Jandaz: Portrait of a Puppy Farmer

I posted on a UK Labradoodle Forum a few years ago and asked if there was any breeder they knew who deserved a place on Farms of Shame. I got a lot of emails mostly from people too scared to post but naming Janice Griffiths, breeding as Jandaz Cockapoos and Toy Poodles in Wales.

Mrs J Griffiths, Jandaz GSD’S, Fynnon  Gynnen, Cross Inn,  Llandysul, SA44 6NH
Licensed for 30 bitches

So the following is drawn together from several contributors with apologies for the delay.

The first story was from A Dog’s Life and told how Janice had pretended to be a good home in order to get free breeding stock from the vulnerable elderly . Here Janice claimed to have just ONE other poodle when in fact she has about 50 dogs on her premises being licensed for 30 bitches with many stud dogs present as well.Jandaz so called rescue

A sad story of just how unprincipled Puppy Farmers can be and led me to look into Janice’s background. Jandaz has been licensed since  1st November 2007 as Jandaz GSD’s having bred German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Cockers, Cavapoodles, Cockapoos and Poodles etc  as an unlicensed puppy farm for about 20 years previously.  Her main income up to 2004 was from GSD’s,  Jandazgsdhips1the greatest problem for her buyers was the lack of health testing with only 10 dogs hip scored in 10 years of breeding and even those had poor results, some displaying severe HD with scores of about 50.  From 2004 onwards the biggest income was from toy poodles and I received a document with the proof of the level of poodle breeding.Jandaz 48 months poodle breeding 51 poodle bitches had litters for her in a period of 4 years, 457 puppies were registered with the UK Kennel Club. Not one of these bitches had an eye certificate. They were  bred back to back on every season  which is against UK breeding law but since Jandaz was not licensed at the time, that wasn’t the only law she was breaking.

Since 2008 Jandaz has mostly bred Cockapoos, using her poodle bitches as dams for yet more litters but these are not registered or easy to keep track of the large numbers. Buyers are experiencing the usual problems of buying from a puppy farm with unsocialised, sick puppies for which they pay cash.  When complaints are made, Janice doesn’t want to know and can be very aggressive to anyone who dares post their problems on a forum. Janice and her daughter Sarah (together with sock puppets) batter the poor poster into submission and if that fails there are the usual empty threats of  legal action.  Truth cannot be Libel Janice!

Here she posted as Pinkpoodle on a UK forum Jandaz AKA Pinkpoodle (Download) Some of her posting is scarcely credible and appears as if under the influence. Maybe the beer glasses used by her after washing the puppies have other use as well. I found several pictures on her website with a horrible display of her helpless puppies and I am sorry if they give my readers the same offence they gave me.




So whats it like living near a Puppy Farmer?  You assume they would keep a low profile but not Jandaz. Janice Griffiths attacked her neighbour baring her breasts and acting with no dignity at all, this landed her in court and fined with the story in the local press.

Cambrian NewsJandaz website

So here you have it, don’t live near a Puppy Farm and above all don’t buy from one. If your puppy is sick you will get no help or sympathy, just solicitor’s letters, threats and abuse.


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85 Responses to Jandaz: Portrait of a Puppy Farmer

  1. Carol says:

    It’s about time someone found out what is really happening at Jandaz!

    • moomin says:

      We bought a toy poodle from Jandaz in 2005. We love her very much but she is not without her issues. Two knee ops and dentistry required in her first year. We soon realised that she was used to be kept in a crate and had not been socialised with other dogs. Thankfully our older standard poodle is very patient with her. I do have some concerns about Jandaz. We received communications from the kennel club a couple of years ago about a completely different dog that Jandaz had registered, but our details were given. an innocent mix up? Well we never received any KC registration documents. I know we should have chased but we loved our poodle, she was a pet and we would never have given her back. I’d never buy another dog from Jandaz. I don’t believe them to be ethical breeders, especially having since bought a puppy from another reputable breeder and had a completely different experience. With our latest puppy, a standard poodle, we visited the puppies when new born and were told we could return when they were older to choose, we paid a deposit and were given a place in the ‘picking queue’. This seemed fair and also meant we could choose when the puppies were more developed. We had fourth pick of 11 puppies. When we collected our toy from Jandaz however we had two delays when we were told one puppy had died as a reaction to a vaccination and one had drowned in its water bowl. We should have been suspicious, and to be be honest I think we were, but we so desperately wanted our puppy we were happy to accept the replacement after been sent pictures. We only visited once and came away with the puppy on the same day. They offered to meet us part way, we declined,mwe wanted to see where the puppy was coming from. We were shown the parents, but you have to take their word for it, no proof offered. Again this is completely the wrong way to buy a puppy. Visit at least twice before you collect your puppy! I don’t have any evidence that Jandaz is a puppy farm but I don’t think they are a good place to buy a puppy. They very quickly moved into cross breeds (cockerpoos etc) when they realised how much money people would pay. I believe people are paying £750 and upwards for crosses. Why would you pay so much for a dog and know nothing about which characteristics you are getting. I know lots of people who have paid £1000 for a labradoodle believing it wouldn’t moult, and it did! Poodles, cocker spaniels and Labradors are great dogs in their own rights. If you dont like the poodle haircut then leave it natural, we do and everyone comments how lovely they look. No need to cross them, and no need to line the pockets of unscrupulous breeders more interested in making money just to be able to say you have an ‘oodle’ of some description, dogs are not a trend or a fashion accessory, and a good breeder doesn’t breed for the money. There is a good reason why poodle crosses are not recognised by the KC. If more people bought puppies properly, ie visit at least twice before you collect, be prepared to wait, the good breeders have waiting lists, make sure all the documentation is in place etc, then some of the less reputable breeders would be out of business and we wouldn’t have this issue. We were nieve, and fell in love with our puppy, unscrupulous breeders rely on this. But try and buy with your head not your heart, plenty of time to love your puppy once everything checks out.

