Jandaz: Bella’s story

Ann has contacted Farms of Shame with the story of her puppy Bella which she bought from Jandaz Cockapoos. Thank you Ann for your courage.

Here is Bella, according to her pedigree she is supposed to be a first generation Cockapoo. I Bellahave  made enquiries of the UK Kennel Club and corrected the names on the Jandaz pedigree which  now tells me that the  sire is an English Cocker Spaniel, Chanpamar Freckled Fancy (prcd PRA Clear )and the  dam is a brown Miniature Poodle called Jandaz Queen born 11th April 2006 (no health tests). Bella is small and lightly built and was born on the 14th of May 2012 and she looks very much like a poodle with her colour presumably coming from the cocker ?

Bella’s Story as told by Ann to Farms of Shame

 I bought Bella from Janice Griffiths for £775 cash on Friday 3rd August 2012 (I did not sign a contract); she appeared to be a happy and healthy puppy.  The first problem occurred when I started to socialize her.  She would whine and shake when I took her out in public in my arms as she had not had her last injection. I’m not an experienced dog owner and  didn’t realise this was  unusual  but when she was allowed to go out on a lead the real problems started with her pulling hard to go home and terrified if approached by people, although she was not scared of other dogs. This continued for  several weeks  and Bella’s  fear became more extreme, shaking and whining if approached.

I tried to contact Janice twice by telephone, leaving messages  (these telephone calls were logged on my bill) but she did not ring me back. I also emailed her once but again there was no response. My whole aim was to make life easier for Bella and  I wanted to get help from the breeder who had promised lifetime backup on her website.

I got no help and Bella and I were becoming very stressed with her fear of strangers, in fact she was only at ease with myself and my husband and she was even fearful of other members of the family. The situation was impacting on my health so I grabbed for the only lifeline that I could find and phoned The Cockapoo Club of GB which offers help to any owners and Cockapoos in need. We made the decision to take Bella to Lincolnshire and leave her with Stephen and Julia Charlton who had kindly offered me respite.  I took her back a month later as I had got a referral to a therapist and Bella had been well socialised by the Charltons with their dogs and they had tried to take her into town. The Charltons reported that Bella would pace back and forwards at the end of the lead, trying to find an opportunity to flee the space, if put within about 1.5 meters of any stranger.

I sent Janice a courtesy email to inform her that I had placed Bella in the hands of The Cockapoo Club of GB and within an hour I got a call back, wanting her returned with an offer of a full refund. I didn’t feel that was the best course of action for Bella. This was the email I got back from Jandaz! Mentally disturbed

I took her to a reputable behaviourist  who said that Bella was a very anxious dog and recommended that she was not walked near my house as it is in a built up area, and not to walk in woods as that made her panic, also I had to avoid paths and confined spaces. Essentially I felt that the therapist had understood Bella very well but I was left confounded as to how I could exercise my very lively puppy without panicking her, as every time she felt afraid it would stop her improving and would make her even more anxious. I felt that I was left with no other choice but to try to rehome her, possibly as a dog kept on the grounds of a substantial country property . I asked Stephen urgently for help again and we drove the 5 1/2 hours to his home, and from then on she has stayed with Stephen and Julia who are still working with her and trying to find the perfect home for my Bella.

The emotional distress this as all caused has been bad for my health and I want my story told as I do not want anyone else to go through this torment.


About Ubique Larkhill

Contact me at ubiquelarkhill@gmail.com Confidentiality will be respected. Comments only accepted from responsive email addresses..
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  1. The usual sockpuppets are presenting their comments, if they want them published they must respond to my email.

  2. Bill Ashworth says:

    I read a similar account concerning Bella on the I Love My Cockapoo forum, but this was removed, presumably following threats from the Jandaz family.
    The previous post “Jandaz, Portrait of a Puppy Farmer” stated that “When complaints are made, Janice doesn’t want to know and can be very aggressive to anyone who dares post their problems on a forum. Janice and her daughter Sarah (together with sock puppets) batter the poor poster into submission and if that fails there are the usual empty threats of legal action” The text of the email sent by Jandaz shows how true this is.
    Well done to Ann for not allowing herself to be beaten into submission by these people so that others buyers may learn from this.

  3. Bruggesmum says:

    I’m sorry to hear your story Ann. Please remember you are not alone in having bought a cockerpoo with problems. Janice has jumped on the band wagon of trying to supply cute puppies for the public to buy. She has no understanding of the problems that can happen when you breed two different lines/breeds together.
    Color breeding with poodles is a very hard thing to do and for the real experts it’s taken 20 years plus to sort out some of the problems. Janice tries to buy her breeding stock through lies or her favourite way is through a middle person, she has no understanding of any of the pedigrees or what might happen if you breed A to B.
    I can not speak for the cocker side of the pedigree as the only introductions i have had with cockers was when trying to deal with “cocker” rage in the red poodles.

  4. Private says:

    I have a puppy who is jumpy and likes noone but me i took my time socialising her. Its just like a shy child. When she knows you she loves you but until she knows you she will kiss your hand and run away. Dogs have different personalities. Its ridicules that you think they are all the same. A beautiful cocker i know barks at every one but cuddles me. And other dogs will bite. U just have to deal with it. You could have tried harder training classes? I know no matter how much my poor baby hate other people i could never rehome her as buying a puppy is for life not just until you realise you dont like who they are. I love both of my babies. They are completely different to each other. How could you have just gave up on such a small thing that relied on you?

  5. Simon Bennett says:

    The thing about Internet is that anyone can say anything about anyone. i have no way of knowing the credentials of this website. Who is Ubique Larkhill and who are the others? What strikes me about this story is why did the behaviouralist tell Anne to avoid places – all the books I read advocate a process of desensitization, ie getting them used to situations slowly, but not avoidance. Did Ann read these herself? Dogs often get phobias, particularly in view of the way they learn – which means the phobic behaviour could have arisen at any time. If you google, there are hundreds of people with puppies with fears – but they are not giving their dogs away. They’re posting on forums for good advice. There are a number of good strategies out there – Turid Rugaas for one. Her first class appreciation of dog calming signals has helped many people calm a frightened dog.

