Dylan Jones’ planning application for kennelling 196 breeding dogs waits for Carmarthen Council’s rubber stamp

All round the world there is an assumption that the Brits love dogs, and according to Napoleon they are a nation of shop keepers as well. Pet Shops and Puppy Farms are encouraged and work well together to supply poorly bred, badly reared, puppies to the dog loving UK consumer with no thought for their parents left literally in the dark in Welsh sheds.

Pictures and videos of the Welsh puppy farms can be found on You Tube, but none of the breeders identified by the (easily googled) Y Byd Ar Bedwar puppy farming documentaries  were prosecuted for cruelty despite the colossal amount of evidence. There is simply no wish to prevent the trade in miserable puppies in Wales.

Most of the breeders operate outside the law for years and when they come to public attention a breeding licence is sent overnight to them without investigation according to the anti puppy farming leagues in the UK.

Dylan Jones is one of the Welsh puppy farmers who was recently obliged to apply for planning permission. A concerned neighbour sent us a copy of the retrospective planning application, its frankly breath taking!.For a start “retrospective” means the farmer has been breeeding outside the law and the council choses to make him legal rather than remove the dogs to safety and prosecute him  as is their duty .

Instead of the original 9 breeding dogs in 1994 there were in fact 196 on his farm, solely “cared for” by himself who runs a farm and his wife who works for the council. 2 part time workers 196 dogs don’t add up at all. Some photos were taken in support of the planning application and people understandably made the mistake of thinking that the pictures were of agricultural buildings not dog kennels. This is from a letter from the Council included among the planning documents

Have a look!  Do these look like a well run dog kennels  with heated runs and some form of enrichment to make lives less boring or does it look like a dirty cold dark grim shed for storing equipment .

I’ve read the whole planning application which is being pushed at the council as good for local business  and nowhere is there any thought of the lives the victims will lead, stuck in these narrow kennels with litter after litter of puppies for their short over productive lives.

The ultimate insult to our companion animals is to be found at the bottom of this picture of the kennels. Does anyone think these 196 dogs will be well cared for by Dylan Jones? Or that they will be HAPPY?


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12 Responses to Dylan Jones’ planning application for kennelling 196 breeding dogs waits for Carmarthen Council’s rubber stamp

  1. Stoppuppyfarmng Youtube Channel says:

    Wales has countless similar puppy farms but it is rare to see the blatant lack of care that is demonstrated in this planning application.
    The farmer does not see the need for lights in his breeding sheds or even proper waste removal for nearly 200 dogs so how will these dogs live out their miserable lives? For a start one and a half workers cannot keep them clean, exercised, and free from suffering. They will have no time to examine or even notice a dog that is sick or dying. They will be unable to care for a whelping bitch in difficulties in the middle of a dark night and in fact they will not even know it is happening.
    The kennels will be the same as any others we have seen licensed by Carmarthenshire, full of desperate dogs going mad with isolation and boredom, living in their own filth, caring for their puppies with dead puppies left in the bare plastic bed with the others nursing from their matted miserable sick mothers
    How on earth can such places be allowed to exist in the modern world, it is nothing less than a concentration camp for dogs.

    Stop puppy farming NOW

  2. I am distressed to see that one of the “rescues” in Wales, Many Tears Rescue does not fight these puppy farms but works with them. http://dogpolitics.co.uk/?p=249 “It’s time for Many Tears to open the books”
    NO NO NO! Close them down don’t just take the worn out dogs which will just be replaced.
    There is something about this one I do not like. Could it be the overblown claims of experience, the misrepresentation of a huge organisation as small or the absurd excuses for not being a proper charity?
    We have seen it all here, usually it is the breeders that tell lies. If you are above board Many Tears, become a charity and join all the other groups fighting to close your puppy farms
    Very sad!

