Jandaz: a Problem of Pedigrees.

Farms of Shame has received a bundle of pedigrees from the concerned owners of Jandaz puppies. My researchers have discovered that they show up the principle problems that we  find in the paperwork issued by puppy farms: no health testing; under age and over age breeding; breeding on successive seasons, contrary to law; and pedigrees that may not even represent the parentage of the puppies sold.

I’ve given the “petnames” as a heading for each investigation but the dogs involved are clearly not pets.


According to Kennel Club records, Jandaz My Love had a litter of toy poodles sired by Black Blinky of Mansel on the 12th of September 2004. This was their only registered litter together and there were only two puppies: Jandaz Brown Betty and a brown dog puppy.

Jandaz Brown Betty had toy poodle litters for Janice Griffiths and I believe it can only be her that appears in pedigrees under the name of “Jandaz Bessie” as she has the same parents. Jandaz Brown Betty has no health tests.

On the 22nd of October 2007, Jandaz Brown Betty had a litter of toy poodles jandaz brown betty litterand just 2 weeks later, on the 3rd of November, “Jandaz Bessie” was also said to be the mother of a cockapoo litter to an American Cocker, Tisaj’s Eye Candy. One of the litter called Heidi (originally Jemma) was sold as prime breeding stock. It is unclear who the parents of these puppies really were and where they came from.heidiinsured21Dec2007born03Nov2007

You will notice that the Jandaz ‘pedigree’ has the names changed and tweaked from the genuine UK Kennel Club registered names that I have used. This makes them impossible to find on the KC online tool when you look for health tests.


Similarly, toy poodle “Jandaz Fancy” (parents Marcus Witha Splish Splash and Jandaz Black Millie) had cockapoo litters for Janice Griffiths. There is NO “Jandaz Fancy,” but there is a Fancy Fuchsia with those same parents.

Fancy Fuchsia’s full litter sister is prcd PRA Affected. This is a genetic condition causing blindness. Fancy Fuchsia produced 2 prcd PRA affected puppies for a breeder just down the road from Jandaz using a stud dog from Janice’s lines.

Was Fancy then handed over to produce untraceable cockapoo puppies with mangled pedigrees for Jandaz? If not, who can she be? Jandaz lines are behind 4 of the 9 prcd PRA Affected toy poodles known to the UK Kennel Club


The name changes become all important when we look at another Jandaz ‘pedigree’. PabloandSadiespuppiesThe dam of this litter was a gold English Cocker Spaniel, “Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing”, called Sadie by Janice Griffiths. “Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing” is unknown to the Kennel Club. There is, however, a Jandaz gold Cocker bitch with the same parents called Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous and it seems to me that the bitch has been renamed. But: why would anyone bother? Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous (or Spiffing) pet named Sadie was born on the 4th of December 2003 but was still apparently having litters at 8 years old on the 15th of January 2012. Sadie had yet another litter to Pablo on the 8th of June 2012, not quite 5 months later.

My researchers also noticed that a bitch, “Secret Miss”, not bred by Jandaz,  had been Jandaziced to “Jandaz Secret Miss”!  Tweaking and changing names effectively prevents owners without the research facilities available to me from knowing how old or how young the dam is or what health tests the parents of their puppy had (or, more likely didn’t have).


Jandaz Henryetta Coney litterJandaz Henryetta Coney was brought to my attention by the Labradoodle Forum. This tiny toy poodle bitch was born 31st of October 2006 and gave birth to her first litter of Cockapoos on the 30th November 2007. She had been mated as a 10 months old puppy to a working English Cocker Spaniel, Cynin Black Magic. Neither parent, of course, has any health testing. I find it difficult to believe that a breeder could not see just how risky this mating could be to her little puppy, unless money is her only aim.

Janice Griffiths has repeatedly denied mating male cockers to her tiny toy poodles. According to her own pedigrees, however, she does so as a matter of course.



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23 Responses to Jandaz: a Problem of Pedigrees.