    What too are sock puppets ? And why are their replies vetted beforehand – this violates a fundamental law of all democracies – freedom of expression. If you run a website like this one, then you are going to have to accept comments you disagree with.

    I have to agree with the breeder and what she says in her email. I could understand giving up a dog that was over aggressive and risking people’s lives, but not one that’s anxious – that seems heartless. Is Ann’s character strong enough to have a dog and the responsibility that goes with it? I can’t judge this from your site.

    This website lacks transparency. We know nothing about the people who run it, or indeed any of the people who they write about. Who is Ann? Why should I trust her judgement over that of Jandaz? Jandaz, in contrast, has a website, can be located, and there are lots of people on forums who are very happy with her dogs.

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      I make it clear here that these are purely my own meandering observations and are no way meant as accusations. I’m happy to “accuse” face to face, however sharing observations allows others the chance to make their own minds up.

      I personally have to agree with others that anonymity is a desire more than a cloak, I know all too well the tactics used to make people retract input and as such I choose to speak with a measured degree of safety. Forums have Trolls and this is not a forum and equally a place for “freedom of expression”.

      Simon Bennett if you re-read your own posts then you should equally be able to read potential “sock puppet” within your own words ?

      Do you know Janice ? Do you know Ann ? Do you know the Behaviouralist ? Have you met Bella ? No one is asking you to trust Bella’s owner’s judgement over Janice’s it is merely allowing Bella’s owner a voice.

      With regards to Bella’s owner’s ability to be a suitable owner then that also is not for you to judge though it could well be argued that Janice / Jandaz should have taken that fact into account before selling her a puppy ?

      Also how much can be gained in understanding to suitability between breeder and customer when the deal can be struck over the phone and a puppy delivered in a box ?

      I’d also like to mention that Bella (the very same dog as above) is actually in the care of the Cockapoo Club of GB and is currently showing as looking for a new Forever Home. That fact does actually tally with the story as written.

      As for “..there are lots of people on forums who are very happy with her dogs” then can I please ask what forums are these ?

      • JANICE GRIFFITHS says:

        FORUM i love my cockapoo search jandaz loads of people happy with my puppies !! and i dont strike deals over the phone and put puppies in box,s The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves…

      • Simon Bennett says:

        Apologies – I can’t help thinking that you mean rambling observations. You’ve really shot yourself and this story in the foot.

        forums: i love my cockapoo – several threads – hearing dogs one, have you got a Jandaz cockapoo one, various bits of advice she gives to people, one where she’s attacked by people and the others ask the person attacking to apologise. Then there is the Jandaz cockapoos in a Putney pub, etc., the New Years conversation one, etc, etc, etc.

      • A Tree says:

        Hi Janice. You were banned off the UKLA forum, do they still allow you on I Love My Cockapoo, looked for your membership as Pinkpoodle and Romeo and you arent there? Looks like you may have been removed from there too. Does anyone know?

  6. Silva says:

    Janice Griffiths is easy to find on a lot of forums posting as Pinkpoodle or Romeo but she was clearly banned by the forum administrators, have Farms of Shame looked into this? I can see one reason why she was banned looking at the Jandaz AKA Pinkpoodle document but maybe there is more to it than just bad language? The words used are very shocking even if I dont quite understand all the English (or is it Welsh?) cuss words. The response to Ann saying she is mentally deranged is unprofessional to say the least. Its also completely unprofessional to use celebrities (even Z list ones) as she did in the Pinkpoodle document. Glad I dont live near the Jandaz puppy mill.

    • Thanks to the owners of Jandaz puppies FoS now has copies of several forum threads which had to be deleted.Some were removed because of threats and others because Janice Griffiths’ language as evidenced in the Jandaz AKA Pinkpoodle document was so out of control that the site had no choice but to remove the thread and ban her. I believe she realized that she had gone too far and then went even further to force the site to remove the evidence which could damage her “reputation”.

  7. Zina smith says:

    I am in no doubt that jandaz do a fantastic job breeding dogs and I am happy to be contacted at any time by prospective owners for a recommendation. I would also be happy to meet people locally who may be thinking of getting a Jandaz Cockapoo, as we are very proud of our cockapoo from janice and cannot speak highly enough of the joy he has brought to our lives already.Janice answered all our questions and provided us with all the relevant paperwork. and we saw both parents who were very happy and so was all there other dogs.If any body is reading please please be reassured. I know there are bad reports about puppy farmers but dont worry we have no regrets Jandaz is the total package go and see with your own eyes. zina

  8. janice griffiths says:

    About Ubique Larkhill
    Contact me at ubiquelarkhill@gmail.com Confidentiality will be respected. Comments only accepted from responsive email addresses the comments you choose to publish i will find out who you are larkhill

  9. janice griffiths says:

    mr larkhill are you VIKTOR

    • No. Can you not get ANYTHING right, Janice?

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        It does appear very strange that Janice asks this question and now a “farmsofshame2013’s Blog” has appeared online trying to undermine Ubique Larkhill when all the information on Jandaz Cockapoos and Janice Lesley Griffiths is genuine and researched to the point that Janice herself felt the need to comment about her own actions too !
        I suspect that Sarah Garratt Griffiths (Janice’s daughter and Rivaz Showdogs) could well be behind this new blog, and whilst I perhaps should not say anything out loud I have to comment that this blog is only likely to increase traffic to the genuine Farms of Shame website itself !……..talk about shooting yourself in the foot !

  10. Liz says:

    Having recently been subjected to be a target for cyber bullies I thought I would write on here how this awful practice really needs to be stamped out.
    I have been verbally attacked and slandered- accused of things I have not done in an attempt to both smear my name & my successful kennel, personal remarks, lies, and attacks on ones character this type of meanness counts as discrimination and is against the law in many states.
    You expect cyber bullying to be active amongst children. but a anonymous blog well how sad is that. Adults whom have nothing better to do but target people,My opinion of these cyberbullies is that they are lowlife,So cyberbullying can occur in places you would probably least expect it to. That these nasty vindictive and jealous people will target those who could be weaker or like myself are seen as stronger & successful in the dog world.
    If you feel some-one is being bullied then report it. I have been a target for cyber bullies & done a lot of investigations on this and find that farms of shame is run by a made up name & is anonymous so why hide? if you are confident in what you are doing and saying!!! I have reported this to cyber investigation unit who I used during my bad time with cyber bullies.