      • Carol says:

        Moomin, I am sorry to hear of your experience with Jandaz but not surprised at all.
        However this isn’t a cross breed v’s pedigree issue. You bought what you believed to be a pedigree from Janice. A bad breeder is a bad breeder and there are plenty of bad pedigree breeders as there are cross breed breeders. I know of plenty of good, caring xbreed breeders producing lovely puppies from health tested parent dogs, absolutely top class.
        So whether searching for a cross or pedigree if you don’t do your homework or ignore all the warning signs then you can find yourself as a victim of a puppy farmer. Yes Janice quickly swapped to crosses BUT her pedigrees were equally badly bred the only difference is her lack of health testing and overbreeding is actually recorded in black and white. Puppy farmers are quite easy to find if you dig around enough.

      • Number Cruncher says:

        Moomin, thanks for sharing this account of your experience at Jandaz.

        This highlights another case of a Jandaz Puppy with missing paperwork and incorrect pedigree details being submitted. Health problems and socialisation issues too which sound similar to Bella’s Story https://farmsofshame.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/jandaz-puppy-bellas-story/.

        Shocking reports of puppies dying because of a reaction to the vaccination and a puppy dying in its water bowl. Tragic stories which may have been avoidable. Was Janice administering her own vaccination injections in 2005? How can a healthy puppy end up drowning in a water-bowl if the correct precautions and supervision had been offered? We know that 48 litters were known to have been raised at Jandaz during 2006, and it’s a fair assumption that 2005 was no different. Clearly too many puppies to look after at one time can result in the death of puppies!

        As Carol has said, there are bad breeders in both the Pedigree world and the Cross-breed world. Sadly the cross-breed world is attracting a number of bad breeders due to a scarcity of organisations offering registration. This leads to practices such as over-breeding, buying-in and false pedigrees to flourish. This makes it even more important for puppy buyers to be on their guard when dealing over the internet and make sure that they visit the breeder on a number of occasions, meet the puppies’ mother and check health documentation carefully.

  2. k.pearce says:

    I have a Jandaz cockapoo,and know lots of other people who have,my puppy is perfect in every way,laid back,very well adjusted,and very happy,i wouldnt be without her. When we picked her up,we saw many of janices other dogs,i saw no evidence of mistreatment,im sure every breeder has some has some background history,and not every puppy is going to be perfect,and some will be poorly.

    • Carol says:

      This woman is not going to let anyone see anything overtly bad if they turn up to collect their puppy! You will see what she wants you to see and not a thing more.
      Even more convenient if she never has to let them on her property at all, she will just stick the puppy in a van and send it to you, easy.
      Goodness me when will people wake up and smell the coffee????

      • Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

        K Pearce, I’m sorry to tell you this but all you saw was staged, the breeding sheds can even be seen if you google the post code and zoom in! Just how many of her 50 dogs did you see? Usually its just Romeo and a couple of the more presentable dogs and an extra puppy so she can try to sell you more than one. The poor little scraps churning out puppies in those sheds are well hidden from view. The promised socialising and rearing in the home are just as much an illusion as the pedigree you will be given, in welfare we know what Jandaz stands for
        J ust A nother N asty D og A busing Z ero

      • Carol says:

        Come on people do the sums. Even if she ‘only’ has the 30 bitches she is licensed for it is impossible to rear all those pups in the house! Anyone that has experience of bitches kept in a kennel environment will know that many will have their season at around the same time. Even if only 10 bitches do this ( in reality it’s likely to be more) that’s 10 litters in the house at once!!! It is complete BS!! I can’t believe so many people fall for her fantasy dog breeding, it’s all a lie!

      • Moony says:

        This is what happened to me when I bought a cavapoo from a breeder. I saw 1 bitch and 5 puppies in the house. Found out a few years later she had 16 breeding dogs and average of 3 litters at a time for sale

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      “k.pearce” if you have a lovely dog and everything is great and laid back and well adjusted then perhaps you would not have a problem sharing with us the name of the Mum of your puppy ???

      • Dog lover says:

        I believe the mum is a red bitch named Sadie. Although Janice supposedly had two red bitches with the same name as they had litters in a time span which would have meant if there was only one red named Sadie then she would have had back to back litters, and that can’t possibly be the case can it?!?!?!?

  3. rebecca says:

    ok… so the point here would be that yes there are puppies sold by these scum that are OK and some that are not and have serious health issues. Yes! not every puppy is perfect but these breeders turn their backs on sick animals and their owners when illness is reported. They also keep breeding from the parents knowing that puppies are health compromised. What a surprise many breeders are “lovely” when there are no reported health issues and less than accountable when there are problems.

    • Private says:

      It makes me laugh how all you people judge her. Have any of you been up there and seen anything bad? Do you have proof? Apart from documents created in paint? Have you googled the definition of a puppy farm. Puppy farms breed on a large scale. Yes meaning more then one dog will be pregnant at a time.
      But dog abuser i think your going too far with all this hate toward this woman. I have seen the dogs and play with them every day. Sometimes i will even take a few of the babies home for the night and give them one on one attention. Not only are you offending a friend you are offending me! I love every single one of them dogs there and they are loved and fed play games spoken to GROOMED!!! It makes me sick how all of you are jumping to conclusions. Your sick sick people. If you care so much about what goes on behind closed door why are you too busy hiding behind a keyboard instead of getting off you arse and talking like adults. Great example of adult behavior slagging eachother off over the internet

      • Private says:

        Wont let me post a comment!! Sad ignorant people

      • Anne Tamlyn says:

        Janice was selling a little Yorkshire Terrier 6 months back or free to a good home she was looking after him and I was lucky enough to get him he is a bundle of energy and I love him to bits…so I speak as I find she was lovely with the dogs.

