A Web of Deceit -Terragethen- Tegan Park- Rutland Manor Cobba Dogs

Puppy Farming is based on lies, fraud, and abuse, the big losers are the dogs and the owners of the pets with fraudulent pedigrees and health tests.

Look at the Puppy Farms in the title, Google them and you will come up with horrific owner stories, paper thin accolades from the owners’ well known  aliases, legal action taken against them by the authorities, and of course a few “true believers” foolish enough to believe that because their puppy was one of the lucky ones then all was well.

The puppy farmers are out for No 1 and pass on their own mistakes to each other as prime breeding stock at very high prices, amazingly the other puppy farmers fall for it. I’m not going to waste much more time on the corpses of Rutland Manor or Tegan Park except to remind everyone: DO NOT let them grow again. Don’t buy from them you really don’t know what you will be getting.

I mean it. You don’t: Here’s a case in point.The story of one dog again: Terragethan Scribbles.

This valuable pure bred Merle Poodle was sold by Anne Michele Clay’s “Terragethen Kenal” in Oak Hill Florida to Angela Cunningham’s Exotic Tiny Toy Poodle Puppy Farm and put to work to breed poodles and Tegan Park Labradoodles (AKA Cobba Dogs!) in the new Merle colour which she describes proudly http://tegan-australian-cobba-dogs.com/Tegan-Coats-Colours.htm

“CAUTION As predicted miss guided breeders believe they can “Get “the Merle pattern cheap and easy… and are crossing Collies and .???..it scares me to think!! Please be careful, Tegan created the pattern by using pure Poodle, Years of searching the globe to find out if they still existed and then finding one that was entire and able to pass its health testing. It was a long extremely expensive road I was purely lucky to see this lovely coat pattern come to life.”

The problem is that Merle does not occur in Poodles, it’s only found in puppy farms that have introduced another breed, usually Shelties or Australian Shepherds. So which was it? At least Australian Shepherds would be a home breed if you want to breed Australian Labradoodles..

So I put my investigators onto this and the answer was a surprise!

Scribble’s Dam is a “poodle” called Layla , her and her sister Lola’s pedigree is here . Oddly there is no parentage or breed given for their “parents” Gigi and Beauregard.

Here is Layla, doesn’t look like a pure bred poodle to me and my investigators’ report led me to a reasonable explanation for those oddly short legs and the impossible Merle gene. Terragethen also puppy farmed Long Haired Dappled (AKA merle) Daschunds.

Given inbreeding and breeding back to Poodles, Anne Michelle Clay created the Merle “Poodle” and sold Terregthen Scribbles to Angela Cunningham (Woolley)  as a PURE BRED POODLE.  One con artist taking in another.

Anne Michelle Clay was inspected by the AKC in 2007  and then Animal Control seized 77 poodles, 5 Daschunds and other breeds from horrific squalor in her faeces-strewn home. http://www.wesh.com/news/11457107/detail.html (Video appears after short advert). Typically she reopened under another name, Michele Walker, as Utopia Poodles. Sounds like our Angela reinventing herself whenever the law gets too close, doesn’t it?

Angela and her mother Beverley Manners’ new invention is the Australian Cobba Dog to sell all colours and sizes of what were called Australian Labradoodles

They are both mad as a gumtree full of galahs!

from the Urban Dictionary

1. Cobba
A person of either gender who enjoys pleasuring one selves with a corn on the cob up the ass.
Joe-“My ass is sore from last night.’
Jack-“That explains what that corn cob was doing on your bed..You cobba.”
2. cobba

a person who cant speak properly, usually mentally impaired in some way. they seem to congregate in groups and usually are extremely unattractive.
a cobba is usually drunk and has no life or aspirations in life, and will in most cases amount to nothing in life.
 Noticing the embarrassment that the Cobba name caused, Bev has changed the spelling to Cobber. Puppy Farming is like any other dubious business, “change the name and do the same”


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17 Responses to A Web of Deceit -Terragethen- Tegan Park- Rutland Manor Cobba Dogs

  1. Silva says:

    I guess Angela got creative and filled out the Daschy- poo pedigree before she sold Scribbles puppies? Does this mean they need extra health tests? For the extra breed? I really dont know. Layla looks cute but I have never seen a poodle looking like that or a labradoodle!

