Jandaz: Puppy Farming a litter every 7 Days 14 Hours and 2 Minutes

In 2006 The Kennel Club registered nearly alAG(2006) +Websitel of Janice Griffiths’ breeding. My researchers  don’t claim to have ALL the records for ALL the breeds she produces but, as a follow up to Number Cruncher’s look at the Jandaz  poodle breeding, I requested a survey was done on the other breeds as well. Here are the results of the GSD/Rottweiler/Poodles  registered in the year letter AG (2006) by Janice Griffiths. This will not include registrations that were sent in late and appeared in the following year AH but does include late registrations from the previous year AF. We don’t know if she had Cocker litters that year. 2006 is the last year for which there are proper records for Jandaz breeding as that was the year she branched out into Cockapoos and Cavapoos.

These are not ALL the litters she had that year, but they are all for which we have proper evidence.

48 litters in one year is a staggering number for a breeder claiming to home rear and socialise all her puppies, or even know which puppies are which when they are sold. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t even seem to know who her breeding dogs are or what sex they are.

Email from Jandaz with Pablo photosOne of our contributors forwarded an email from Janice Griffiths with the photos of  Pablo the sire of her Jandaz cockapoo puppy. I have included  the attachments of  Pablo, a rather feminine looking apricot or red  stud dog with a pink collar who Janice claimed to have just groomed herself.Pab in the pink today 3 photos

The photos of the little poodle with a pink collar  looked familiar and an exact copy was found on the Jandaz website where it had beenGoldie AKA Pablo for some time but this time labelled “Goldie the mini.” Goldie is Windanna Golden Flake at Forestflame, one of Janice’s very hard working bitches http://www.jandaz.co.uk/622/all-my-other-friends/

Look quickly as it will be removed. The photos sent of the sire  are of Goldie, a poodle bitch 

Not a dog

Not Pablo who she claimed she had just groomed, taken pictures, and called Pab in the Pink today!

Do the lies just involve the Jandaz photos?

Bella DNARemember Bella? The F1 Cockapoo sold to Ann whose sire was a Cocker Spaniel Chanpamar Freckled Fancy and whose dam was a brown miniature poodle called Jandaz Queen with photos sent to Ann together with the request for full payment in cash.Bella's parents according to Jandaz

The DNA tests are in on Bella and they are unequivocal: one parent is a Miniature Poodle and the other is a Cockapoo, making her an F1b. Ann cannot be sure who the parents of Bella are. The photos she was sent may be the parents of someone else’s puppy.

But then Janice Griffiths  swears that:

1. She does not mate cocker spaniels to her little toy poodles, but we know she does. Remember Jandaz Henryetta Coney, the toy poodle puppy she mated to a cocker?

2. She does not breed F1b cockapoos that are 3/4 poodle, but we know she does.

3. She retires her bitches at 3 years old, but we know they are bred almost into old age.

4. She has been breeding cockapoos for 15 years,  but her cockapoo puppy farming started   in 2006 and in February 2007 she admitted being new to Cockapoos.

5. She ONLY breeds cockapoos, but the website shows toy poodles and she has just registered a cocker spaniel litter.

These lies are told to make Jandaz appear to be a reputable breeder. She isn’t, she’s a Puppy Farmer.

Jandaz  sells roughly 50 litters a year.  Jandaz is breedersonlinejandzadvertonly licensed for 30 litters, does she breed the rest?  Does Jandaz buy puppies from other puppy farms to sell on?  Does Janice Griffths ‘make up’ pedigrees for them using names that sound almost like dogs she knows or has sold (eg ‘Jandaz Fancy’ for Fancy Fuchsia, ‘Jandaz Absolutely Spiffing’ for Jandaz Absolutely Fabulous)? So much for “pure traceable” poodles and cockers as she claims.

Jandaz Black Fury pedigreeJandaz Black Fury KCJandaz doesn’t even give the right parentage for KC registered dogs she has bred herself. Changing the pedigrees so they make no sense to anyone, here the dam of the cockapoo is described as a tiny red cocker (12″!!!)  but Jandaz Black Fury was registered black and from different parents, above is her birth announcement from UK KC records.