      • Are you not doing the same thing to them? Judging them, calling them extreme things such as “sick”, beating them up onscreen and not actually doing something about the slander? And then there’s the fact that you’re not really credible: you say you spend a lot of time with the puppies, which means you’re probably part of the establishment, which means of course you’re going to defend it whether you’re right or wrong…

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  5. Lucky and Poppys Dad says:

    What a pitiful shame that cowardly people have to resort to cyber bullying to wage a poisonous personal vendetta against someone who has brought great happiness to a large number of families by producing beautiful dogs that are both healthy and well socialised. Jandaz cockapoos are bred for their excellent temperament and my personal experience is that they are absolutely delightful dogs. I know I speak for many other very satisfied owners of Jandaz dogs.
    Janice has always been very caring and willing to help with follow up advice both to ourselves and others. She is professional and experienced and has a wealth of information and the wellbeing and welfare of her dogs, and those of others, is clearly paramount to anyone who knows her and this has also been expressed to us many times by third parties .
    It is no surprise that many people go back to Janice for a second puppy as we ourselves have done along with friends and family members based on recommendation. What can be a better testament than that. Res ipsa loquitur. (the facts speak for themselves)
    You only have to read the testimonials on her website to realise that the comment on this blog is not representative of the majority opinion and is just a cowardly and vindictive campaign to cause pain and misery by unprincipled people who have their own agenda and who need something better to do. What goes around comes around!

    • Carol says:

      Indeed the facts do speak for themselves. Janice’s kennel club record regarding health testing speaks volumes. It’s all there in black and white. Continuing to breed from German shepherds producing awful hip scores ( that’s if she bothered to test them at all)
      There are many stories regarding differing breeds from Janice. Yes you and many others do have great dogs from her but there are also many that bought a puppy and did not get as they expected and no help with sick puppies! I wouldn’t call you a liar for saying you have had a good experience regarding jandaz so please do not call the people that have suffered the opposite liars either!

      • Wilma Colquhoun says:

        Well said,,,can and would the poster who works and plays and grooms the dogs for Janice be willing to take a video of the kennel areas and be open and honest in what pics she takes,,and be happy to post them so that we can see how well the animals are doing,,,what diet do they have,,premium or cheap fillers,,,what condition is the bedding and are there ample chew toys and chase toys,,,how many staff per animal are caring cleaning and feeding them,,what is the daily rota,,can she get a copy,,,so many issues that I’m upset about as I was considering one of the pups,,now I’m confused as no one running a kennels or home bred wants anyone just turning up in case of illness spreading to their vulnerable pups,,I’m also concerned at the saying of mental health issues,,,one in four Brits will and do suffer from mental issues at least once in their lives,,it doesn’t mean they are mental or cruel but can mean being overwhelmed and not really accepting their limits because they think it will pass and they will get on top of things again,,yes the paperwork is a mess but is it really deliberate,,,,I’m not sure but I do know that after being an A personality for my adult life I eventually had a breakdown that decked me in every way and left me hardly able to function,,fortunately with a wonderful husband family and friends,,I got back to being me,,it took two gruelling years,,,has the complainer and researcher visited the Jandaz property to see the setup or asked for a tour so that she could rest her case,,have you presented the evidence to the relevant authorities and challenged them as to why her licence isn’t revoked,,,I want to know the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,,,please,,can anyone say they have seen the whole place and made up their minds about the conditions the animals are being kept,,I’m willing to do a visit on both parties behalf if someone contacts her and provide evidence of truth as to my findings so that this can be sorted,, I offer my challenge that if you all really care,,open the door and invite me in,,,and I am looking for a cockerpoo right now if anyone can point me to excellence,,I’m in Scotland but can travel,


    hip scoring is not compulsary in gsds and i purchased from well known breeders such as lornaville marvid salvest and many others , show people WHO DID NOT HIPSCORE !!! carol G provide me with names of people who had sick puppies ??? because they never came back and told me , and surely i can help if im not told ? carol have you met me ? have you been to my kennels ? the answer is NO DONT BE SO JUDGEMENTAL

    • Wilma Colquhoun says:

      Hello Janice,,I’m looking for a laid back fantastic curly cockerpoo with excellent breeding background and pretty much stumbled here on my search,,I just saw you write your post after I threw down the gauntlet to stop this bullying by an independent seeker visiting your whole premises and having you as a guide to both show and explain how you work to produce fine pets,,,I’m happy to be the person,,I’m a cancer survivor and mum of grown daughters and a granny to two toddlers and used to be a childminder and child care expert who specialised in managing difficult situations and behaviour, I stopped because of my health, I have three ragdoll cats and recently lost my fourteen yr old Dalmatian to old age and as I’m no longer fit for such a large strong fog I’ve looked at and hope for a curly bulky teddy bear cockerpoo,,,can you invite me to visit next week,,I will be south from 16th July for two weeks holidays and could perhaps visit you to see what pups you have,,
      Most sincerely
      Wilma C

      • Wilma, how can you ensure that you see all the extensive kennels belonging to Jandaz? More to the point if you do visit her, maybe you could clarify whether she still has a pet shop licence and whether she is selling puppies from Ireland?
        Puppy farms and lies go hand in hand, that’s why you can’t see the young puppies with their mothers as ALL the welfare agencies strongly advise.