  2. Jacinta K. says:

    I just have to nitpick here, Australian Shepherds were actually created in the USA, so wouldn’t exactly be a home breed 😉

    Other than that… glad to see another blog post from you!
    A quick search of “Merle Poodle” brings up a whole host of millers, with Utopia Poodles first on the list! Gross. I don’t know too much about dog color genetics (since it’s complicated after all) but it looks at least like those breeding the “Merle Poodle” have been able to cross it back to poodles enough that they truly do look like poodles now, adding to the public’s confusion.

  3. Thanks for welcoming the new post. It takes a long time to develop these. Its easy to google the details now but our first need was to know where to look!
    Can I nit pick back? Its one of my favourite breeds.
    The Aussie was developed as a show dog and to its modern appearance in America – yes, I agree! But there are newspaper accounts of Aussies sent over to the US in the mid 19thCentury. Great article here, http://herdingontheweb.com/shepherd.htm
    “In the April 21, 1858 issue of the Alta California, a notice appeared:

    The ship Eli Whitney, recently arrived from Sydney, brought two dozen well trained Australian shepherd dogs, whose valuable services will be henceforth applied to tending sheep in some of the ranches in this section of the country. They have sustained the voyage without accident, and landed in fine condition. The Australian shepherd dog is celebrated for his courage, sagacity and powers of endurance. He has long curly hair, is of medium size and resembles somewhat a year old Newfoundland dog, but with a head rather more like the cur than the latter. They attracted considerable attention as they were driven up town in charge of two or three English sailor boys. Wonderful stories are related of the faithfulness of these dogs, and their almost human intelligence.”
    Can we agree that the history of the Australian Shepherd is not certain even if today it is essentially American?

    • Allie says:

      Sounds like how it is with the Labrador. It originated in Canada but was refined in England.

      How about we just say the Australian shepherd is both an American and Australian breed? ^_^

  4. Jacinta K. says:

    Interesting article. Whatever their history, they are certainly an attractive breed, physically and temperamentally.

    I certainly didn’t mean to imply when I said that I had done a quick google of the facts that you should have had a post up sooner because it was easy to find out! I just meant that I’d never thought of this particular issue before but that lo and behold, I would agree with your conclusion due to the fact that no reputable poodle breeders were breeding merle.

  5. Just noticed! says:

    I’ve just noticed that Dogzonline have the nominations for the annual MDBA awards and Beverley Manners, Rutland Manor Con A Dog Breeder, creator of the biggest animal fraud ever is nominated for Best Trainer. I am truly shocked
    Here are the nominations,, the buzz is that the whole thread will be removed as the dogzonline community are not happy and have provided links to Beverley’s own admissions of her fraud on here. 5 pages of full on disapproval on the forum, I agree with the others that it will all disappear. There are 28 categories.
    Category 15
    Best Dog Trainer of the Year

    The K9 Company – Eltham Victoria
    Dog Gone Mad – Sydney .NSW
    K9 Pro – Kurrajong Heights NSW
    Louise Harding – Empire Bay – NSW
    Hollie Edwards – Packenham Victoria
    Tamara Jackman – Underdog Training – Southland Centre Victoria
    Suzanne Phillips – Jane Brook .WA
    Matthew Hibberd – The Summit Queensland
    Pro K9 – Berwick Victoria
    Beverley Manners – Darnam Victoria
    Bob Graham – Tyabb Victoria
    Gayle O Grady- Gladesville NSW
    Pauline Gill – Woodstock NSW

    Category 16
    Best MDBA Student of the Year

    We all think it makes a joke of the whole thing and of the great work done by the real trainers nominated.

  6. Just noticed! says:

    It has disappeared off Dogz Online now but Beverley Manners was also nominated in Category 1 Master Breeder.. Got a copy before it disappeared forever. Steve needs to get her act together or become a laughing stock.

    • Registered Breeder. MDBA Member
    • Posts:18,008
    • Joined:22-April 01
    • State:QLD
    Posted 23 February 2012 – 01:55 PM
    Nominations now complete
    Category 1.
    Master Breeder

    Lilli Grgrat – Takas – Anatolian Shepherd Dogs,
    Sharon Markich – Cujoraj – German Shepherd Dogs
    Pauline Gill & Peter Levett, – Tapua – Labradors
    Jan Clarke, – Yetholme Yorkies, Yorkshire Terriers
    Beverley Manners – Rutland – Australian Cobbadog
    John & Susie Baird, – Rakaaz Rotties, Rottweiler
    Terri and Stephan Gumpert – Royalty – Chihuahuas and German Shepherd Dogs
    Nancy and Klaus Keck – Maggiormente – Neopolitan Mastiffs

  7. alison says:

    hang on… i thought Steve/ MDBA said that beverley was not even a member of MDBA, but her daughter Angela was a member???is this right??