  3. Erica Dixon says:

    Ubique, whilst I am in doubt as to the sincerity of your feelings, have you actually been to Many Tears, have you actually worked there as a volunteer for the day? Have you actually taken the phonecall from the puppyfarm owner that demands you pick up the dog or he will shoot it (and he will, dont be in any doubt about that). I think if you can ignore those demands, in the full knowledge of the consequence, then you are as guilty. I strongly suspect that you havent been to the rescue centre, that you havent seen the work that is done there. Its easy being an “armchair rescuer” but really, how many days have you worked over 12 hours on charity work, animal care etc, how many nights have you spent getting up 2 or 3 times a night in a small hours to nurse an injured animal? When you run a large and successful rescue, when you regularly do 16 hour days, and when you are prepared to sit back and watch animals die (which is NOT the same as supporting puppy farms) then I feel that you may be qualified to give the answer you have given. Your post shows nothing but naivity about what actually goes on there. If you see the campaigning that they do, not to close them down, but more importantly to inform the public of their existence. Remember, if you can make people aware of puppyfarmed dogs, there wont be the demand for these pups. No demand = no supply and the puppy farms will shut through financial inviability, not public pressure or legislation. Money is a driver, take it away and so does the business.

    Whilst not everyone will agree with what Many Tears does, that is fine, it is a grey area of whether you decide to take the unwanted breeding bitches. Of that I am not arguing with. However, what IS a problem is uninformed, pointed critical comments. If you dont agree with it, fine but why criticise like this, when this person is making an ACTUAL difference to the lives of thousands of dogs. (rehoming around 2000 dogs every year, and many of these are taken from the pound, not puppy farm dogs). How many actual dogs have you saved?

  4. I am 100% against such Puppy Farms and particularly when we have so many homeless dogs wandering the streets and in pounds and rescue centres. I would like all license applications, including this one, refused and existing farms closed. People need to stop buying animals from breeding farms and to get them from reputable rescue centres.

  5. alison says:

    i am a bit of a pragmatist.. and probably many will not like what i am going to say… as much as i would like to rescure and rehabilitate every dog in one of these godforsaken holes that are puppy farms, i think i would have said to him, shoot it…. at least the poor thing would have been dead… and then no-one else can do anything else to it… i am assuming that shooting dogs on nonfarming land is against the law in britain as it is in australia… then you report the bastard to the rspca and let him deal with the consequences. You have not enabled him to get other poor dogs to take the place of the one he has given you, and you still have money to keep fighting… and possibly one puppy farm is taken out of business….
    but whatever happens, these puppy farmers need to be given the message that their behaviour, their business is unacceptable and need to be shut down…

  6. Erica Dixon says:

    I’m a pragmatist too. If you shoot a dog, and you havent caused it distress, then I dont see what legislation can be put to use, the RSPCA would have no grounds on which to bring a cruelty case. – it the causing of suffering, not the causing of death.

    The breeding bitch will be replaced by another whether it goes to a rescue centre, or whether it is left there to be shot. Taking the breeding bitches doesnt exactly sit easy with me either, but agreeing to take them is not the same as supporting the puppy farms – the inference that was made by Ubique. But I dont run a rescue centre, I dont make the decisions and therefore I have no right to tell someone else its wrong. What I do know is that the ex-breeding bitches are just as entitled to life as any other pedigree puppy, mutt, pound dog or any other dog for that matter. And actually the “poor things” far from needing to be dead actually rehabilitate very well and live out their lives in a safe and loving environment.

    Puppy farms are atricious and I cannot use the word that I want to, to describe the owners. They are not “people”. They dont listen to any messages about their behaviour, their business or anything else for that matter, because if they did, then puppy farms wouldnt exist. Its not legislation that will shut down puppy farms, as the authorities that licence them, the legislation that allows the licencing and the authorities that police them, just do not have the manpower, resources or political will to change anything. And where there is money to be made……. Where there are no punishments for this appalling behaviour then there will always be people that try to bypass the law/licencing system.