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      I too have been subjected to “cyber bullying” and I think those responsible should suffer the full force of the law however I also feel that there is a case for “cyber exposing”.

      Bad breeding and bad breeding practice needs to be exposed.

      If it was not for the balls of those behind Farms of Shame and PuppyLove then with the bullying tactics employed by some breeding establishments nothing would be said and Puppy Farmers would just rake in the money, with little care to the health and welfare of any animal is their so called care.

      This site is plainly not targeting any specific individual through “jealousy” it’s trying to educate the buying public.

  11. janice griffiths says:

    Comment allowed but references to other uninvolved parties removed. Suggested correction added in brackets as it made no sense otherwise and not much even then

    A Tree says:
    February 21, 2013 at 3:58 am
    Hi Janice. You were banned off the UKLA forum, do they still allow you on I Love My Cockapoo, looked for your membership as Pinkpoodle and Romeo and you arent there? Looks like you may have been removed from there too. Does anyone know? THE ABOVE COMMENTS POSTED BY MRS TREE in answer to that I was banned for the same reason that xxxxxxxxxx was banned were (where?) poor little bella was exciled too, but the true story will soon be told ….

    • Hayley says:

      Bad breeding and bad breeding practice needs to be exposed.
      Yes I agree.
      This is a great site – look at the list of breeders to keep away from & sadly a well known All Approved Cockapoo Breeders is listed on this page & have been Inspected, & is a Code of Ethics.Cockapoo breeder! it upsets me so much & must be true as its libel!

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      Hi Janice,
      I eagerly await your claim that …..”but the true story will soon be told….”

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

      I note that recently the Jandaz website has been updated slightly and now appears to mimic another breeder’s approach to helping people find the right puppy for them.
      It does go against your own previous work ethic and approach !

      Janice – I do hope your newly promoted “Fact Finding Tour” allows any visitor to go everywhere and see everything, meet ALL your stud dogs, meet ALL your Cockapoos and meet ALL your bitches, see where they all live, sleep, eat, play, rest and where they actually feel the most comfortable themselves and where they even whelp (puppies or no puppies present) ??
      Every dog met should be bright eyed, waggy-tailled, happy, confident, fit, healthy and should be able to freely show that they love and are loved by their breeder.

      I’d go as far as asking if these new potential customers would be meeting at least the 30 potential mums you are licensed for ?

      Today I note that you now play your “Parvo-Virus” card in the next line after the offer of this “tour”…………funny that………I wonder what access you do now give ?

      I think a visit is in order…………

  12. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Hi Janice. This has just been taken from a somewhat ever changing website……………………one that still claims you breed Toy Poodles and then doesn’t ???:

    My name is Janice and together with my husband Darrel, We live in New Quay it is a beautiful fishing village on Cardigan Bay together with our dogs and British spotted ponies.Since leaving school (more years ago than I care to remember!) I have been involved in the show world since 1980 with my first show dog Ben Jannavic Alexis my rottweiler who was from the chesara lines he was an excellent example of the breed and won his first RCC at just 13 months.His son was the famous CH poirot led zepplin and will always have a soft spot for rottweillers My daughter Sarah Garratt of rivazshowdogs has followed in my foot steps with her rottweiler having huge success in the show world also owner of the first Japanese shiba inu champion in Wales. and handels to perfection if i do not say so myself! over the years Sarah has shown both her own and other exhibitors dog handling to top awards winning CC & RCC. my husband Darrel has always had show cocker spaniels and I myself having gorgeous poodles i started breeding cockapoos purely by accident but it was the best accident i have ever made and decided to do another i was smitten. Their temperaments are loving, they are very intelligent and alert, yet with a sweet nature, they are famous for being wonderfully affectionate pets. Cockapoos have a sturdy build, are eager to please and easy to train, Cockapoos make fantastic family companion pets. They are very smart, loyal, mellow, are good with children of all ages and with other dogs and cats. Jandaz cockapos have been very successfull in ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, USA JERSEY,GUERNSEY , BERMUDA, BARBADOS ,SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, PRAGUE, DUBAI, My dogs are first and foremost family companions. I take pride in knowing that they are healthy and good temperaments that are passed onto their offspring All are guaranteed not to be affected with prcd Pra as our breeding stock is DNA tested with Optigen in the USA.The Optigen DNA test is by far the most advanced form of testing available now as opposed to the ordinary Opthalmic eye test for PRA. My aim is to breed pups that will grows into well adjusted, fun, family members. Puppies are reared in my home in the hustle and bustle of our very busy house puppies are handled by people of all ages, introduced to my cats and older dogs. all my babies are vaccinated at 5 and 7 weeks against parvo virus at 9 weeks with duramune 8 in 1 and also kennel cough vaccination, wormed every 2 weeks and de fled with stronghold for worms ear mites and fleas. microchipped insured and a puppy starter pack with everything you need my puppies are fed exclusively on Royal Canin
    all puppies are sold on the understanding if you are no longer able to keep puppy/dog at any time in its life must be returned back to me..”

    A glaringly obvious comment is: “my husband Darrel has always had show cocker spaniels and I myself having gorgeous poodles i started breeding cockapoos purely by accident but it was the best accident i have ever made and decided to do another i was smitten.” Other than the usual grammatical errors…”by accident…” does sound as if a breeder of so many years cannot and does not potentially understand when a bitch may be coming in season and when it is necessary to split the boys from the girls !………….I would have thought that such a seasoned professional breeder aware of the animals in her possession would have been aware of her own bitches cycles ???

    Then you write: “……My dogs are first and foremost family companions. I take pride in knowing that they are healthy and good temperaments that are passed onto their offspring…..My aim is to breed pups that will grows into well adjusted, fun, family members…..” I’d like to know how poorly puppies come about and then also what led to “Bella” being born ?

