An Open Letter To The MDBA Award Nominees Regarding Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor at the Award Ceremony

I’ve been reading our dog forums in the last few weeks, copying some posts before they were removed. It all made for a very interesting few hours to see what the mostly pedigree dog boards full of experienced breeders  such as Dogz On Line think of the Rutland Manor fiasco and in particular the MDBA registering the Rutland Manor puppies. Some of these breeders and trainers and other professionals are expected to join Beverley Manners at the MDBA award ceremony held in a few days, for she has been nominated for the Master Breeder award and also for the Dog Trainer award!

Julie Nelson who runs the MDBA has been performing somersaults in her logic to argue in support of Beverley Manners on the Australian Dog Forums (my favourite, as it is for ALL dogs). Here at least they are not delete-happy and you can still read the thread here where, conscious that they will not remove the posts of the members, Julie is forced to put up a fight as she is being asked straight questions such as .

“I am confused about the above…
when you go to the Cobbadog webpage one of the links takes you to a Rutland Manor page which says they are still running and breeding?
Or are you saying it doesn’t matter what dodgy things she has done in the past as long as she is doing the right thing now?”

Now that’s a good question but it didn’t get answered!

Gems from Julie Nelson include

“Rutland Manor as a physical place does not exist and hasn’t done so for a long time. The Person who they refer to is a 72 year old lady who owns 5 dogs which all sleep on her bed.”

like all the hundreds of dogs Beverley has owned including all the mothers and fathers of the 400 puppies a year she was producing only 6 years ago. It’s a bed the size of Texas and full of lies.

One of the posters gave this reply full of common sense

“Hi Julie.Been reading your replies and clarifications with much interest.One thing that still has me stumped though…..”Rutland manor is not a physical place”….Yet they display photos of the pups and outside runs: … ppies.html “

“Again I will say to you there is no such place as Rutland Manor. It simply doesn’t exist as a physical place where there are kennels and dogs bred. Rutland Manor is not an MDBA member and Rutland Manor is not registered with us as a prefix.If I try to answer anything else Im guessing and assuming. I can only tell you what I know.There is no such place as Rutland Manor.”

Total double think which will fool nobody. From this place that doesn’t exist, litters are being sold and the MDBA is registering them.

“we do require bone afide pedigrees but our intention is to widen the gen pool and try to help people get it right.”

This is priceless as Beverley has admitted that she faked pedigrees and we have  more examples of faked sex changed/ name changed ANKC pedigrees that she  issued to sell breeding stock and puppies. Here’s one for you MDBA, from a registry she fooled earlier.

Real ANKC Pedigree        Beverley’s faked pedigree for “registration”

Spot the difference, not just a name change but changing the sex makes this a complete fraud, the type in red is Bev’s attempt to hide her tracks. New Covenant Pty was Beverley’s failed breeding company.

Getting back to the facts, you are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who sold two harmless, sweet, already overbred bitches, Rutlands Billie Jo and Rutlands Bobbi Jo  to the hell hole that is Banksia Park Puppies, to be bred until death. Nothing else can be the consequence of her action.

You are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who allowed Rutlands Happy Wanderer  to get into this appalling state, and mated her in this condition for more expensive fake Australian Labradoodles. 

You are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who has faked, defrauded and abused her dogs for all her breeding history for nothing more than MONEY.

Will you sit down comfortably with Beverley Manners who bred Shania at least 8 times after a  multiple mastectomy?

I ask you to call a halt on this sham in the name of the dogs you work for and with.


Ubique Larkhill, a fellow friend of the dogs


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Contact me at Confidentiality will be respected. Comments only accepted from responsive email addresses..
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11 Responses to An Open Letter To The MDBA Award Nominees Regarding Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor at the Award Ceremony

  1. Dave says:

    Did u know that Bev sold 2 red poodle stud puppies with the ANKC pedgree u have lol She kept one

    • alison says:

      i found an interesting old post on rutland manor exposed from carole grundy who has researched the rutland “pedigrees” extensively….i have abbreviated the post slightly…

      Carole Grundy permalink

      March 4, 2010 12:19 pm

      “DECIDED” to honeymoon is so wide of the mark.

