one else’s business.’

    • Number Cruncher says:

      Annice – you say that Lomondhills have given you all the information that you would need. I hope that’s true and not just the information they want you to know. It’s a sad fact that many people are too trusting and take the word of, so called, experts.
      Ubique has raised an interesting question by asking Culdie’s date of birth and the names of her parents. Your reluctance to post this information may be because you’re starting to have doubts as to whether everything is right at Lomond Hills.

  58. Jim says:

    Can I just echo what Annice is saying, I have a Doodle from Lommondhills and the care the dogs get is excellent I also took my dog Pebbles for her health check before breeding I met Brenda from Lommondhills at the vets in Edinburgh and was present through out the examination. My dog is very timid and takes time to interact with people she doesn’t know but when she sees Brenda she is on her knee straight away.

    I have seen the Parents she has had one set of pups and I was allowed to visit as I pleased, I am all for unscrupulous breeders being outed and action taken but you are BARKING up the wrong tree here guys ! Why don’t you ring Lommondhills and arrange a visit see for yourself I am sure Brenda would welcome this !

    • Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

      It reads like a con, paying a 1/4 of the price of the bitch (£450?) and having no ownership of her, just the bills for all the time she is not bred. I could buy a very nice dog with complete health tests for 6 to 800. Admittedly rare breeds cost more but Labradoodles are certainly not rare. Shame-on-Farms / Mills I think you didn’t realise the pups were that price, did you?. Lomondhills will make a minimum of £27000 from Culdie’s planned 3 litters and most of their litters are much bigger than 5. I also noticed that Suzie had a “surprise” ILLEGAL litter, that is another litter JUST SIX MONTHS after her last when the law in the UK including Scotland states that there must be 12 months between litters. At 1800 pounds per pup thats a very nice “surprise” for the breeder, 7 x 1800 = £12600 for this litter born in June and 8 x 1800 = 14400 for the litter born in December, for the mathematicians among you that means Suzie earned £27000 in 6 months for Lomondhills. Considering they say they didnt even know she had mated and was pregnant they knew who the father was straight away! The date of birth and parentage is information that enables a buyer to see what kind of breeder they are considering for their new pup. Witholding it is the sign of a Puppy Farmer. Lomondhills need to operate a policy of full disclosure to correct this impression.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        WOW No I did not realise the prices involved but then if someone stands to take £27,000 from a dog they don’t even house, keep, look after, know, love and care-for then it’s a sad state of affairs (apart than for the breeder !)…..and then they even manage to “sell” her cheaply in the first place to make the Guardian Home at least feel they are being helpful and responsible in the first place !

        Statistically even the worst Puppy Farm can and will produce some lovely puppies that grow to be loved and valued members of someone’s Family………but for every lucky puppy there are going to be a number whose fate is the mirror image 😦

        I have to admit that reading these people’s own personal experiences of this breeder does sound great as they claim to have the perfect pets. It’s just that the breeder has found the perfect hosts too ! If the breeder can sell-off cheap and then reap an extra £27,000 from each dog (more if there are any little untoward “surprise” litters !) then they are laughing to the bank !

        Don’t be a Muppet…..or a Puppet…..don’t be a Guardian Home !

      • Alastair McKinney says:

        I am posting on behalf of Grahame and Brenda, my parents who run the Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodle breeding programme. I would like to address a few issues raised on this forum recently.
        1. We have previously made pedigrees available on our website, but unfortunately we were forced to remove them recently. This was because a number of breeders (whom we would class as ‘puppy farmers’) used our pedigrees to pass off their Labradoodle Origin puppies as Australian Labradoodles from our lineage. All of our puppies are sold with 5 generation pedigrees – not a single puppy has left our premises without a pedigree, and every single customer we have ever sold a puppy to will be able to verify that.
        2. All of our health test results are published on our dogs’ individual profile pages and certificates are available for inspection when prospective customers visit.
        3. Suzie’s most recent litter was absolutely unplanned and nothing more than an accident. We had retired Suzie and were waiting for her to be at the mid-point between seasons (as this is when vets advise that the spaying procedure is carried out) and unfortunately, Jet somehow managed to mate her very early in her season and long before the normal ovulation time (day 8 – 14). We did not know that a mating had occurred at the time. Grahame and Brenda went on holiday (for the first time in 9 years!) and when I was looking after everything, I noticed Suzie was looking a little larger than normal, so I brought her to our vet for a scan, and it turned out she was pregnant. It was far too late for the misalliance jag, so she had to have the litter. This is the first accidental pregnancy we have ever had, but thankfully Suzie took it all in her stride and didn’t as much as bat an eyelid. She is a fantastic mother.
        4. We knew who the father of the puppies was straight away for a number of reasons… 1) when we looked back at the diary and worked out the dates, Jet was the only male who could have feasibly come into contact with Suzie, 2) being knowledgeable breeders, we know our colour genetic inside out and the colour of the puppies confirmed they were Jet’s, 3) we know our dogs and their lineage inside out – if we see a Lomond Hills Australian Labradoodle in the park, we could tell you exactly who the parents are of the top of our heads. Please bear in mind this is what Grahame and Brenda do full time. They live and breathe Australian Labradoodles!
        5. We make every effort to comply with UK legislation – we always have 12 months between litters, and never take more than 4 litters from our girls (3 for Family Care Home girls). Accidents can happen, we are only human, but we do our very best. We are licensed by the council and have been now for over 7 years. We have always been highly commended by the EHO and the accompanying vet on our excellent facilities and the way we run our breeding programme.
        6. It is all very well banding about big numbers by multiplying the number of puppies in a litter by the price we charge for our puppies, but those numbers shrink more than any of you could even imagine when we deduct our expenses! We consider ourselves to be one of the best dog breeders in the UK, full stop. To be that, we have to spend an awful lot of time and money to ensure that every single puppy we breed has the best possible start in life. There is no cheap dog food or cold, wet concrete floors here – again, numerous highly satisfied customers can confirm this.
        I am appalled at the manner in which some individuals on this forum have ‘attacked’ our satisfied customers, and would like to politely request that those individuals refrain from doing so. Some of the comments could only be described as insulting and unfounded. Please remember that our customers have actually visited us, seen our facilities and know the way we do things. We have an excellent reputation which stems purely from the excellent work that we do with our Australian Labradoodles. Again, ask our customers, I assure you they will agree.

      • Well said Alastair! As previously mentioned I have one of Susie’s puppies and believe me just from looking at Jet once I knew he had to be her dad, their faces are identical. Also I have seen quite a few pets with their offspring but I have never seen quite such a contented mother as Susie. She adored her puppies and I got to watch her give them a feed the first time I met my puppy. Just like with humans some people just love being a mummy. She didn’t seem stressed, worn out, exhausted or thin. She looked very healthy and thrilled to be around her puppies. All the times I saw my pup (in video, in photos and in person) she was in a clean warm cosy whelping box cuddled up to her siblings. When we picked her up she just adored Brenda and was all over her for cuddles and showed no fear or anxiety.

        Yes it was an accident but what would you have them do? Get rid of them? Stop the pregnancy? Surely you are not advocating doggy abortions? To my knowledge this is their only ‘surprise litter’ so far.

        I feel it is unfair of everyone to make comments about Lomondhills without having first hand experience. Our pup is now ten weeks and to be honest I am glad the little ‘surprise’ litter happened or else I wouldn’t have the most amazing little puppy ever. She is so well adjusted and so outgoing (she adores kids especially) I just can’t believe she is a product of a bad environment. She wasn’t bothered by the vet at all, no crying in the car, she loves her crate and is generally a confident wee girl (she did get spooked by squeaky pig toy but was over it within a few minutes and chewing on it happily). I have no regrets going to Lomondhills and to be honest if we decide to get a brother for her we will be going back there.

      • I have one of the surprise pups you are referring to. It was an accidental litter but accidents ,even in non breeding homes, do happen (my step mum forgot the girl collie dog at the farm over the way was in heat and accidentally let my step uncle’s lab out who promptly galloped over to her and produced 6 amazing puppies, they were alone for a few seconds but it was enough we all ran as fast as possible after him). My best friend’s mum had an amazing British blue shorthaired kitty who they intended to breed but she did a Houdini one day and got out, the first thing she did was find the biggest ginger tomcat in the neighbourhood and get pregnant before they could get her back in. So they also had a surprise litter (all puppies and kittens went to forever homes who the owners knew very well, we still get visits from the surprise puppies).