    When you use such a statement as: “…..All are guaranteed not to be affected with prcd Pra as our breeding stock is DNA tested with Optigen in the USA.The Optigen DNA test is by far the most advanced form of testing available now as opposed to the ordinary Opthalmic eye test for PRA….” then that comment leads me to believe that you actually DNA test BOTH Sire and Dam ?? As technically they come under the banner of “breeding stock” ?

    And finally: “…Puppies are reared in my home in the hustle and bustle of our very busy house puppies are handled by people of all ages…” Please could you say where these puppies are actually BORN ? as using the term “reared” can mean at anytime during their life with you the breeder.

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  14. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    As can be viewed on the later post and Jandaz:


    Bella’s DNA Wisdom Results came back stating Bella to be an F1B (Cockapoo to Poodle) and not as per the paperwork supplied or photos confirmed nor any correspondence with Bella’s owner !!!! (Trades Descriptions Act may be worth having a look at).

    This is not the first DNA test result to show potential inaccuracy with Parentage / Ancestry and I doubt it will be the last….

  15. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    I have just been informed that there is an update on Bella’s progress with her new owner on the Cockapoo Club of GB’s member’s forum. These are Bella’s new owner’s comments:

    “When I met Bella she was a very nervous little dog – in fact she would only come near me for a treat, but she didn’t want any human contact. I spent a few hours with her at the Cockerpoo Rescue Centre and, after talking everything through, I felt that I could work with her insecurities and hopefully offer her a happy home. She’s been with me for two months now and we absolutely adore each other, she will do anything for me and I for her. Bella is also getting to know my friends and family and slowly slowly she is gaining in trust and bravery to let them love her as much as they all want to. She also has a best friend in my sister’s dog Digger, who is also a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust. I think Bella will always be a reserved little girl, but I am very optimistic she will stop seeing her world as such a scary place to be.”

  16. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    It appears that the audience for these Farms of Shames posts is about to grow somewhat.
    Not only has Janice Griffith of Jandaz Cockapoos re-posted her “The Real Truth About Bella” but Stephen Charlton from The Cockapoo Club of GB has posted a “right of reply” on the CCGB’s forum which is backed with factual, actual quotes, Facebook comments and even Janice’s rather telling voicemail message to him the day she received the e-mail to say where Bella was !

    Interestingly it also includes quotes taken from a Facebook rant made that included several comments by a certain Sarah Garratt Griffths of Rivaz Showdogs, she openly comments:

    “So angry mum has just had a email off a puppy owner saying she couldn’t cope with puppy so Stephen Charlton of the GB club has driven all the way to wales today to offer the puppy a good home. Mum has just rang Stephen Charlton to say we knew nothing of this until today as we always have dogs back and and puppy must come back to us. and we will collect the dog tomorrow. He laughed at my mother and said ha ha I don’t think so and threatened her with the police I am sick to death of Stephen Charlton what a way to act so before he puts a load of lies on forums this is the truth ”

    If Sarah Garratt is not actively involved in the “family business” then why would she feel the need to use “WE” so often “we knew nothing / we always have dogs back / and puppy must come back to us / we will collect”………..so Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs IS part of Jandaz Cockapoos !!?

    Oh……there is still more to come…..

  17. Lynne Bates says:

    Well, I have been looking for a Cockapoo Breeder and came across JANDAZ…I feel that I have had a lucky escape after reading this whole page, unfortunately not the same can be said for the poor dogs that she owns and rears. I’ve never seen/heard a breeder talk to a customer/and other people in general with such a lack of respect and professionalism- never mind being abusive and very immature. Thanks to this I will be spreading the word as far as possible,

    • Number Cruncher says:

      I had previously read the Jandaz version of “Bella’s Tale” on the Jandaz website, however I note that it’s now been removed.

      I have now read Stephen Charlton’s “right of reply” which highlights the distinct lack of after-sales care, help and advice given by Jandaz. Janice Griffiths’ excuses for not replying to phone and email message are laughable and her subsequent contact with both Mr Charlton and Mrs Cooke are disgusting.

      Photographs of the Jandaz family on their website smiling and drinking champagne, seek only to re-enforce their apparent contempt for past customers and the puppies they have been sold.

      Good luck to Bella and her new owners, and well done to Mrs Cooke and Mr Charlton for ensuring that Bella is in the best care. I doubt we’ll ever find out for sure who Bella’s parents are, but I think it’s now clear that she is not the cockapoo puppy the she was purported to be by Jandaz.

      We’ll never know who many other puppies have been mis-sold by Jandaz Cockapoos. The Griffiths family do not seem to care, but I’m pleased that there are others who do and will continue to campaign for truth and openness.

  18. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    “Bella” the Cockapoo was first listed on the Jandaz website on the 1st July 2012 and was actually advertised as an F1 Show x Mini Poodle and as being black and white, to be ready for the end of July.
    The photo used on the Jandaz website clearly shows a black and white puppy (not the Bella we know from her photo above). There was no mention of a price. Alongside this advert was another Cockapoo listed as an F1 Show x Mini Poodle also called black and white, though her legs are clearly showing signs of roaning, also ready end of July but named “Lulu” along with a price of £757.

    On the 10th July a new advert appeared showing two Cockapoos side by side, listed as “Cherry & Bella” as “Cream, B&W” being “English cockapoos”. The photo shows an apricot puppy beside a puppy that is obviously the “Lulu” as Janice had listed earlier.
    On the 13th July there is a new ad for an “F1 English Black and white” puppy advertised as “Bella” with a price of £675. The photo clearly shows the same puppy as before showing signs of roaning on her legs.

    On the 24th July 2012 Jandaz place an advert for two older puppies, both 6 months old and both girls, no names but with a price of £575.

    Ann’s initial contact with Janice Griffiths was on the 24th July 2012. Ann visited on the 28th July to meet both of the 6 month old girls and “Bella” as she was then advertised.