    Dont get me wrong, I’m not arguing with you, in fact I agree entirely, but the fact remains that whether a rescue centre takes the breeding bitches or not, the b*stards that run them will replace the breeding bitch by a female pup (probably born in that godforsaken place) or worse still, taken as a pet from a “free to a good home” advert in the local paper, only to be bred from to within an inch of its life.

    However, just think about it, if a massive PR campaign made everybody in the UK aware, today of what really went on in puppy farms, no one would buy one of these puppies and all puppy farms in the UK would be out of business within 6 months. That surely has to be far better than any increase in legislation, undercover operations, reporting to the RSPCA – who are in fact just a charity and not an enforcing body.

  7. alison says:

    actually erica i think you need to investigate a bit more closely… shooting a dog is often not legal… and involves close investigation from both the rspca, the police, and in australia often the DPI… no puppy farmer wants that sort of close scrutiny!!
    any scrutiny is better then none

  8. Erica Dixon says:

    Actually Alison, this is getting completely off track, so I wont go on about it, suffice to say that:

    In Australia, this may well be the case, but in Britain, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 replaced or part replaced most other pieces of animal welfare legislation including the Protection of Animals Act 1911 and the Abandonment of Animals Act 1960 – the 2 main pieces of legislation which protected domestic animals up until the Animal Welfare Act was brought in, in 2006.

    Section 4(1) of the act states that a person commits an offence if (I am paraphrasing here to shorten it)
    (a) acts to cause suffering
    (b) knew that the act would cause suffering
    (c) the animal is a protected animal (which includes dogs), and
    (d) the suffering is unnecessary.

    To secure a prosecution, you would need to prove that the dog suffered when it was shot. In many cases, although the shooting is not in dispute, it is near impossible to prove that the animal suffered before it actually died. Owners of dogs are legally able to kill it, or authorise the killing, providing it was humanely done – ie there was no suffering. So shooting, per se, is not illegal. These farms are so remote, that no one will hear the dog being shot, how will anyone know? Assuming you do know, unless someone films the shooting, and it was not a clean shot, it is unlikely to result in any legal action.

    I dont need to investigate a bit more closely, I am aware of the British legislation already. Unless of course there is some glaring omission in my knowledge, in which case I would be grateful to you for pointing it out to me.

    What is more important is that all this is still ongoing while the Government recently had the opportunity to ban these puppy farms altogether when the regulations were tightened up, but chose not to. And secondly, all the local authorities that licence these establishments know full well what is going on, but again do nothing about it. There are 2 large and powerful organisations with the legal and political teeth to do something about it, but no spine to act. This is where lobbying and criticisms should be directed, not some rescue centre that just picks up the used dogs at the end of their days, because this changes nothing. In the same way that I would not criticise you for rehoming some battery hens, or for buying cheap chicken when instead I should be lobbying the licensing bodies and the government to have the battery farms closed down.

  9. I think that is enough about just one aspect of the Welsh Puppy Farm industry where the only real workers are the dogs. I hope anyone in the UK who cares about this terrible abuse will attend CARIAD’s conference http://wp.me/s1UnlA-231 Will you be there Erica?
    Alison, can I speak for you as well as myself wishing all success for the UK’s first Anti Puppy Farming Conference?

  10. alison says:


  11. Hi – I’m part of a group of people protesting outside one of the pet shops where Dylan Jones sends the pups. Our local council (Wokingham) keep giving Linton’s pet shop a licence despite a 15k-signature strong petition from the local people not too.

  12. Gillian Willians says:

    ALL of these despicable farms should be shut down , And every owner of these disgusting places should be forced to live for at least 6 months the way they made those little animals lived. And even that would be to good for them . But honestly, WHERE are the council in these areas, why are they not making it illegal . Just stop it. I am absolutely heart broken for these adorable little animals . What cruel people we have in this world. It’s about time the tide turned and the people who are in the position who are able to do something about . shape up , prove your human, Speak up for those animals . STOP this suffering.

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