        This is the first I heard it was an illegal litter and I will address this to Brenda myself. Brenda is amazing and answered all the questions I had. She has addressed lots of the issues that were raised on this forum.

        Since the moment of my puppies birth I had video and photo updates all the way through her first nine weeks. I got to go meet her weeks before I picked her up. I met her mother and father. I also got to see the other dogs who were all cuddly wonderful well behaved dogs.

        Susie, the mother of my pup, was such a happy dog and she really loved Brenda and was very much a people person. Even the father, and there is no doubt over who the father is, came in and had cuddles with us and he was so polite and well behaved.

        I know other people with doodles from Brenda and they all say they are the most amazing dogs. It was meeting one of these doodles that swung me round.

        I think until you have talked to Brenda, seen the where the puppies are raised and met these doodles you can’t really judge accurately. Also you don’t have the full facts about the conception of my puppy. She has been home now for a week and is a perfectly normal happy puppy. She is so intelligent and well behaved she doesn’t even chase our two cats.

        I think you guys are being pretty judgemental about guardian homes. By your logic that means it’s cruel when my boyfriend’s doggy goes to visit the grand-parents on at their farm for two weeks. His parents are also divorced so it must be bad for the dog that he goes between the two homes regularly (actually Anton the dog just lives in the now and is very loved and happy. All their homes are in the scenic countryside of Germany so he has lots of fun at either house all he is fussed about is that at noon he gets a pig’s ear and a belly rub). All police dogs in the UK come from mums who live in guardian homes, (the police carefully select a dog to breed police dogs from, the mum dog lives in a guardian home, the police pay the vet bills for the breeding dog’s whole life even though she will have only three litters, they supply the family with all the dog food and the guardian family don’t pay a fee to acquire the dog, they also offer a kennel service if the family go away on holiday, families are vetted and selected very carefully.)

        Susie was certainly a happy girl and seemed very trusting of Brenda, so I refuse to believe she is miserable being there away from her family. I also used to baby-sit my uncle’s labs (before my allergies) when he went off on holiday and was thrilled to do so. As long as I provided them with walks, love, food and structure they were fine.

        Also to address the issue someone raised a while back about the hypoallergenic myth. I’m not stupid and I have read a lot about allergies and doodles. I am aware of the risks and that there is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic dog, that is why I went and met many doodles to see if I had a reaction. I am lucky my allergies only flare up when I come in contact with shed fur (hence I am allergic to my mainecoons and even my aunties short haired dogs, I wasn’t allergic to the the curly fleeced doodles).

        Like anyone with allergies I don’t allow the cats and dogs to go near our bedroom. We have pet hair magnets and do regular grooming outside. We also have wipes which remove dander, which we use daily. I also get my bedroom steam cleaned which removes any stray allergens in my room. A doodle was recommended to my by fellow allergy sufferers, my vet and my doctor but obviously I had to see for myself if it would work for me. For me it is all going fine I have had no problems since she has entered our home. I would say to any potential doodle owner to go meet some doodles and see how you react, don’t just assume you will be ok. Brenda didn’t tell me it would all be ok, she laid out the risks in black and white to me.

        Anyway, to anyone considering a doodle I would recommend you meet the breeder, ask lots of questions don’t be shy, don’t go on other people’s opinion alone get evidence first hand. See more than one breeder. It is what a responsible person would do and your not being unreasonable. Feel comfortable before you go ahead. If you are worried talk to Brenda, ask questions, meet the doodles and talk to other doodle owners. I looked at a lot of doodle breeders, even the one Graham Norton got his doodle from, but after meeting Brenda and her dogs I felt it was right for me to get my puppy.

        She has seen the vet, been checked and declared a healthy happy girl and we are a happy family to have her.

      • Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

        I’ve heard all the tired excuses for non disclosure. If you advertised on Champdogs the whole pedigree, date of birth and and checked health tests would be online. There are good reasons for Guardian Homes I believe but the reason for them at Lomondhills could be to do with circumventing the restrictions on their licence (20 bitches) and reducing costs. The £450 would just about pay for the health testing that is done. Lomondhills has no expense involved in these bitches unless they actually whelp!