  7. Wrong Carol Janice, no “e” but hey, have your say anyway.

  8. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Hi Janice (or “JANICE GRIFFITHS” as you have posted) from that I understand you are the Janice Lesley Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos ?
    Please refer to several posts made on the “I Love My Cockapoo” forum for references to poorly puppies from Jandaz and even a cry for help made to Jandaz (ref: Bella’s Story – subsequently removed from ILMC following a threat of legal action !). There is a specific thread started by “Celiaco” on ILMC on the 8th August 2012 (at 7:12pm) entitled “Breeders of Red (ish) Cockapoos” that cumulates in a number of people posting about their own poorly puppy bought from Jandaz or delivered on behalf of Jandaz. I’m sure you would have heard / known about that post and if so I would have thought that you then contacted these people offering empathic help / advise and support ?
    Perhaps you even offered to pay for or even contribute to any Vet’s costs associated with poorly puppies ?
    There have been various Facebook comments posted about such issues and they have included a number of these so-named “sock-puppets” as well as your close Family.
    As for you asking anyone if they have actually seen your kennels then I would suspect that no-one actually has (or would be allowed to) as it would contradict what you post on the “Jandaz” website that because of Parvovirus (that you yourself have experienced in your own words) no one is allowed near your kennels nor near any new born puppy !
    It does however strike me as a rather convenient argument to restrict access and visitors from an area that is both key to a puppy’s early stages and ultimately it’s future ???

  9. janice griffiths says:

    may i politely ask who is MILLS ???? and who is LARKHILL you make up fictitious names !! that every body is expected to believe?(cowards)you post anonymously under pseudo names ,you no if you put your true names you are liable for slander …I post as JANICE GRIFFITHS , my kennels and home are visited regularly by my vet and she is more than happy as is the proper authorities.

    Any body can post a blog under false names and get away with it you COWARDS ……

  10. Polite is what other people tell you you are, not how you describe yourself.
    I decline to give you my name, The other posters can do as they wish.

  11. janice griffiths says:

    why do you decline to give your name ???? what have you to fear if you are in the right ??? but mr larkhill (i doubt thats your proper name) as i stated before you are all cowards .visa versa would you like me to open an anonymous blog about you saying malicious lies about you ???i dont think that would be very nice would it ? but you are doing it to me and you have never met me or my family ??

  12. janice griffiths says:

    sad you wont publish the truth

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      Janice Griffiths of Jandaz is now posting:

      The reds that Jandaz used to advertise as “non fading” now appear to be fading ! The lovely Lola who was a stunning shade of red is now a pale apricot colour so Janice can’t either tell the truth about how her colours evolve ?


      If anyone gets tempted to buy an F3 next year then I make sure you get a full signed copy of the ancestry as I doubt Janice’s gene-pool is sufficient to mean that there is no inbreeding involved !

      The more people that are willing to share their own experiences that contradict Jandaz’s “references” the better it is for people to gather their own feelings on their practices.

  13. janice griffiths says:

    janice griffiths says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation

  14. Not giving it, don't want to be harassed! says:

    Janice if you open your eyes you will see this site is an all encompassing site! All puppy farmers are spoken about on here, it has not been opened JUST for you! So your silly whining about being victimised just really isn’t true.
    You want people’s names so that you can track them down, threaten them with legal action and bully them into retracting their stories, simple. The way you operate is plain to see.
    Why on earth do you deliver tiny puppies by van to their new homes? Well I know it saves people wanting to come and see your kennels but what a stressful way to start their new lives, poor things!
    Why, when people do actually come to collect their puppy, which by the way can be a completely different dog to what they were actually sold over the phone, do you conveniently have another to try try and sell them, so for a slightly cheaper price they can take two babies home instead of just one? No decent breeder should sell sibling puppies to the same owner at the same time but you know that.
    I am not saying that sometimes things go well and there are some nice puppies out there bred by Jandaz but there is far too much wrong with the set up, the sell and awful behaviour towards anyone that dares to raise a problem or to complain about a sick puppy.
    Oh and please, please, please, stop stuffing puppies into cups, pots and beer glasses it’s just plain sickening!
    I would also get someone professional to proof read your website, the grammar is AWFUL and makes no sense.

    • Rob Harris says:

      Janice I was once told some advice by a very clever man he said. Rob you must be pretty damn ‘important’ to ‘them’ to be front page news so often!” – this is true – if people have you in their minds so often as to make up stories and lies, then you must be pretty ‘important’ to them – very sad and sorry folk indeed that they cannot find entertainment in their own affairs and have to hijack and fantasize other peoples! Always brave sat in their bedroom late at night after a few drinks maybe 2 too many and vent their twisted minds to convince others that their rantings are the truth ! Brave behind a commuter screen ! And that is why the kc have rulings against it ! Which they seem to forget! and of course the truth is never half as exciting as the good story! Hope to see you at crufts m8 & don’t forget sarah lol drinks on me, ps my last litter one went to Japan to a show home. Farms of shame put me on m8 lol xxx

    • A Tree says:

      The little puppies stuffed in the glasses turn my stomach, I remember Janice telling the UKLA they werent even real puppies but beanie babies, what a ridiculous lie. Its excuse after excuse, parvo to prevent anyone seeing the kennels, delivery to prevent you going there anyway and no help if the puppy is unwell. Why would anyone buy from such a woman?

      • janice griffiths says:

        Hello mrs tree! phone me and make a date to see my kennels ? delivery is what people choose i dont force them?people do have there own minds unless ive got some super natural powers!!!!! i dont know about ?, the puppies were put in glasses just to show how small they were , they didnt live there !! who are you /use your real name another coward !