  1. A Tree says:

    What a surprise , a puppy farming lying, who would have thought. On the UKLA Janice Griffiths claimed to retire her girls at 3 years old and rest them between litters, all lies. We will definitely not be taking her up on the offer to visit, doesn’t look like a good idea. Did you notice her courier has been in court too, defended by her lawyer? Just google Ian Taylor Parcydelyn, Llwyndafydd

    • dog lover says:

      Jandaz and everything associated with her business is sounding appalling , I feel sorry for anybody who has bought a puppy in good faith , and has ended up with heartache . This should be stopped by the authorities sooner than later . There is a problem in Wales with puppy farming , and Breeders should be answerable to a goverment department set up to look after the welfare and health of breeding dogs and their puppies , because what is in place is not working .

      • Its obvious from a world away that its the Puppy Farmers that are being supported in Wales and not the dogs. I know from all the emails of support about these posts that the Welsh people love their dogs and want the Shame of Wales:- Puppy Farming, abolished.

    • Bill says:

      Ian Taylor is often referred to by Janice Griffiths as “Uncle Ian” and he is pictured on his Puppy Courier website puppycouriers.co.uk holding Janice’s cockapoo, Romeo. The portrayal of a friendly, family service is a contradiction to the reports in the local press.


    • alison says:

      retire her girls at three years old??? how on earth does she manage that…. if you dont breed on their first cycle, then they should be around 18 months with their first mating and pregnancy…. then 63 days for the pregnancy, then 56 days for the puppies to be 8 weeks sale age and first immunisations….so around 110 days (3.6 months) total….plus 18 months…so the girl is over two years old with her second litter, if you are not breeding on every cycle… then she will be over three years old with her third litter!!… and it sounds like many of these bitches have had more then 2 litters!!!
      somethings fishy!!!!

  2. Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

    I believe all the information in this Jandaz Pedigree article, not just because the facts can be backed up with evidence, but because I was also deceived myself and given an untrue Jandaz “pedigree” when purchasing my Jandaz cockapoo puppy.

    Janice Griffiths told me the dam is “Beauty” an American x English cocker spaniel and sent me a photo of a pure black bitch. I have checked my old emails from Janice. The sire was said to be a miniature poodle.

    The dam on our Jandaz Pedigree however is “Twinkle Twighlight Zone” (slight spelling change makes it difficult to check). I have now discovered that “Twinkle Twighlightzone” is a registered pure-bred English cocker spaniel, born 2002, no health tests recorded, blue roan in colour and from an all blue roan litter and I am told from non-show lines. Twinkle Twighlightzone has no litters registered.

    Our Jandaz cockapoo is tiny, barely 12 inches to the shoulder, 5.5kg, with a poodle-type coat – this is unusually small for the miniature poodle x cocker spaniel mix. Unfortunately when one thing is obviously untrue it throws doubt onto everything else.

    I will never know my dog’s true parentage for sure – but I do know for sure that I have been lied to!

    • Bill says:

      The question marks that hang over any dog with a Jandaz parentage is truly awful and potentially far reaching.

      It’s very apparent that those breeders who have a Jandaz dog in their breeding stock were once very vocal in their support of Janice Griffiths, but have now gone quiet. Could it be that they too are left wondering whether they have been lied to by Janice?

  3. Silva says:

    This Jandaz thread looks incredibly familiar to people like me who bought an Australian Labradoodle in good faith thinking they were getting the very best bred dog from Rutland Manor lines. I don’t know who Janice Griffiths is and never want to meet her but the argument Ubique gives is completely convincing, the pedigrees don’t add up and people are not getting what they paid for. Its one for DNA testing, I hope the owners aren’t as disappointed as I was when I got the proof that my labradoodle was a mutt with a fake pedigree.