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108 Responses to Jandaz: Puppy Farming a litter every 7 Days 14 Hours and 2 Minutes

  1. A Tree says:

    The junk reasons for not allowing people to visit her kennels given on the Jandaz website just SHOUT Puppy Farm. No one should ever buy where they can’t see every part of the kennels. All the advice says see mum with her litter in her normal circumstances. The rspca says “Do some detective work to make sure that the puppies have been bred and reared in the place where you see them. Some puppies may be reared outdoors and brought indoors for viewing or the puppies may have been bred elsewhere. Clues may include lack of a whelping pen, food bowls and bedding, and the puppy being reluctant to explore, as it is fearful in unfamiliar surroundings.”
    It looks almost certain that many of the Jandaz puppies may not have been bred by her or are not from the promised parents at the very least. Ubique you advised the Australians to do something useful with the fake pedigrees from Rutland Manor and Tegan Park and use them to light the barbecue. The weather here is a bit cold for that here at the moment so what can the victims of the Jandaz con do with their rubbish pedigrees?

  2. Silva says:

    Keep them for a class action?

  3. Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

    Simple answer. Take your Jandaz fake pedigree to Trading Standards and get her prosecuted.

  4. Stoppuppyfarming Youtube Channel says:

    Who the hell has 12 inch tall cocker spaniels, the lies are ridiculous!

  5. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Contrary to the fictitious “Malicious Communications Act of 2003” posted on the Jandaz website there is actually a “Sales of Goods Act 1979” and any infringement can be and should be reported to Trading Standards.

    A useful contact person in Ceredigion is Mark Bunston (01545 572110). He has been sent several reports to look into at present and should be forwarded any other genuine concern that can add weight to his casebook.

    Another interested party would be (so I would suggest copy them both in):
    Mr. David L.I. Roberts,
    Trading Standards Section,
    Department of Environmental Services and Housing,
    SA46 OPA.

    If you are in any doubt and have genuine worries or concerns about your own dog, it’s health, condition, supposed ancestry, genetic make-up, behavioural and overall temperament issues that cannot be linked to any negative training or environmental conditioning then it may be worth investigating further. It may just be prudent to check the “Sit Stay Pedigree” that came with your puppy against KC records.

    Strength in numbers.

  6. Number Cruncher says:

    Jandaz still claim on their website “My pups are home reared socialised with cats and children.”

    If we assume an average of six puppies per litter, one litter per week and that the puppies remain at Jandaz until 10 weeks old, there must have been circa 60 puppies, of varying ages, sizes and breeds, plus the puppies’ mothers. All being reared in the house – at the same time – Really?

    I can’t believe that any cat would wish to spend much time socialising with this number of puppies and a child would be hard-pressed to find the necessary 5 hours a day in order to spend just 30 minutes with each litter.

    I would have thought that the Licensing Officer from Ceridigion County Council would have raised concerns if they’d inspected a premises with this many litters in the house, especially if the breeder had a license for “only” 30 litters per year. Perhaps the Licensing Officer only saw a part of this business or perhaps dogs are moved between locations in advance of a visit?

    In 2011, Cerdigion County Council listed over 70 Licensed dog breeders in the county and 25 in the Llandysul area alone. If given 24 hours warning of an inspection, many puppies could be moved by an unscrupulous puppy farmer. Movement of litters from one location to another could also account for the number of reported cases of false parentage.

    My guess is that the only time these puppies see the inside of Janice Griffith’s home is when they’re being photographed in cute locations ready for sale or when an unsuspecting buyer is visiting to collect their new puppy.

  7. Number Cruncher says:

    Another set of numbers to think about. 48 litters, an estimated 6 puppies per litter at an average price of £500 per puppy = £144000.

    The VAT registration threshold for 2006-07 was £61,000. Even if there were only an average of 4 puppies per litter and puppies sold for £325, the VAT threshold would be exceeded, requiring Jandaz to charge VAT on sales of puppies.

    Perhaps this is another reason why Janice is so reluctant to provide written contracts to her buyers and explains her desire to accept payment in cash. HM Revenue and Customs may be very interested to find out more.

  8. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    There has been some mention that some Puppy Farms in Wales “buy-in” young puppies from Ireland (http://news.sky.com/story/997095/puppy-smugglers-foiled-again-more-dogs-found) and as such it is best to demand to see both photos of new-born puppies with their mum and then ask to see any puppy and it’s mother at any stage of its development when still with a breeder.