      • A Tree says:

        Here is where you lied and you have just confirmed your obvious sickening lie. I will not be visiting your “kennels” Janice as that does not feel like a safe thing to do. Remember please that you did attack your neighbour http://www.cambrian-news.co.uk/news/i/4628/ You keep threatening people with legal action, knowing that our libel law is a complete lottery and only a fool would gamble.
        Regarding your “kennels”, Janice you also claimed on the UKLA that all your dogs lived in your cosy kitchen and not in kennels, we counted them all up to well over 30 and thank you for now confirming that there are kennels.

      • janice griffiths says:

        mrs tree i have always had kennels never said otherwise get your facts straight …i have NOTHING TO HIDE

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:


      Taken from her website today (6th August 2013):

      Basically….IF you are not able or willing to make a LONG JOURNEY or TRAVEL to view / select or collect your beloved puppy then perhaps YOU need to review your ability to OWN one ???

      Puppies are not items of internet desire to be purchased on a whim and added to a basket prior to check-out so please please seriously consider your own situation, need, desire and most importantly the puppies’ welfare, history, breeding, sociability and individualism before you “buy one off the shelf” !

      Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos is again using a the “quick sell / easy delivery” marketing option to out her stock.

      A puppy is for Life….not convenience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      …..as an aside……does Janice’s statement now read that “Uncle Ian” is employed solely by Jandaz Cockapoos ????? A guy with a business and a website and supposedly DEFRA licensed concern, now earn his whole income from working as a personal courier for Jandaz Cockapoos ??…………I doubt this was thought out (as usual) and I suspect after Janice Griffiths reads this post she will no doubt amend her website accordingly…unless Uncle Ian’s earnings from Jandaz can support a separate business ?

      If you have nothing to hide Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos then why change your website so often ?

      If you have nothing to hide Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos then why not answer any of the questions asked of you so simply and openly and nicely on the above threads ?

      …………..some things in life simply don’t just blow over…..at some stage you have to take account of your actions and face the consequences.

      • Number Cruncher says:

        Janice Griffiths has often been quick to threaten legal action against anyone who dares to criticise Jandaz Cockapoos, but to my knowledge there has never been any successful action taken.

        Presumably her lawyers have made her understand that comments are not libellous if they are true.

        There are many criticisms of Jandaz Cockapoos on this website (and others) regarding the lack of health testing, frequency of breeding, false pedigrees, numbers of puppies bred, the high proportion of unhealthy puppies, the list goes on…

        I ask myself, what would a reputable breeder do, if faced with so many numerous allegations, over a sustained period of time? I’m sure that a reputable breeder would:
        – seek to protect their business, by making public, verifiable records and documents to demonstrate that the criticisms are false.
        – ask their vet to write an open letter confirming that all is well at their establishment.
        – contact concerned customers with helpful advice, not abuse and threats.

        Mrs Griffiths has done none of these things, and so the most obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this is that she cannot! We know she has the technical ability to post information on her website, but nothing is posted. We do not see photos of her breeding stock or photos of the puppies with their mothers. We do not see copies of health test results. Prospective customers are sent wrong photos, and given options to have a puppy delivered by courier. Customers who have been promised a lifetime of support are given abuse and threats.

        Come on Janice – show us something – make us believe you care more about the dogs than you do about the money – demonstrate that you have changed and are willing to correct mistakes that you have made.

  15. Simon Bennett says:

    If people fear legal action, then they must have good cause to believe that the law would protect the other party. If what they say is an unjustified attack of that person, then, yes they should fear legal action, since the law will not find in their favour. Since people have preferred to withdraw their comments on Jandaz, then the only logical conclusion is that they were unfounded. And since the comments on this site seem to be deteoriating faster than the speed of light – unless someone is a journalist or an author or an academic, etc, do we really criticize them for their grammar? Would good grammar have any bearing on dog breeding ability? And as for the van – it’s DEFRA approved – which you omit to mention, or are you calling the Ministry’s judgment into question? For the rest of what I think, see my comments on Bella’s story. It’s too easy to hide behind a cloak of anonymity and take potshots at someone. I agree with Lucky and Poppy’s Dad – this is cyber bullying.

  16. janice griffiths says:


    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      Given simple mathematics and statistics it is glaringly obvious that there will come a time when any specific Breeder is not able to silence ALL those who dare voice their concern about their own dog !

  17. poodlelover says:

    You all seem to be forgetting how Janice has over bred her female dogs time and again, obviously to make as much money as she can from them. Its there in black and white in the KC breed supplements. What kind of breeder doesn’t give dogs chance to recover from one litter before getting them in pup again, answer me that? Take the blinkers off and read the truth for gods sake.

  18. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:


    In the UK we refer to the term “Puppy Farm” in the USA they are known as a “Puppy Mill”

    “Although no standardized legal definition for “puppy mill” exists, a definition was established in Avenson v. Zegart in 1984 as “a dog breeding operation in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maintain a low overhead and maximize profits.”

    “In puppy mills, females are sometimes bred every time they are in heat to increase profits,…..”

    I say that breeding one bitch 4 times in 2 years (and then even registering her litters with the Kennel Club !) could well be covered by this ! ………….and Janice’s response is …”The kennel club bought the ruling in about back to back breeding only a few years ago, so i was not breaking the law.”

    …………………….. : (

  19. Can you supply the dates of the litters please and the registered name of the bitch(es) if given.

    • I Love My Cockapoos says:

      I can only tell you that the first puppy was born towards the end of January 2012 and the second was the beginning of June 2012, so only a 4.5 month gap between them.

      • !!!!! I do know of puppy farm litters that close together but it is horrifying. It clearly isn’t believable that a breeder could have two bitches with the same name. .