        I’ve checked the ONLY Lomondhills health tests that ARE checkable, that is for the Lomondhills Labradors. Labradors are also bred in large numbers by the Mckinneys but apparently without Guardian Homes. Some decent and just about acceptable stud dog hip scores, very few elbow scores and one that does not even tally with the KC health test results finder. On the Lomondhills Labrador site Jimjoy Winter Whisper is shown as having a 5/0 hip score but on the KC it is a worrying 3/13. Who has made a mistake, is it the KC or Lomondhill?

      • silva says:

        Who accredits you Alastair McKinney? We accept our US breeders health clearances because they are accepted by the ALAA or are for public view on OFA . I would not buy another puppy without such assurance.

  59. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    “Alastair McKinney says:
    6. It is all very well banding about big numbers by multiplying the number of puppies in a litter by the price we charge for our puppies, but those numbers shrink more than any of you could even imagine when we deduct our expenses!…..”

    I have to say that multiplying the number of puppies in a litter by the price you charge and then by the number of litters produced for that bitch (and then for all the other bitches who come back to whelp) then it does amount I’d say to a very healthy figure and unless you actually pay for all those dogs’ lifetime of food / all vet care / all equipment..bedding, crate, toys, bowls and vaccinations etc etc (as Dominique has stated the Police do) then I would agree that those numbers can shrink. However if the Guardian Home take care of everything themselves then what “expenses” are there for you to deduct ???

    I have to then ask that if you do cover all costs incurred by the Guardian Home… why charge them “such a good deal” fraction of the initial price for their dog in the first place ?
    On the face of it, it does look like you just get to reap an annual harvest .. then all they get is to keep their bitch happily after retirement…why do you not actually own, house, feed, care for, love, play with, understand and know each of these bitches yourself ?
    On the face of it the only gain from a Guardian Home for the breeder is purely financial unless I’m missing something ?

    “Dominique Adams says:
    This is the first I heard it was an illegal litter and I will address this to Brenda myself….”

    It is illegal for a Licensed Breeder to breed back-to-back, either intentionally or by “accident” but you’d be surprised by the number of accidents that happen within the breeding world ! It’s commonplace for a breeder to claim accident though I’d say that any breeder whose situation is that a male dog can get to be with a bitch in season without anyone knowing clearly shows a lack of facilities, a distinct lack of care, as well as a lack of understanding of their breeding stock.
    A bitch is in season for usually 2 to 3 weeks and she will usually show signs of coming into season before the actual season starts (physical and hormonal changes / mood changes) and it will also be highlighted by other bitches living with her too. When the bleeding starts it’s also unlikely that the bitch will be “up for it” straight away either and it’s usually only within the second week that she’ll let a male anywhere near her so a “chance mating” is potentially a rarity and not normally something that takes only seconds to locate and tie either. In other words it’s rare for an “accident” to happen with such an experienced breeder !?!
    I’d also state that not all matings are a calm, relaxed, gentle, demur love-making experience, there are those bitches who can panic and desperately try to spin-off the male and this could cause serious harm to both parties if allowed to mate unsupervised !!!
    But then….all the breeder says is “Ho Hum Sorry !” and it’s all meant to be OK ?

    “I am appalled at the manner in which some individuals on this forum have ‘attacked’ our satisfied customers, and would like to politely request that those individuals refrain from doing so. Some of the comments could only be described as insulting and unfounded. Please remember that our customers have actually visited us, seen our facilities and know the way we do things. We have an excellent reputation which stems purely from the excellent work that we do with our Australian Labradoodles. Again, ask our customers, I assure you they will agree.”

    I have neither “attacked” nor insulted any of your customers though I have asked a few challenging questions of them and of you (though you say you are replying on behalf of your parents who run this business) so perhaps you would be so kind as to provide some more answers ?

    • Dominique says:

      As it has been stated it was an accident, even in the tightest run ships accidents happen. You said it yourself rarity does not equal never.

      FYI dogs have been breeding for hundreds of years without a problem, so supervision isn’t mandatory with all dogs. Human intervention in the natural state of animal reproduction is a recent thing. If dogs needed us there or if natural instincts weren’t that strong then there wouldn’t be so many unwanted puppies.