  4. Deceived and Disappointed says:

    Regarding the pedigree information on Bessie and the subsequent purchase of Heidi as breeding stock; we bought one of Heidi’s puppies and a few months later were very disappointed to find that our puppy didn’t look like a cockapoo at all. A DNA test, carried out by our vet, indicated that Heidi had in fact been bred from an English cocker spaniel and a bichon frise, (which is a cockachon and not a cockapoo). This completely explained how our puppy looked. Countless people had and still do ask us if our dog is either a bichon frise or bichon cross and grandparent throwbacks often occur with further generation breeding. Both Heidi’s owner and Jandaz were made aware of this DNA test but no satisfactory conclusion was ever reached.

    The fact that Bessie cannot be the mother on the pedigree has come as no surprise and we can safely assume that the stated sire is false too. He would have been barely a year old at the time of the mating and was not DNA eye tested until just over a year later. The whole process was very upsetting and emotionally draining. Thankfully, our dog has the most wonderful temperament and is dearly loved by us all but this is not enough of an indicator of a good breeder. Don’t be fooled!

    • Geoff says:

      So tell me xxxx who bred your dog ? Becuse your post is pointing the finger at jandaz as if she was the breeder, and she wasn’t was she ? So let’s say the truth who was the breeder of xxxx ? Who is responsible for him ?

    • Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

      I know Janice Griffiths didn’t breed your puppy, but she is clearly responsible for the fake pedigree supplied to your breeder with the bitch Heidi, rot starts at the head! Jandaz only has a breeding licence from Ceredigion for 30 breeding bitches allowing a maximum of 30 litters a year.
      Puppy Farm puppies will be born in “crops” as the mothers come into season at the same time, with far too many at one time and not enough at another so the Puppy Farms routinely trade their excess puppies to keep up a constant supply. If a breeder is selling puppies from other puppy farms not bred on the premises that breeder must by law have a Pet Shop licence. In addition thousands of puppies come into the UK from Irish puppy farms every year and are sold on by breeders and pet shops, its a dreadful problem causing a lot of heart break.

  5. Tom says:

    Who bred your puppy xxxx ?

  6. Geoff and Tom have agreed by email that they are one and the same person, whoever he/she is!

  7. Deceived and Disappointed says:

    Of course Jandaz didn’t breed our puppy! if you read more carefully, you will see that our puppy was bred by the owner of Heidi, who bought the puppy for breeding, so why should that owner be named? That owner played no part in the formation of the pedigree. The details on the pedigree relate to Heidi’s litter not our puppy. But then I think you already know that!

  8. Do not buy from Jandaz under any circumstances says:

    I bought a cockapoo puppy direct from Janice and was appalled at the conditions I found when I arrived to pick him up, if I hadn’t driven 4 hours to get there I would have turned straight round without the puppy. I was so upset by what I found I even asked if I could buy his mum solely to save her from another back to back litter it was obvious she was being over bred. I should have listened to my gut instinct, the puppy/dog had worms, kennel cough, a hernia which needed operating on (Janice refused to offer me any compensation) he grew into an aggressive dog with bad bladder control…I should add we are experienced dog owners. My advice DO NOT under any circumstances buy a puppy from Jandaz Cockapoos in Wales.

  9. dog lover says:

    Another horrible story.
    I thought the main aim of a dog Breeder was to supply a happy and healthy pup , what satisfaction and pride must a Breeder take in achieving this and supplying a new owner with something special a pup with out problems . This does not apply to Jandaz , Ok some of her pups grow up to be nice dogs in looks and temperament , but there is another side , people buying pups off Janice are finding they have bought sick pups or pups that can not be socialised or pups with both problems and to make it worse when you inform her she does’not want to know .
    Janice needs to look at why her pups have these problems she is causing heartache and misery for new owners , and these pups sell at a considerable price .
    No Dog Breeder has the right to sell a pup which they know is going to be problem for a new owner , this has to be stopped .