    Ann chose to go with “Bella” and was told that the price was “£775” she left a £50 deposit. Ann did remember originally reading her price listed as £675 so checked Jandaz’s website and saw it had changed to £775 !…………..the balance was paid “in cash” as per Janice’s instructions.

    So my own concerns here, other than the questions that have been asked several times here (none of which have actually been answered though both Janice Griffiths and Sarah Garratt have joined the conversations and obviously visit this site regularly) is:

    Do Jandaz change the actual price to suit the individual situation ?

    How does a historically known and self proclaimed long standing breeder with many years of (unlicensed) hands-on experience advertise an obvious “blue roan” puppy as “black & white” ?

    Also how does such a knowledgeable breeder advertise an obvious Working Cocker bred Cockapoo as a Show Cocker bred Cocker initially and only drop the word “Show” as the puppy gets older……and from a breeder who claims not to use Working Cockers ?

    But most glaringly, how does such a breeder (with such a self proclaimed degree of traceability to blood-lines, ancestry and record keeping) then advertise one of her own puppies as an “F1” only to have it DNA tested as an F1B and then defend this with the comment:
    June 1, 2013 at 10:42 am
    bella the choco poodle was taken to a breeder of cockapoos and she said she had been mated to a spaniel so i sold as f1 cockapoos

    When you then take into account that other Cockapoos have been DNA tested not be be Cockapoos at all, then this raises the question:

    Does Janice Griffith of Jandaz Cockapoos breed herself, buy-in or potentially perhaps she buys out of the back of a van ?

    • siobhan montgomery says:

      —-/I bought my dog from Janice in the midst of all this, and I’m so glad I did. I thank my lucky stars I wasn’t put off by this ku-klux-klan-style website. I wouldnt say it didnt worry me, but I knew there were so many other people happy with their dogs from Jandaz, so I went forward. And thank goodness! He’s a total sweetheart, well balanced, confident, healthy, happy and beautiful with it. My vet thinks the world of him. And Janice was absolutely lovely – so nice, warm and easy to speak to and helpful. I do not recognise the person depicted on this website. I phoned her without warning one day and could have seen my dog there and then on FaceTime because my dog was by her feet and NOT in some cold, dank, uncleaned kennel somewhere. My wifi connection was not working. We tried. It wasn’t her connection that failed, but mine. When I did see him, it was very clear she had a very good relationship with him. I feel very sorry for Janice. She’s a really, really nice person. I would say to any prospective dog buyers who are in any doubt: phone her, speak to her, find out for yourselves: make your own mind up. i did and i don’t look back. I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t praise my little boy.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:


        Your polite response has now obviously triggered a few questions:

        Have you actually read all of the actual titled posts and the comments made against them ?
        Have you, yourself visited Jandaz Cockapoos in Wales ?
        Did you base your purchase solely on the presentation of Janice’s Jandaz website ?
        Did you believe comments such as: “Simply the best” and “Jandaz 4 Ever” along with the gushing “Endorsements” as posted ?
        Did you yourself meet the Mum ?
        Did your “Mungo” actually appear for sale on the Jandaz website ? (or did she conveniently have one that met your actual requirements) ?
        Did you yourself meet any of Janice’s 30 bitches for which she has a breeding license for ?
        Did you “buy” (unseen) a puppy that appeared on her site along it’s name and few other details ? (was the price you paid the same as it was advertised for ?)
        Did you pay all the “extras” for jabs / vet checks / passport / courier etc ?
        If it’s not too rude….would you be willing to say what the extra costs came to ????

        Were you approached by Janice to post a comment on here ?
        Did she put it to you that a couple of people have a nasty vendetta against her ?

        Do you agree yourself with acknowledged “back to back” breeding ?

        What are your own feelings on potentially finding out through DNA that your “Cockapoo” is not what is had been sold to you as ?

        Did she mention that she has actually been banned from:
        The Labradoodle Forum (check her user name of “Pinkpoodle”)
        I Love my Cockapoo Forum (check her name “Romeo”)
        The Cockapoo Club of GB (they did not even accept her though her daughter, Sarah Garratt “Rivaz” was banned).
        The Cockapoo Owners Club (she is no long a contributor nor is her daughter Sarah Garrett).
        And did you do any research online about her or any other breeder as a matter of coarse ?

        Whilst I (along with so many others) am Thankful that you have a lovely, happy, healthy dog….would you be willing to share with us his “Sit Stay Pedigree” ???

        After all of the above along with the e-mail you’ll get very soon from Janice herself…….I doubt we will hear any more from you……sadly.

      • Hi Siobhan
        I did email last week you to ask whether you had actually picked up your puppy from Janice Griffiths’ kennels and unfortunately have had no response. Contributors have sent me a link to the Jandaz endorsements page and it seems that you never visited the kennels and never met Janice. as you wrote “Thanks too to Ian and his great courier service: ”
        So you did meet Uncle Ian Taylor, really really nice was he? http://www.tivysideadvertiser.co.uk/news/9673352.Man_had_sawn_off_shotgun_and_cannabis/
        Sorry Siobhan buying puppies over the internet based entirely on slick presentation and the smooth talk of the Puppy Farmer is no way to buy a puppy and allows lying Puppy Farmers to flourish.

        We need Oscar’s Law!

  19. Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

    Hi Siobhan, glad you are pleased with your puppy, but I wonder if you could take the time to answer a few of my concerns.
    Did you actually collect him or was he delivered?
    Is your pedigree a worthless piece of waste paper like all the ones on here (Heidi/Bella etc), how would you know?
    Why does your vet think the world of him? Surely they hardly meet?

    And it did rather strike me that you “could have seen him” on FaceTime except for technical problems. Well maybe but maybe not.
    Lovely “really, really nice” people do not get arrested for attacking their neighbours, they do not use convicted felons to deliver their puppies. Both of these are matters of fact not allegations. Your puppy was just one of the hundreds of puppies she sells every year, the only good relationship to be found is with the money not the dogs.

  20. Number Cruncher says:

    @siobhan – I’m sure everyone reading your account of the first two months of owning your Jandaz Cockapoo is delighted to hear that he’s happy and healthy.