  8. Jacinta K. says:

    Alison, I asked MDBA a few months ago whether Beverly was really a member and they said yes. I don’t think I still have a copy of that e-mail unfortunately.

  9. alison says:

    i thought they said on another site that she was only an associate? member, using their stud database to manage? or store or something of the like her pedigrees/DNA testing and health tests… i could be wrong?

  10. Alison , The MDBA won’t be storing anything that has value then!

  11. alison says:

    I’m not sure that there would actually “be” anything to store

  12. I have been following the thread on http://www.australiandogforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4691&sid=1c3699cc06b3c2e66338f8af7ad95101. Julie Nelson of the MDBA is getting so convoluted in her argument that she makes no sense at all. Apparently there is no Rutland Manor and yet she registers Beverley Manners puppies sold on the Rutland Manor website. If anyone can give me a guide to understand the logic of this my head ache might disappear. Farms of Shame is getting a lot of hits from the forum, many of the posters are doing their own research in their search for understanding.

  13. alison says:

    I’m not quite sure that Julie covered herself with glory in these answers.
    So not registered as Rutland Manor, or as Beverley Rutland Manners… rather it is Rutland, and Beverley Manners…the difference being ? I suppose its better then Beverley Kunze, and unfortuneately she is/was “Rutland Manners”, having seen the public death notices placed by her father on the death of her grandfather.
    So the dogs who will appear on the MDBA registry will be what ? Rutland Manor, or Rutland or Rutland’s Rutland Manor or what?… I think for julie to say that there is no history in relation to this breeders registry is splitting hairs. MDBA got the breeder to put her story to them… interesting… what is Ms. Manner’s version of the story….she wasn’t cited for overbreeding her bitches? She wasnt taken to court by an overseas breeder, and an order found against her by both that country and the courts in australia? Were the MDBA even aware of these cases? Rutland Manor is not a place… right… so why is there a listed address for them in yarragon victoria? How are MDBA going to police the conditions is there is no kennel home or address?

    Is “Rutland” starting from scratch… new poodles, new labradors, new cocker spaniels, new irish soft coated wheatens, new breeding lines altogether?? HOW?
    If not, then the lines are exactly the same ones as before, in which case the faults and proven genetic problems will be exactly the same. Addisons, epilepsy, thyroid issues, sebacious adenitis, PRA, hip dysplasia….the list goes on…. Beverley’s current lines do not have a wide ranging genetic base… they are run back through to the same sires and dams…line and in-bred in the extreme…. the only few outcrossings she has done to are those few non labrador and non poodle breedings. She can not call her dogs labradoodle because they arent!!!
    She has never posted the results of her “health tests,” so how can anyone verify anything? Will the MDBA make them available to the general public, or their members?

    I said on another website, any organisation is open to infiltration by people who do not have the best interests of their animals at heart, and it seems MDBA are well on the way to having this happen…

  14. Silva says:

    The report on Terragethen also said there was a Doberman, easy to breed Tuxedo Poodles and Tuxedo Labradoodles from them. Its all a con 😦
    I love my GSP x Poodle x whatever Australian Labradoodle from pure Rutland Manor and Tegan Park lines. Makes no difference except for the big hole in my checking account.

  15. Jazz says:

    And Tegan Park still continues with their attempt to deceive the public into believing that you MUST buy a dog from them or it is not a TRUE dog. What a crock of lies – Rutland Manor, Tegan Park, Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher have ALL bought dogs from puppy mills and registered them as breeding dogs with the ALA. The Health Issues within the bloodlines STARTED with these breeders and their greed. It also demonstrates that the ALA are not of the high standards we are lead to believe – they KNEW about these practices – they viewed the pedigrees and they registered them.
    Nichii Gakkan are just as guilty – they are carrying on with the breeding programs and the bloodlines.
    Breeding dogs for YEARS – there is no need to breed any dog for a long period of time – ethical breeders will breed for 1-3 litters MAX.
    They will exclude from their breeding program ANY bloodline that presents with a health issue, They will manage and facilitate a guardian care program (at least Nichii do this).
    These corrupt breeders should be black-banned. The public deserve to know the truth. The owners of Sunset Hills and Cloudcatcher sit back enjoying the fruits of the Millions of dollars they SOLD the breeding programs to Nichii for – Nichii have purchased nothing but problems – yet they carry on regardless !!!!

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