  10. diorbhal says:

    I bought two toy poodle puppies from Jandaz both of whom had kennel cough but Janice did pay for the excess on insurance on both pups after a little reminding on the second pup As I paid 50% more for the bitch puppy I am now wondering if I have been conned ( this was my top two stud dogs) female parent of bitch was supposed to be Jandaz Brown Betty. They have both grown up to be lovely dogs although the male dog is more the size of a miniature

    • Number Cruncher says:

      Hi diorbhal,
      From your description, it would appear that your two dogs were from different litters. Would that be correct? Do you know their dates of birth and names of their parents?

    • Concerned owner says:

      Diorbhal – I’m sorry to hear your Jandaz toy poodle puppies both had kennel cough. My puppy, on arrival, had a parasite infection which took several weeks to clear – we were told to say to the insurance company that our puppy was not ill when first received – which would have been a lie!

      Our ‘Jandaz Pedigree’ has also now been found to be incorrect and certainly contains false details.

      Unfortunately the endorsements and advertising blurb on the Jandaz website belie the truth – in terms of the condition of some puppies sold, the volume of puppies, and false pedigree paperwork.

      • Helen Jones says:

        I’m sorry to hear that I had a similar experience when we got our cockapoo from Jandaz…he had kenell cough, a hernia and at 3 still wets himself. I tried to contact Janice numerous times when I eventually did she was rude and refused to help in anyway. I was appalled when I went to pick Oscar up as it was blatantly a puppy farm…I would warn everyone NOT to buy a dog from Jandaz.

  11. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    The Jandaz website has changed yet again. Only yesterday, it stated that they have a Ceredigion Council breeding licence. Is this supposed to reassure potential buyers? – as a quick google on this brings up the following link, giving one the immediate impression that there’s zero confidence in these so-called licences and in fact many people seemed to be very,very angry with Ceredigion Council in the slapdash way these licences have been issued.

    Once again, a meaningless piece of misleading blurb that has now quite rightly been removed.

  12. dog lover says:

    As Janice Griffiths of Jandaz has been quoting on her Website that she is a “Licensed by Ceredigion Council to breed dogs certificate available to viewed”.

    I would now encourage anybody who has bought a puppy off Jandaz and had health problems or socializing problems or you may have concerns about the pedigree papers Janice Griffiths gave to you concerning your pup, please contact : Mark Bunston on : 01545 572172 or if you prefer to write contact :
    Mark Bunston
    Trading Standards
    SA46 OPA

    Already TS have received a number of complaints . To get Jandaz – Janice Griffiths puppy farmer answerable the stories have to be addressed, the only way for this to happen is for Trading Standards to receive peoples stories.


  13. Angie F says:

    Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos shows herself up YET AGAIN !
    From today’s helping of puppies available you’ll find a cute little puppy called Pink who is listed as an American Miniature (American Show Cocker Spaniel crossed with a Miniature Poodle). Pink has a pink ribbon on and a rather noticeable mussel (white flash down her face and a very visable pink side to her nose and a darker marking beside). Janice has yet another photo of an obviously younger litter and it could be that this Pink is one of them born 13/3/14, as she is on top of the others. Then the same puppy is shown listed (second one along from the left) as an American Toy Cockapoo ready 25/5/14.

    Janice Griffiths is NOT more than happy to welcome visitors as you will be informed that you cannot visit because their puppies are too young to be viewed. It’s a plausible statement but it’s a false one because you should still be able to visit her kennels whether you could see puppies or not.
    Janice Griffiths is NOT a small family that centres on breeding F1, F2 and F3 Cockapoos as Jandaz are registered for 30 breeding bitches. Include the Stud dogs that would mean American Show Cocker Spaniels, English Show Cocker Spaniels, Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles and a number of Cockapoos or Cockerpoos to be able to breed successive generations and the number increases beyond what any husband, wife and daughter team could perhaps care for ?

    Jandaz claim to be one of the best breeders in the UK though with the degree of information that can be sourced on the internet about Janice Griffiths and her family and her breeding then even this claim is questionable.

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