    Looking at the Jandaz website, I see that you live outside of the UK and had Mungo delivered to you by Puppy Courier, “Uncle Ian” aka Ian Christopher Taylor. Bearing in mind the fact that you’ve not visited the Jandaz Kennels in Wales and not met Janice Griffiths in person it is understandable that you do not recognise the person depicted on this website.

    No-one has said that the Jandaz puppies are kept in cold, dank, uncleaned kennels and the fact that Janice was willing to provide video evidence to show him at her feet may have been fortuitous. It does not prove that Jandaz is a reputable breeder, with strong ethics, breeding from stock with known pedigrees and appropriate health tests. Evidence on the Farms of Shame website demonstrates that the opposite is true.

    In the UK, there is a campaign for all puppy buyers to meet the puppy’s Mum when buying and to check all paperwork carefully http://www.pupaid.org/wheresmum. By buying unseen, puppy buyers play into the hands of puppy farmers and unwittingly allow this trade to continue.

    I sincerely hope that Mungo continues to grow into a healthy, happy cockapoo, bringing delight to everyone who meets him. You must understand though, this is not the experience of a number of Jandaz Cockapoos or their owners.

  21. Carol says:

    To the person posting such a glowing report of Janice and her dogs I think it would be wise to wait until your puppy matures before you pass judgement on it temperament and health. At 10 weeks most puppies seem absolutely fine. It takes time for the lack of socialisation, handling and care to manifest itself in the temperament a dog. I have personally met and know of many Jandaz cockapoos and unfortunately far too many are nervous, snappy worried little dogs. They are fearful with other dogs, new places, new people and men. I realise this is a bit of a generalization based on the poos that I have met but basing that on the true amount of Jandaz dogs out there I fear there are many many nervous dogs out there. Puppies being bred from poorly socialised and fearful mothers and sent to trusting homes for unwitting owners to try and fix and understand why their pup that they have only ever loved and treated well is so unconfident/ fearful.
    I would just hold your horses Siobahn, it’s a bit early to be giving such a report.

  22. Ann Observer says:

    Given Janice’s breeding activities over the years and the threads on here that outline a fairly large business concern I do find it hard to accept Janice’s latest attempt at drumming up business:


    “WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY….” How can such a small family cater for the needs of their Licensed 30 Breeding bitches, their numerous studs (needed so that they don’t restrict the gene-pool) and their Cockapoos, and other animals too ……not to mention the amount of puppies they advertise each year (currently 10 puppies shown from what on the face of it appears to be from 4 different litters) !

    “WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO WELCOME VISITORS TO OUR HOME FOR A VISIT…..” Anyone visiting a breeder should be able to view all the dogs and where they live etc, so don’t accept being restricted to just one room of their home !
    It is plain to see Jandaz have updated their “Parvo” rant and it still shows that no on would be allowed to visit their actual kennels:

    I’m sure everyone has read on the net recommending that before you buy you take yourself from one breeder to another to see the parents.meet
    the breeder and inspect the facilities. I would like to say something TO the
    people who write this kind of irresponsible drivel,
    In my opinion the people who wrote these articles have
    obviously never been faced the ravages of PARVO well i have and never again. visistors are welcome to meet myself my dogs and visit my home but we do not allow unvaccinated puppies to be handled
    When I first started breeding I went to visit several breeders. They would NEVER allow me in to see new born puppies OR their kennel area, and I couldn’t understand why and was honestly offended at first. However, after having my own kennel, I knew EXACTLY why they had their “off limits” policy. No one took the time to explain to me why these rules were set, so I will explain it to you so no one will be offended or think they are being singled out on a visit. I truly appreciate a breeder that is careful with visitors around their kennel and their puppies. You will find that many breeders, ones that truly care, will have some kind of visitation policy. All reputable breeders make it a priority to protect their dogs. The risk of parvo increases for a breeder each and every time the breeder allows the general public to come into contact with their puppies and dogs, regardless of their age. Problems also arise when a breeder not only allows multiple people to handle their young puppies
    As for those breeders who do allow visitors, by all means do business with them if you like. Just think, if they allow you to visit, who else has been there, and where have THEY been? Sometimes that fantasy can turn into a nightmare”

    Janice’s claims about the differences between American Show, English Show and Working Cockers have been well and truly undermined by the many who actually own the cross section of mixes (please refer to The Cockapoo Club of GB’s forum and the I Love My Cockapoo forum for people’s actual experiences). “Bertie” was recently rehomed by the Cockapoo Club of GB and he was an American Cocker / Toy Poodle mix and you only need to read his description and watch the video to see how full-on he was.
    Janice’s claims are false, unfounded and show a distinct lack of experience, expertise, professionalism or knowledge.

    And then this also on the same page:


    It’s a “Buyer Beware” society and on the face of it Jandaz appear to be the largest breeder / advertiser of Cockapoos in this Country so I’d recommend taking a screen-shot of her Home Page daily over the period of a couple of months and then add up the number of puppies shown. If you are clever and speak to Janice you may even get to hear of other puppies not shown (as she is known to offer extra puppies to people who go to collect their own), that way you can create your own picture of her output yourself !

  23. c says:

    Can I ask Janice, if you are “committed to breeding healthy cockapoos” and “a dedicated breeder of cockapoos” then why falsify your pedigree documents (as detailed in the Problem of Pedigrees page)?