      • I Love My Cockapoos says:

        The ages of the two puppies can easily be worked out from posts on the ILMC forum so the information is there for anyone who knows who the puppies are to go on there and see for themselves. Both owners were told that the parents were called Sadie and Pablo. When the second owner mentioned that her puppy’s parents were from Sadie and Pablo too, a number of us noticed this straight away as being suspicious. We notice these things because we have also been deceived by Jandaz, although at this current point in time, I’m not willing to give my own personal details but I can only say that they are shocking.

  20. Dog lover says:

    Well I am not sure on exact timing of litters , i just know they were pretty close and when questioned about the same parentage Janice came out with the two dog,same name theory but then operations at Jandaz seem to be deliberately cloudy! Whether covering back to back breeding or so called parentage/ pedigree lines, it’s still covering something up. The paperwork that goes to new owners of these cross breeds isn’t worth the material it’s written on.

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      K.Pearce (who posted above…second post in fact) owns a Jandaz puppy. If I’m not mistaken then that puppy (from the “I Love My Cockapoo” forum) has a Dad called Pablo and a Mum called Sadie………perhaps K.Pearce would be happy to share the names they have on Janice’s “Sit Stay” paperwork ?…………….Simple question ?

  21. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    This is a link to the Cariad Campaign – The campaign to end puppy farming in Wales:


    It clearly states: “…If you have a specific breed of puppy in mind, go to a trusted and respected breeder who will insist that you see your new puppy with his or her mother at their home.
    Please, never let a puppy be delivered to you, or agree to meet anyone to take delivery.
    Remember, a puppy is only a puppy for a very short time. He or she will be a dog for life. ”

    Go and meet the breeder, see all their dogs where the dogs actually live, see the kennels and where dogs exercise and leave them and their premises to discuss how you feel, a reputable breeder would happily let you sleep on it without having to force you into handing over any money and please never have a puppy delivered ! without even having been to see the breeder first !

    With Cockapoo the most important things is to have at least one parent DNA Tested Clear for PRA (avoid websites that say “PRA Tested Clear” or “Tested Clear for PRA” or “PRA Clear Certificate” as these may well not be DNA tests……it must be a DNA Clear result).

    The next most important thing to do is…Meet The MUM….if she is a bright, happy, healthy, confident, waggy-tailled and well mannered bitch then those are all good signs. If she is quiet, shy, nervous, underweight or yappy, snappy and offish then WALK AWAY as those traits could well be passed onto her offspring !

    Ask to see all the paperwork and ask for copies, ask for a receipt for whatever monies you hand over. Take a photo of Mum (and Dad if he if there) and keep them on file just in case. It’s becoming advisable to also take the time to check any “Pedigree” you may be given as you should be able to trace ancestors via the KC to verify them.

    It is a genuine case of “Buyer Beware” with any puppy buying search.

  22. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Looks like Janice is getting another shipment ready:

  23. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    It also looks as if Janice cannot even now keep on top of the grooming of her beloved Romeo !

    All you can comment is: AMAZING ROMEO

    And now Janice uses the oh so catchy lines of:
    JANDAZ 4 EVER !!!

    “I am very happy to say that due to popular demand my puppies are nearly all booked, many travelling to distant parts of the globe ….


    “nearly all booked” does come across as a little needy…..

    …….and why are my “comments” not posted on you guest book ? Do you get to choose / select and vet them first ????????………..strange that …

  24. Ann Observer says:

    Janice Griffiths of Jandaz PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE could you explain this one: ????


    Who are Jandaz “Approved” with ?

  25. Ann Observer says:

    Janice Griffiths of Jandaz must really be feeling the pinch:


    It leaves me with a few questions though:

    1) Why reduce your prices if you are not changing the way you breed ?
    2) Why reduce your price if you are happy with the way you breed ?
    3) Why only reduce your prices on “some” of your Cockapoos ??
    4) Why feel the need to have a go at other breeders when You are the in the spot-light here ?
    5) Why hold onto puppies when they should be ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks old, a commonly stated, quoted and expected age ?
    6) Why hold onto a puppy past 8 weeks old and increase their dependance / knowledge of You and your surroundings when they are of an age where they are so ripe to go off and explore a new life with their new family ?
    7) Why claim that you vaccinate 3 times, when they don’t need it (unless your environment is not the most safest / sterile / well managed) and when it’s proven that Jandaz vaccinate them themselves instead of a qualified vet ?
    8) What proof do Jandaz have that ALL their dogs are DNA tested Clear, when none of their dogs are shown on the Jandaz website, no parents shown, no parents named and no parents allowed to be photographed ?
    9) What evidence do Jandaz provide to prove claimed parents to be the actual parents ?
    10) How do Jandaz ensure there puppies are “PAPER TRAINED USED TO CATS AND CHILDREN” when Jandaz are advertising the amount of puppies listed on Janice’s website each year (2013 in excess of 150 puppies listed) when Jandaz claim to be “A SMALL FAMILY THAT CENTRES ON BREEDING F1 AND F2 COCKAPOOS…..” ???

    Janice Griffiths I think it’s long overdue that you stand up and face some of these questions of You and Your breeding practice……or should we just let the buying public get wiser and wiser ?

  26. Carol says:

    Seems that the Jandaz lot have put a sale on!! I would rather pay £900 and know where my dog has come from thanks! This little snap shot will most likely be removed sharpish.


  27. Number Cruncher says:

    I notice that they’re also offering to let potential owners view a puppy via Facetime. Of course this could all be carefully stage-managed to portray a false representation of the conditions in which the puppies and the breeding bitches are living. The buying public are hopefully not that naive and anyone considering getting a puppy from Jandaz will still make the effort to pay them a visit.