      In the case of Brogan the lab and Mildred the Collie (accidental mating incident I described in my previous post, Brogan is a pet and Mildred a working sheepdog, when Brogan got out the did take under a minute for it to happen and we’d have been none the wiser had we not chased him down to the farm). We couldn’t believe she could have possibly become pregnant but a vet confirmed that could happen that fast and she was indeed pregnant. So I come from the view point I have seen it happen before.

      You seem to deal in absolutes and when it comes to animals that just isn’t the way it happens. I’ve had a pet rabbit who lived through myxomatosis (truly a rare event) but it happened. My boyfriend’s small dog who was hit by a car was told he’d never live past 6 but now he is 15. My supposedly infertile friend now has a baby girl. I have also seen a 50 ft yachet split in half by a routine lift out the water. Rare one offs happen is all I’m saying.

      You can try as you like to control all variables but it really is impossible. I work in broadcast and believe me shit happens even when you think you’ve got every eventuality covered.

      Also if you know much about dogs you would know that this year in Scotland with the excessively long winter many female dogs were delayed coming into season because of the cold. It threw out many patterns. Even my friend who has an intact female Yorkie was put out of whack by the weather and they thought she just wasn’t going to come on but eventually she did but when they least expected it so that ruined their plans of pairing her with a friend’s stud.

      I firmly believe Brenda that this was just an accidental litter. What more could you have asked of Brenda? Would you advocate giving Susie a doggy abortion? Do you want to drag Brenda through the streets and beat her? I mean I can’t see what else she could have done after the incident occurred. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but doesn’t change the fact Brenda is a human and therefore will make mistakes from time to time.

      Things just happen and you have to get on with it. Nobody is infallible! I think Brenda and Lomondhills should ignore this website and I personally won’t be logging on here anymore. You don’t seem to want to accept answers or testimonials from anyone. You have your opinion firmly stuck in your mind and you haven’t even seen the facilities or met Brenda in person.

      I’m off to enjoy my lovely little doodle and I am glad I didn’t listen to the people on here.

    • Alastair McKinney says:

      This is going to be my last post on this thread, because quite frankly, you have not listened to, or taken on board what I have said previously and I don’t expect that will ever change. I also don’t feel the need to make any further defence – our reputation speaks for itself. We have built an excellent breeding programme over the last 7 years and we have a long list of highly satisfied customers who can and do speak for us every day. A very large portion of our sales are through recommendations – that’s how we know we are doing a great job! It is our dogs and our customers that matter to us most! We are licensed and inspected by the council and accompanying vet every year and we have an excellent independent vet who we work with closely. We do not feel the need to continually answer to the few people on here who are putting two and two together and getting five – you are absolutely “barking up the wrong tree” as Jim so aptly put it.
      Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel – The reason we use Family Care Homes is very clearly outlined on our website. If you would care to read it rather than assuming that it is merely for financial gain, you would come to a rather more accurate conclusion. The primary reasons are as follows: 1) We don’t like having dogs in kennels when there is a better option 2) We need to have a fair number of dogs in our programme to be able to achieve our breeding goals…we are not just here to make puppies, we are here to make a difference, and that involves developing new lines and breeding in a certain direction…to do this successfully, we need many unrelated lines – quite a lot of dogs. Furthermore, as we only outcross and work with very low inbreeding coefficiencies (usually 2/3% as opposed to 30% which is common in many KC recognised breeds), we require to have more dogs in our programme. In short – to achieve our breeding goals, we need to have more dogs in our breeding programme than we have space for in our home, and hence Family Care Homes are the perfect solution. 3) The dogs in our breeding programme have the exclusive attention of a whole family, the best possible situation for them! It is an absolute no-brainer.
      Regarding hip scores…”Decent and just about acceptable hip scores”?! We ONLY breed with dogs who have scores less than 5 points above the breed average. Every single dog we breed with has a better than acceptable score. Judging by what you deem to be an acceptable score, I feel that you somewhat lack the breeding knowledge that we have. If you only breed with dogs with fantastic hip scores, you narrow the gene pool ludicrously and end up with more problems! We look at the big picture, consider every aspect and make a very well educated decision which is in the best interest of the breed as a whole. As regards Winter Whisper’s score, it is indeed 3/13 which we believe is the result of an injury she sustained whilst living with her Family Care Home prior to being hip scored. Therefore, it is not of genetic cause and cannot be passed on to any progeny. The 5/0 score on the website is indeed an error (thank you for pointing this out), which must have been made by our website designer who has now retired. No customer has been misinformed though, as all certificates are available for inspection when they visit us. We are currently working on a new Labrador website which we will have a great deal more control over.
      Shame – on – Farms /Mills – We do house, love, care for and understand our dogs. We have about 8 – 10 dogs living with us, in our home at any given time. We know and have a good relationship with every dog we own. Family Care Home dogs visit regularly and when their carers go on holiday, we have the dog stay with us, in our home whilst they are away. These dogs treat Lomond Hills as their second home – they arrive tails wagging and enjoy their time here playing with all of the other dogs, it is just like a summer holiday camp! Again – please read our website before accusing us of such nonsense.
      Of course we have expenses… it isn’t free to raise puppies just because we don’t have the usual annual expense of looking after the mother! Food, bedding, worming, spot on treatments, spay/neuter, microchipping, fuel and vehicle to take them to the vet, our time looking after the dogs and puppies, our time looking after our customers, advertising, taxes…not to mention the initial investment in breeding stock, which was nothing less than catastrophic! Good breeders have a lot of expenses! Last year, we made a very interesting and somewhat alarming calculation… Mum and Dad work long hours to ensure that we are running our breeding programme to the best of our ability, and given the hours they work, they actually earn less than minimum wage!
      Yes, of course it is illegal to breed back-to-back, but as I have already made clear, this was an accident. It is the ONLY accident we have had in over 7 years, so it is rare as you said. It is illegal, yes, but once the accidental mating has taken place and the bitch starts to show (and you didn’t know anything about it until she started showing), then what exactly would you prefer we do? Drown the puppies at birth???!!! We had to have the litter and sell the puppies, the alternatives are absolutely unthinkable and many, many times worse than having one illegal litter in 7 years. As for the chance mating…as you rightly pointed out, bitches usually don’t ovulate until the second week of their season. Suzie must have ovulated and been caught within the first few days of her season, because she was separated from all males on day 5. There was a very very low risk of this happening, but it did and there was nothing we could do about it. Accidents happen and we are only human, give us a break!
      You HAVE attacked and insulted our customers. They are showing support, and all you do is shout them down as if their opinion is worthless. They are OUR customers and having known and dealt with us for a period of time, their opinions are, to be frank, the only significant or valid opinions on this thread! If you would like to join the cohort of people who are actually qualified to comment on Lomond Hills, I welcome you to stop hiding behind your computer screen, actually disclose your real identity, and come to visit us. We will happily show you around and talk you through everything. Until you do that, I refuse to answer any further questions or pay heed to any of your unqualified comments; it would be an utter waste of my precious time because you would take no notice. After all, we don’t even know who you are…if you really want to expose the puppy farming business, the least you can do is disclose your identity, stand up for what you believe in and back up your comments with evidence. If you do successfully expose a puppy farm and put them out of business, I will take my hat off to you – it is a nasty business and something needs to be done… but by attacking Lomond Hills, a legitimate and fully licensed breeding programme with an excellent reputation and absolutely nothing to hide, you are not going to expose anything, because there is nothing to expose.
      I absolutely hate having to take this tone when writing, it is not in my nature, but you have left me with no choice…you have listened to nothing I have said. If you won’t listen to me, listen to the resounding positive sounds that our customers make every day!

  60. Jenny says:

    I can see that you have several dogs sired by Sunsethills Masterpiece (Picasso)? Did Picasso surprise everyone and recover his fertility? DNA profiling is normal practice for reputable breeders but you don’t see your “surprise” litter being created and don’t spend a little bit of money to prove the parentage. Lomondhills Labradoodles also bought Sunsethills Lace Teddy knowing that she was sired by an epileptic dog Valley View Teddy Bear. Sunsethills Lace Teddy produced a severely epileptic puppy herself from one of her litters for Sunsethills. How many litters did Lomondhills breed from her Alastair and are her puppies in your breeding program? It is also confusing that there are two Lomondhills bitches called Lacey and two of the Lomondhills dogs called Masterpiece. If you have nothing to hide, STOP HIDING IT.

    • Alastair McKinney says:

      As I have already said, I am not going to be posting on this forum again. If anyone has any genuine and justified concerns, they can email us and we will be more than happy to alleviate them .