  24. siobhan montgomery says:

    >>> As creator of a totally anonymous and vitriolic website, Mr Larkhill, I don’t think you’re in much of a position to lecture me on anything. I don’t know about Oscar’s law, but roll on laws that prevent this type of hate speech.
    >>> People are more clued up on cyberbullying these days, particularly after the suicide of the British schoolgirl and I think that websites such as yours, with contributors called Mrs Tree, and Ann Other lack the credibility they may have had in the past, but only because people did not ask themselves the right questions, and were too quick to believe what they read. And of course more recently we’ve all heard about the fake reviews… Today people have the means and the knowledge not to be so easily fooled. Let’s face it, all the posts on this website could be the work of one person, inventing different email addresses through gmail or yahoo.com, and posting from different computers at different IP addresses, and we, the public, have absolutely no way of knowing. But because this is possible, and because you refuse to go public, and because of the very dodgy evidence – did Janice really write “Mom” to one of her clients? I very much doubt it: Mom is Mum over here – I could not even begin to believe this website. “Researchers” – what researchers?? Sounds very grand and plausible, but who are these people? Why should I believe their research? There’s also too much vitriol for it to be credible. It looks like a case of sour grapes or gamesmanship between different breeders.
    >>> If all this evidence is true, how come no one has taken steps to prosecute Janice, how come the BBC or some official organisation has not paid her a visit. Indeed, the effect of this Farms of shame website is absolutely minimal, except that someone looking for a cockapoo might be deterred from contacting Jandaz – and in which case you’ve done them out of a really fabulous dog.
    >>> Conversely, as you yourselves have found, people who leave the endorsements on Janice’s website can be traced if you put your mind to it. They are real people, with real points of view. My real point of view is that I have a very sweet, well-balanced dog, who loves all people, he particularly likes well-built men as well as women who look a little like Janice, indeed he nearly went off with one such person the other day. He loves walks, he loves more or less everything, he’s a happy-go-lucky dog. Oh, he doesn’t like very heavy rain, but I don’t he’s the only canine not to like that. He went to the vet in the beginning for boosters and worming tablets, and no other reason (don’t all new puppies go to the vets for these reasons – I was surprised to see this question asked. It struck me as fairly obvious). I also know the vet fairly well, since she was a great help when my elderly cat died this time last year of cancer. And I live in a small community, where the client-vet relationship is probably more personal than in other communities.
    >>> And when do these owners that complain about Janice’s dogs actually begin to take responsibility for what happens to their dog? If a dog is confident and happy when it arrives from Janice’s, but 5 weeks later is unhappy and nervous, then I, as an owner, would wonder what I had done, not what Janice had done. Frankly, I think that Janice is a convenient scapegoat.

    No virus found in this message.
    Checked by AVG – http://www.avg.com
    Version: 2014.0.4158 / Virus Database: 3614/6744 – Release Date: 10/12/13

    • Ann Observer says:

      Siobhan your defence of Jandaz is very selective in it’s venting and does on the face of it come across as being written by one of Janice’s own sock puppets (and yes it is commonly known that Jandaz have used sock puppets on a number of forums over a number of years and so it could well be argued that you are just one of them, perhaps even a family member ?).
      As for your reference to cyber-bullying, then read the other stories on here and you will be fully aware of the lengths Jandaz have also gone to instigate, be involved in and enflame such rants across several of these forums, until such a time that moderators chose to intervene and remove posts and ban people. Perhaps you could ask Janice and her family how many of the forums, clubs and sites they once were so active on now have them listed as banned ?
      “Hate speech” is a harsh comment for some on here who have asked innocent questions of Janice. Though it’s the kind of comment known to be used by sock puppets and family alike to bully others from passing comment.
      As for the claim of different breeder gamesmanship then Janice is by no means innocent in that field either, in fact Jandaz and her sock puppets have instigated a number of attacks (as opposed to defences), so I ask who is leading these games ?
      As for this site exposing some unsavoury practises and unethical procedures then surely by Janice’s own admission above to back to back breeding (only to claim it was OK as it was the Kennel Club’s fault for letting her do it) has some grounds for being made public ?
      As for the endorsements on the Jandaz website, they would have as much worth if some of those happy people hadn’t turned out to be the same names behind sock-puppet comments across the forums ? Strange that some forum members can claim to be on the search for a Cockapoo on one site, but then own one on another forum and then claim to be an innocent amateur owner who overnight turns into the font of all knowledge on Cockapoos, Poodles, Cockers, genetics, colours and breeding blood lines on another ? Do you think these sites’ admins don’t talk to each other ?
      Then to sign off with a snide dig at owners who may have spoken out, suggesting that it is the owner’s issue not the breeder’s fault, that is so in line with the Jandaz sock-puppet approach !

    • I was intrigued to find that Siobhan’s comment on my blog was finished with an AVG clearance, almost as if it had been copied straight from an email? Is there another explanation Siobhan? Just asking. The buzz words in this comment “cyberbullying”, etc look very much like Jandaz invective. What facts do YOU dispute Siobhan? YOU I mean not Janice. All the Jandaz research done for my blog can be verified by the United Kingdom Kennel Club. Why don’t you call them to check?

      • Ann Observer says:

        Well given that the wording of the message was so in the style of Janice’s daughter Sarah then to e-mail it to another sock puppet to post, so they don’t trigger a known IP address (as she mentions herself above funnily enough) is another sock puppet method !

        Having seen the other methods of underhandedness that these people go to, I suspect the comment ….” the effect of this Farms of shame website is absolutely minimal, except that someone looking for a cockapoo might be deterred from contacting Jandaz – and in which case you’ve done them out of a really fabulous dog.” …is actually now having more of an effect than they like to admit !

        Janice, Sarah and the rest of the Jandaz sock-puppet clan, if you continue to pump out puppies at the rate you do, with the conviction in the work ethic you do, it is not likely to be long before more and more skeletons come out of the closet and then that may result in the likes of the BBC etc actually generating an interest.

        Oh, FYI, another classic error on Janice’s judgement, given her own claims, reassurances and supposed work ethic:


        Taken from the Jandaz website this evening. If this need was as urgent as the need implies, why is this puppy still in Wimbledon ?
        Why was this puppy not taken back as soon as the need arose ?
        Why was this puppy not even collected by Uncle Ian ?
        What duty of care does Janice have with finding a new home ?…would that be vetted too, as she does with all the other homes her puppies go to ?….To go back to a previous question posted……how does Janice “vet” a owner or home of someone she says she can have a puppy delivered to the next day when they just make a call to enquire about puppies ?

        To back UL up to…..many more of these facts can be traced back to the many sites, clubs, forums and websites that Janice et al used, not only The KC themselves !

    • Number Cruncher says:


      I too have to agree that the text of your post appears to have mainly been written by someone else, You refer to contributors by their title “Mr Larkhill”, “Mrs Tree” etc. something that Janice Griffiths often does.