    If you are a potential purchaser, please ask yourself why the latest crop of puppies have been reduced in price when most reputable cockapoo breeders have a waiting list of several months.

  28. Carol says:


    Just wanted to message in and point out firstly, the two cream ‘F1 American cockapoos’ look way past 10 weeks old.


    Also she is advertising litters for her ‘friends’ do these have the same worthless Jandaz pedigree papers? Is she now acting as a puppy broker, in a more obvious way??
    The only good thing is that she is only advertising 8 of her supposedly own pups, hopefully that means a reduction in the breeding turnover for those poor bitches. Although I am always concerned by jandaz habit of advertising a single pup of a particular mix, where are the rest of the litter? Already sold without advertising? Or only buying in one pup from a litter as she is finding them hard to sell on??

    • I’ve added the links, hope that’s OK. Those puppies do look more than 10 weeks old if they are American cockapoos in the first place. The couple who she is selling for are Brian and Ruth Crouch living in Cardiff. They have a page on her site and have a long association with Janice.

  29. Cockapoo owner says:

    With the greatest respect to all involved if the conditions and treatment of this breeders bitches are in any doubt surely the RSPCA would be the best option, they would assess and monitor the conditions and do regular unannounced visits.

    I believe that everyone needs to be aware of where they are purchasing their new family member from and any risks involved but educating people on how to assess a breeder is the way to go this does not seem to be getting anyone anywhere.

    Janice I am a true outsider to this and would like to say I know you feel the need to defend yourself but some of your posts come across as aggressive and people are just using these to fuel it further, try to look past it and not keep them going!

    • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

      As a true outsider to this, you cannot understand about the many puppies sold by Jandaz who have been poorly. Or the many puppies sold with fake pedigrees.

      This breeder’s bitches have undoubtedly been bred on successive seasons – as admitted by Janice herself, although she says she believed at the time this was not illegal.

      I do agree, however, that “educating people on how to assess a breeder is the way to go”. Although I’m sure this website has served the purpose of giving the buying public factual information which they can base their decisions upon.

  30. Angie F says:

    Today is the 18th April 2014.

    On the Jandaz Cockapoo website we have a selection of Cockapoo puppies available:

    1) An F3 (with a claim to being the first to breed F3…..but with a claimed 15 years breeding of Cockapoos but traceable actual 7 years breeding history in Cockapoos could lead to more than a few questions of inbreeding).

    2) A litter of English Show Cocker / Miniature Poodle ready on the 8th June. The important thing to note here is how their description is likely to change over time as this is a rare occasion where both parents’ breed has been mentioned.

    3) Tulip F1 American Show Cocker crossed with a Miniature Poodle ready 22nd May.

    4) Pink …this puppy was mentioned earlier on Farms of Shame and was described as an American cross Miniature Poodle and then shown in a second photo as an American crossed Toy Poodle that will be ready on the 25th May though this American Toy Poodle called Pink is ready on the 22nd May ?

    5) Stanley F1 Miniature ? Nothing other than he is ready on the 22nd May (same time as Tulip AND Pink ?….certainly room for a few questions there too ?)

    6) Freda English Show Cocker with a Poodle (no mention of which Poodle ?) but ready on the 4th May.

    7) Sam an F1 Toy (but Toy what ?) and with no dates.

    8) Rupert F1 English Show (no mention of Poodle type) ready 4th May at 10 weeks.

    If anyone is looking for a Cockapoo puppy then please ensure you do the research and at the very least get it in writing what and who the parents are…….though there is a section on Farms of Shame here about Jandaz paperwork, so best check it all very carefully first yourself.

  31. dog lover says:

    Janice Griffiths of Jandaz, is stating on her website she is shocked at some so called Approved Breeders websites, and the money they are charging for there pups.
    Approved Breeders are doing all they can with health testing and socialising to produce healthy breeding dogs and pups. Better to pay for a puppy and parents health tested, then buy from Janice Griffiths and find you don’t know what you are buying.

    Janice Griffiths has and is trying every avenue to make her self look like a caring and credited breeder who knows what she is producing, well as stated before in other posts she cannot or will not conform to this standard. I personally think, with my experience with her it is a bit of both. She is in the business of producing and breeding pups for a quick buck, and has not got a clue what she is doing, and it is too much effort for her to do otherwise.

    If you make the decision to visit her and take a interest in buying a pup you will find yourself sitting on her leather sofa, Janice on her leather armchair. You will ask her questions about her pups and she will answer with everything you want to hear, even stating if you have lost your last dog she has also bred that breed and her pups are of a similar temperament, but with no truth behind her words. All the deception and lies have already been put in motion, her main aim is to sell you a pup or even two.

    Also all her endorsements sound as if they are written by the same person, desperate measures, I would say.

    I have also got factual evidence she is still trying to sell pups without showing the mum.

    This women is a rogue, stay away potential new puppy owners.

  32. Angie F says:

    Business for Janice Griffiths of Jandaz has obviously taken slight downturn of late, and the need to promote herself publicly has grown in order to market the stock she current has. Jandaz have apparently employed a PR firm to increase their audience:


    This is turn links to other internet marketing sites:



    Janice Griffiths needs seriously decide on a year when she did stumble on the breeding of Cockapoos, whether by mistake or planned, her own words publicly contradict her own words !!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    As I lie here in bed tonight worried about my 6 month Cockapoo who I bought from Jandaz back in June I came across this blog whilst doing some research into ‘socialisation’ issues.
    I will remain anonymous because on the whole I am happy with my puppy, he has brought much joy and happiness in my life BUT and it is a big but he does have socialisation problems, I started to recognise it from quite early on but hoped after introducing him to lots of different environments and people he would get better. This hasn’t been he case, he is very fearful of people even to the point of urinating when someone tries to touch him, this has happened a few times and not just with complete strangers, he did it only at the weekend when my Dad called round to see us.
    He is showered with love and affection and I can only come to the conclusion that he must of been mistreated in some way whilst he was a young pup.
    I could be wrong but I have been researching this subject extensively.
    Any help and advice would be appreciated.