      I am very surprised to see Stuartlea Isabella back with a litter as we were told last year that she was going to be retired Autumn 09. …..
      I am not at all sure about Stuartlea Isabellla’s pedigree as I have two pedigrees for her, one from the breeder (parents Majestic Morriston Redd Zak x Stuartlea Bella Red Robin ) and one from RM (parents Palmares Minarets Oregon Red x Majestic Bella Red Dior)!!!!!! I don’t know why this is but it just adds to the chaos of the Rutland Manor pedigrees. I was told she wasn’t registered by Stuartlea as she was not good enough, what a shame that she has ended up in these kennels instead of as a much loved pet……”

      perhaps another interesting pedigree to look at, and complete fraud by rutland manor at worst…

      • Carole Grundy says:

        Clearly the breeder was not entirely frank with me over Stuartlea Issabella, very odd, I do wonder why? Its good to see the real pedigree but I’m a bit stunned at the blatant misuse of it, it’s pure fraud.
        Poor Issabella, litter after litter of poodles and poodly doodles without rest and more comebacks than Elvis after retirement. She had such a sweet face as a puppy but then looking at the staged RM puppy faces, the eyes are wary and they have such sad little faces.

      • alison says:

        Hi Carol, answer to your below answer….
        i agree… unless Bev owned Stuartlea, she cannot register dogs under their prefix of stuartlea… perhaps, like many of my own pups, Isabella went out out on a limited registration listing to her new owner… which meant that although she was registered, it was in a way that meant she could (or should) never be able to be used for stud breeding… the owners get a listing of the bloodlines on the understanding that they are to get the animal castrated or speyed before they get the “limited” registration paperwork…
        for someone clever enough with cut and paste it is easy to cut out and paste onto copies of the registration to make it look like a real one… what i find interesting is the lack of microchip details on either version of the pedigree, as this has been compulsory for some time with the ANKC… microchipping prior to reg paper being applied for for the entire litter… the microchip. number should appear on the reg papers…
        best wishes, and thanks for the reply

  2. Ban this Blog says:

    How dare you print such lies. Beverley is a God fearing woman and lives for her dogs, She would not breed a mommmy dog 8 times, read her website . I have the best dog ever and her mom is Shania one of Beverley’s pets..

  3. alison says:

    oh please….. one of Beverley’s pets? What Ms. Manner’s does with her breeding dogs has nothing to do with christian beliefs…and unfortuneately it is a proven fact there are 8 litters listed with “pedigrees” supplied by Beverley with Shania/Nyah listed as their mother…
    Did Beverley tell they were a lie?… Perhaps she should tell it to the people she sold the puppies to… for several thousand dollars… Perhaps you should ring Baw Baw Council and ask for yourself whether Rutland Manor was cited for overbreeding the “mommy” dogs… or are they lying too?please get educated….

  4. alison says:

    hi folks, i am trying to find the answer to a question regarding MDBA and who runs it…? I cant find anything on their website that talks of a board of directors or management… So who actually runs MDBA?, and does its members have any say in its management or rules? The only name i ever hear in relation to MDBA is Julie Nelson… is there any one else?

  5. Carmine C. Blake says:

    Run by Julie Nelson, who sometimes uses the name ‘Steve’ when she wants to criticise anti puppy farm supporters on dogszonline. Also uses the name Daniel October when she wants to stick up for her puppy farming friends on facebook! Julie spends most of her day on the internet defending puppy farmers and attacking anyone that wants them closed. Sound familiar?

  6. Doris says:

    What to do…..have paid a deposit for a puppy for my disabled son who has fallen in love with labradooles……a friend has been puppy sitting for a few months…… I have just come accross this site and a worried that we have made a huge mistake, have we done the wrong thing?
    Comments please. Doris

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