      You have obviously been in contact with Jandaz and are prepared to put your name to their lies. As has been said before, everyone is delighted that your dog is growing into a happy, healthy dog. Although I’m surprised why you comment that he “particularly likes well-built men as well as women who look a little like Janice” perhaps you’re reading too much into the behaviour of your dog? Your point of view is welcomed, but conversely you should also allow other owners of a Jandaz cockapoo to offer their own point of view – any large breeder of dogs will have unhappy customers, but the complaints against Jandaz seem disproportionately high. Good businesses also work with unhappy customers and strive to improve. Janice laughs at them and questions their mental state! There have been many opportunities for Jandaz to improve the way their business has been portrayed, but they will not or cannot. They do not publicise the names of their breeding stock, they do not show photos of the puppies with their mum, they threaten legal action, there are accidental matings, fictitious or dubious paperwork, the list goes on.

      On the question of Researchers – these people have studied many dog breeders, and have carried out various investigations into those who seek to lie in order to profit from the sale of puppies. Why not call them Researchers? Why should you believe the research? Because it can be backed up by facts from the Kennel Club, backed up by emails, various lab reports and backed up by Janice herself! Too much vitriol? I see very little vitriol other than in posts made by Janice, her daughter Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs, and other Jandaz sock puppets.

  25. Cockapoo owner says:

    Siobhan – I do rather resent comments in your latest post. You are fully entitled to give your “real point of view” and I respect that – but so are others entitled to their real points of view. You say “when do these owners that complain about Janice’s dogs actually begin to take responsibility for what happens to their dog? If a dog is confident and happy when it arrives from Janice’s, but 5 weeks later is unhappy and nervous, then I, as an owner, would wonder what I had done”. This is extremely offensive when some owners have bought puppies in good faith who were nervous and/or sick from the beginning, and they have done their absolute best for them.

    You have a sweet, well-balanced dog – that’s great – but it’s not the experience of quite a large number of others, so please respect our experiences also. Many owners who have suffered these difficulties with puppies were also supplied with fake pedigrees.

    Truthful factual information here is not cyber-bullying as you say, but cyber-exposing. Actually, some of Janice’s own communications could be classed as bullying. Indeed her email featured on here of October 2012 to Bella’s owner asks “ARE YOU MENTALLY DISTURBED OR WHAT?”

    Janice has been politely asked several times to comment on or give reasons for the fake Jandaz pedigrees she has issued to owners. She has, to date, declined to comment on this at all. There is proper evidence for these – https://farmsofshame.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/jandaz-a-problem-of-pedigrees/ – Janice has, on this website, admitted back-to-back breeding of her bitches (saying she thought it was legal at the time), and has said that Bella and her litter were the result of a mating that took place at another breeder of cockapoos and it seems the real sire is unknown. But still no word about the fake pedigrees, which are genuine documents found to contain false information. It seems Jandaz would like to brush these under the carpet and continue selling puppies.

  26. Ann Observer says:

    Having read the original posts and the replies along with the history strewn across a number of sites, forums and clubs, and then the degree of squirming Janice Lesley Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos is doing (as her own website reacts to these comments) along with her army of sock puppets (including Janice’s daughter Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs) it is easy to back-track through the internet and read such posts on other forums as: – http://www.lovinggsd.com/forum/archive/index.php?t-8963.html

    I’d say that both Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos and Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs are long overdue a visit from the likes of the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 (or any other investigative reporter willing to dig deeper), so come on Janice Griffiths and Sarah Garratt (Daz, Hayley, Zina, Siobhan, Awena, Amber etc etc)…how about some answers ?

    I’d also have to say that any other breeder who is associated / has links with Jandaz / Rivaz should also be concerned as their ethics / breeding stock would also deserve the same degree of scrutiny ! ?

  27. Ann Observer says:

    Jandaz are beginning to show some real cracks as they have now posted publicly again about Bella on their website: http://www.jandaz.co.uk/668/the-real-truth-about-bella/ (I have a screen-saved shot too in case it gets removed along with the reduced “sale” prices recently announced).

    Janice Griffiths should now be able to confirm who the parents of Bella really are but have chosen not to disclose this information. Would Jandaz now be able to back this claim up with a parental DNA test on them ?

    Jandaz claim to be in contact with Bella’s 3 siblings, can we now assume that legally sanctioned DNA tests on them will support this claim and equally link them to their parents ?

    Janice Griffiths publicly claimed to have left Bella’s mother with a friend and that this friend must have been responsible for Bella’s DNA test result showing her to be a different mix to the one Jandaz sold her as, so Jandaz must now know who the parents and and be able confirm their names ?
    If Bella was not “as advertised” then it’s the Jandaz breeding practise that is at fault, not Ann, and any “contract” Jandaz had with Ann would now be legally null and void. With the commercial (licensed) practise of breeding dogs as a business, Janice Griffiths knows that she ultimately takes legal responsibility for all puppies advertised (no matter how vague their backgrounds are). Jandaz’s advert for Bella misrepresented the goods on offer and could even be construed as “fraud”.

    For Jandaz to re-post “The Real Truth about Bella” must show that Janice Griffiths is again worried about what could be happening, as it appears on the face of it that Ann Cooke has an extremely strong case against them and if it did go to court then the media interest in this case is likely to be huge.

    ………and as an aside “!!!!!!NEWS FLASH JANDAZ ARE IMPORTING TWO 5 GENERATION CHOCOLATE AND TAN COCKAPOOS FROM USA!!!!!”……………what fate do these dogs now have ?……….how inbred are they and how inbred are their offspring likely to be in the hands Janice Griffiths ??

  28. Deb says:

    We bought Ruby from Jandaz. Janice lied about her age – told us she was 12 weeks old when she was at least 14 weeks. Janice showed us – first time dog owners – how to keep her quiet by shutting her in a crate and banging on the top with a rolled up newspaper. Our poor dog has psychological issues and has never been the healthiest cockapoo but we love her. This puppy farm needs shutting down 😢

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