    • I have received further information from the anonymous poster confirming identity and also that the puppy was sold to the poster as an f3 cockapoo. Sadly it can take a long time to work through the fear that an unsocialised puppy farm puppy feels towards the world. Properly and gently conducted training classes may help as the puppy will learn to accept a group that is not focussed on him in particular but all working round him. Training classes can help support a new owner. You won’t be the only one there with a scared puppy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you for your feedback Carol and Ubique.
        I only wish I had found this blog before I bought a puppy from Janice as it certainly would of swayed my decision.
        As a new puppy owner with no experience of the dog breeding industry I was led to believe that Janice was the best in her field hence the reason buying from her. If you type in Cockapoo breeders UK Jandaz is the first name who comes up on Google. From her website it looks like she has great testimonials but I suppose she wouldn’t allow for bad comments on there.
        I haven’t contacted her with regards to my concerns; the main reason being I certainly wouldn’t want to return my puppy to her. I love him far too much and I have a real bond with him.
        I just think it is important to educate all future prospective buyers, not only is it proving costly for one on one training sessions to help with his fear of people but it is also very time consuming. Any dog owner wants a well adjusted dog and it pains me to see him so scared.
        I am going to do all I can to help him.

    • Carol says:

      I can understand your concerns, however the nervousness of your puppy does not nessercerely mean he has been phisically mistreated. In large breeding farms the pups will receive limited handling and exposure to household noises, people, children etc. so if you do not get you puppy until 10/12 weeks, as is mostly the case with jandaz, then the main window to socialisation has been lost. Add to this that breeding from parent dogs that may already have a nervous temperament can and will get passed on to off spring they produce.
      So if the nervousness is indeed inherited from the parents the will only be a limited amount any new owner can do to off set that.
      I wish you the very best of luck and would recommend finding some good training classes and or professional trainer to guide you.

  34. Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

    All the best to you with encouraging your fearful F3 Jandaz puppy, it will no doubt take time and patience. I bought a cockapoo puppy from Janice Griffiths a few years ago now who turned out to be poorly from the start, as well as fearful of people and other dogs. At our first training class she would stand between my feet and shake. She has definitely improved a lot since then but does remain a shy and nervous dog. As Carol says, lack of handling and socialisation in the first 10 weeks coupled with a nervous mother, would probably be the reason. My pup’s Jandaz “pedigree” turned out to be false so I do not know the true parentage. I would suggest taking socialisation and training gently and at your puppy’s pace so as not to overwhelm and frighten him. Best of luck.

    • Minnie says:

      My Jandaz toy poodle, now nearly 9 years old has always been terrible with other dogs….we feel she just wasn’t socialised at an early enough age, probably just kept in a crate. She also had knee ops as a result of in breeding. She is adorable and I wouldn’t be without her but we also know that her kennel club reg was not real….and the kennel club just told me it wasnt their problem when I rang to tell them they were writing to me about a completely different dog. I think the kennel club are as much to blame for not checking up on the breeders who register their dogs with them …..they are quick enough to take their money. Could someone just investigate Jandaz once and for all and then we can all rest easy that no more puppies are being bred and sold like this.

  35. Disappointed says:

    My cockapoo turned out to be a cockachon!!

  36. Disappointed says:

    That was after having a DNA test done. I was told it was not possible as she doesn’t keep that breed. Well obviously it ended up there somehow???

    • I wonder if Janice remembers what the matings were and which puppies were bought in for resale. So many puppies to sell and so much money to make it’s enough to confuse anyone!

      • Carol says:

        It is possible that Janice has no idea how that mating took place as she has said herself that she sends bitches ‘out’ to be mated. This was her excuse in another case of a pups questionable parentage.

  37. sjtrain says:

    Not sure if this is on the CCGB forum but it should be, I’m going to add this page to my site http://cockapoo.me/cockapoo-breeders-uk/ to warn potential buyers.

  38. Cheryl says:

    I’m really sorry to hear these reports about Jandaz because we had sn entirely different experience. I drove for 4 hours to take my parents to get a cockerpoo in 2008. Yes it was a bit chaotic (but most places that breed a lot of dogs are in my experience) but the puppies were well socialised healthy puppies.

    There were 2 puppies left and after my mum chose her pup Jan asked me if I’d like the other one.. she had another litter due and possibly one lone puppy would be hard work? After someone calls home and some consideration I bought my little Phoebe (free be) home. This doesn’t strike me as a women who just wants to make money? She messaged regularly to see how the pups were doing.
    They will be 9 years old this summer and are the best family pets I could have asked for. Both healthy, good natured beautiful dogs.

    • The majority of puppies bought from Puppy Farms will be fine, that’s how they get away with it. The evidence of Jandaz and poor health, pedigree fraud and overbreeding is overwhelming. You cannot dispute it just because your puppy was lucky.
      The appearance of caring is not real, Janice Griffiths is a slick con artist who has now been found out.

  39. Moony says:

    This lady for want of a better word has had association with another breeder who sold me a dog in 2007. Shes told me she only sold Karen Crowley 1 poodle but I suspect there association is more than that. Its possible a Jandaz poodle sired my dog that I bought from Karen but as a crossbreed I wasnt given any pedigree so only know of the mother. Its odd that if she only sold her 1 dog she would remember her name many years later.

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