      • Lablover2 says:

        @ Alastair McKinney
        So your bitches only have 3 litters? Pull the other one! There are KC records proving they are mated from 13 months old all the way up to nearly 8 years old.
        Kayburnie Blue was born 30/12/02 and is one of Lomondhills Labrador Retriever breeding bitches
        5 registered litters for you, some illegal. Were they “surprise” litters?
        05/10/06, 11/07/08, 16/01/09 (6 months later) , 04/01/10, 20/12/10 (10 days before she was 8)
        Your bitch Kayburnie Blue also had Labradoodle puppies and is the dam of your labradoodle stud dog Lomondhills Masterpiece born in 2007. How many litters did she have in total?
        Lutino Lovebird of Gunshadows who is on your website was born 10/05/03. She was bought by you, the McKinneys (along with a job lot of labradors from Jimjoy) after she had already had 3 litters and produced one terrible hipscore of 78.
        She then had 3 more Labrador litters for Lomondhills Labradors. 6 registered litters in all
        09/01/05 15/01/06 for Gunshadows
        19/03/07 for Jimjoy
        15/04/08, 17/03/09, 24/02/10 for Lomondhills.

        I suggest that it would be wise to continue hiding the dates of birth and parentage of your Labradoodles.

  61. The facts speak for themselves.
    😦 Lutino Lovebird was no one’s much loved pet, just a womb passed around for sale. Where is she now, Alastair?

  62. Confused???? says:

    All this is very confusing to me. I just want a happy healthy puppy from a reputable breeder. How do I know who to buy off ? So many breeders seem to be intermingled with their dogs. I have looked into this LAA but really anyone can make up an association and say they are reputable. I have been caught before thinking I bought off a reputable breeder only to discover at an early age our boy had hip displacement and then for him to go on to have other health issues and then passing away at an early age. So who do I buy off? We want a new family member not a dog.

  63. NikNak70 says:

    Wow I just came across this as I have been looking up Labradoodle Breeders in Australia and I came across Sunset Hills which had an unusual website compared to some of the other breeders – by unusual I mean not disclosing breeding details and having poorly worded pages. I have emailed the ALA as I noticed they were not on their breeders list as I didn’t want to buy from ‘puppy farmers’!! I am glad I have read this although now I am even more confused as to which Australian Breeders are recommended . Any help would be appreciated.

    • Peter T says:

      NikNak70 did you get a reply to this? It seems to have been a conversation stopper. I am also looking for a reputable breeder.

      • NikNak70 says:

        Hey Peter no I didn’t but I have since spoken with the ALA and they said Sunset Hills aren’t registered with them but some of the registered breeders with the ALA use Sunset Hills dogs for breeding purposes.
        I have also been to Sunset Hills personally as they were actually recommended several times to me after I had written the above post and I thought I should see for myself rather than just taking everything I read to be true. I found them to be reputable and very caring with their pups and dogs and the facilities were immaculate. I did also visit the breeder MYAMBA who is registered with the ALA and she was lovely and she has miniature pups just born and some medium pups due shortly.
        We have decided to purchase a pup from Sunset Hills which we pick up next week so we are very excited! Not sure if you are in Adelaide as these breeders are if not, check out the ALA website and see which breeders are your state.

        Good Luck 🙂

      • Of course, you will be given the professionally practised best tour, this a very well marketed puppy farm which doesn’t care at all where it exports. In a bout of carelessness it was the Manager of Sunset Hill’s own computer that sent an accolade praising Sunset Hill to my blog pretending to be from a puppy buyer. I wasn’t fooled you shouldn’t be either. Keep looking Peter.

  64. mick says:

    i bought a labradoodle from tasmanian labradoodle she is a small medium cafe..father bailey mother maggie..i have has no problems but a lot of people in hobart have chocolate labradoodles by a dog called tigger that have illnesses and are quite uncontrollable and certainly do not have a placid nature

  65. Carol says:

    How can Nichii Gakkan run

    1) Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodle Puppy Farm. (Permit for 30)

    2) Cloud Catcher Australian Labradoodle Puppy Farm. (Permit for???)

    3) Third facility at 276 Deepfields Road, Catherine Field NSW (Permit for 80)

    Can the journalist of these posts please clarify?

    • Nichii Gakkan run the puppy farms in Australia and Japan the same as any other business . As few staff as possible coupled with high prices ensure profit. I found the Australian manager mostly situated at Cloud Catcher. The staff turn over is high as is normal in puppy farms.

      • Nanny says:

        Can I ask what proof you have and what your actual criteria are for deeming a breeder a puppy farm? Like a lot of people I’m confused as to who is a reputable breeder. By your standards anyone breeding labradoodles is selling a cross breed and is for some reason seen as illegitimate and a rip off. I’m sick of explaining why I want a doodle to people who badger me about rescuing instead. I’ve never surrendered an animal in my life and I take offence that my researching and ultimate decision to find a pup that best suits our family and lifestyle is contributing to the plight of homeless dogs. So do you scrutinise pure bred dog breeders in this way? All breeders make money so that can’t be your yard stick. If studs and bitches live in caring family homes why is that a problem for you. The carers seem happy and the dogs are well looked after and loved…isn’t that the opposite of a puppy farm? If you are allowed to visit anytime and the facilities are clean, well maintained and abundant in all areas of healthy habitat for dogs with staff on hand interacting and caring what’s the problem? Should we assume all breeders are evil scum?

  66. Clare Winskill says:

    Reading the accusations levelled at Lomondhills it is clear that they are written by individuals who are in fact ‘trolls’ on the internet with no experience of breeding dogs or business management/running successful business. Running a successful business is fuelled by a love of what you do. Indeed these ‘troll’ individuals sound to be very jealous indeed of Brenda and Graham’s success at Lomondhills. Just because this wonderful couple is able to make a living from breeding labradors and labradoodles, it does not mean that they are in any way disreputable. We have just taken one of their ex-breeding labrador bitches and one of her puppies. Both dogs are of outstanding quality. We took the puppy to the vet today and the vet was so complimentary of the heath and look/structure of our beautiful puppy. The mother bitch (or ‘girl’ as we and Brenda would prefer to call her) has the sweetest nature and although up until now has never apparently been exclusively a family pet, you would never know. She is undeniably loving and has clearly been treated with a great deal of love, care and attention throughout her life (and only two pregnancies – she is five). Brenda and Graham are knowledgeable and loving towards their dogs and those that come in to their care. We had every faith in them in ordering our puppy. The fact we fell in love with the puppy’s mother as well is testament to the way the way they care for their dogs. Watching Brenda saying a very tender ‘goodbye’ to the mother of our puppy also showed just how much she cares for her dogs. The mother of our puppy is not going to have any more litters and we took her on the understanding that this was the case – for the sake of her well-being. Perhaps the disreputable individuals on this site who have criticised Lomondhills for running a successful establishment for breeding amazing dogs should go and find work – and work as hard as Brenda and Graham – rather than criticising hard working people with a real love of their animals who have made a success out of what they love to do. For those of you looking to buy a dog – contact Brenda and Graham. Not only will you not be disappointed, you will find that your dog is really very special indeed……….

  67. DontBuyFromAnyKindOfFarm says:

    At the end of the day, no matter if the owners are ‘nice’ or have knowledge of the breed they are puppy farmers! The breed many many puppies and they are all outside. If one of the owners where that confident then ask to see there outside kennels? They will tell you it is health and safety but surely you being confident your pup isn’t from a puppy farm is more important? Ask why there is such loud barking when you drive up there drive, how many dogs does she have? Why does she need workers? Is the dogs/ pups/ mother and fathers getting a nice living experience?. No unfortunately not. They live outside and see someone fot maybe 1 hour of the day morning and night for feeding. Puppies are kept outside, not socialising or having near enough human companionship.They arent loved…They are the family business, they are money, they are assets! They are NOT family pets no matter how much she might bring through to the house before customers arrive or how much litters of puppies she brings in from outside when you make your appointment. They live in such a big house and have such nice cars because they are making money from the amount of puppies they churn out each year. Come on now, as I said even if they are the nicest people going the facts are there and people are choosing to hide from them! Personally I would rather get a puppy not from a puppy farm but a family home and no amount of arguing will take away the fact that it IS a puppy farm. No matter how well run, no matter how clean…It is a puppy farm that nobody will get to see! And to the people who have yet to buy a puppy ask yourself …do you want to encourage this!

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