    If a breeder (whether in Wales or not) is supplying a puppy against false ancestry and paperwork OR you are worried that the supposed ancestry does not match the puppy you are looking at then get everything in writing from the breeder and the legal side is yours using the Misrepresentation Act.

  9. Concerned for cockapoos says:

    Maybe concerned Jandaz dog owners can email their Pedigrees to Ubique for analysis by his researchers. It can be a difficult task to check these pedigrees against KC records, particularly when the names have been changed slightly.

    I imagine the cases of false pedigrees highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg!

  10. They are indeed, what will Janice Griffiths do for her pedigrees now people have been alerted?
    If Jandaz puppy owners send in pedigrees my researchers will try to unravel them.

  11. Chris Ader says:

    Is there any wording that would get a FoI request through Ceridigion Council’s system to back this up? Under Freedom of Information could someone/everyone ask “How many complaints have Ceridigion Council received about puppy farms operating in their area and how many of these complaints have been formally followed up by the council?” or would that not fall under the act?

    • Puppy Love says:

      It should fall under the act but councils may say they do not hold the information. LA,s have used this as an excuse when asked certain probing questions in the past. Your wording is fine.

  12. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    If puppies are being bought-in from the back of a van from another source (Ireland or not) and given a new “identity” with a fake pedigree in order to make them more sellable here in the UK then both their ancestry and their health tests have no relevance !
    Even more of a worry is that some of these puppies (sold as Cockapoos) may even be bred from at some stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Number Cruncher says:

    There is a noticeable reduction in the number of puppies being advertised on the Jandaz website since Farms of Shame began highlighting the problems at this farm.
    Could it be possible that Janice Griffiths was acting as a puppy broker, buying in puppies from neighbouring farms in Ceridigion or across the Irish Sea and that she has stopped because her actions have been exposed?
    Could it be because she’s found another outlet for puppies bred on site, selling to pet-shops, puppy brokers or unsuspecting buyers outside the UK?
    Could it be that she’s expecting a visit from Ceridigion County Council and is trying to reduce the number of bitches on site? If so, where are they going?
    Could it be that she has finally realised that these bitches should not be bred on back to back seasons and as such has put in some safeguards to ensure that the stud dogs are kept separate from bitches?

  14. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Going back to the main topic of this thread it was stated that Janice swears:
    “2. She does not breed F1b cockapoos that are 3/4 poodle, but we know she does.”

    Though I note Janice is currently advertising:


    In this post: http://ilovemycockapoo.com/archive/index.php/t-865.html I was drawn to Janice’s own comment: “problem with breeding f1bs is that we should be thinking of the future of this wonderful x and aiming perhaps for 3, 4, 5 generations dont you think one day they may get recognision and as you say mandy not every one is honest and tells you what they have done …”
    In the same conversation (on yet another forum which Janice and her daughter Sarah are both now banned) not only are there the usual suspect “new members” only having just joined the site and happen to post about their joys at owning a Jandaz puppy (refer to comments made about “sock puppets” on the “Portrait of a Puppy Farmer” thread) but also the mention that she offered to have a puppy delivered within days to someone she had not met and to someone who had only contacted her to enquire about a puppy:

    “Hi I’m new here and am desperate for a Cockerpoo. Having done lots of research I know I want to get one that’s parents have had all the tests.
    I have emailed Jandaz as they have a lovely apricot boy on their website, and they have responded saying he is 10 weeks old and their courier is in the area and can deliver him on Wednesday. I’ve always been very aware that you should see the parents first, so am very surprised they have offered this to me. Does anyone have any views on this?
    Many thanks”

    So much for her care in meeting people and showing them her set-up first and this from a breeder who claims to care about who her puppies go to ! The reference to “Fallon” is referring to Janice’s daughter, Sarah Garratt who jumped in but had her posts deleted.

    I also note that 2 puppies currently being advertised have some confusion about when they would be ready to leave:


    These 2 F1 puppies theoretically were then born on the same day the below 3 blonde F1b puppies too ?


    I also note a change of wording as Janice is usually so assertively clear on the fact that she uses only Optigen tested Clear dogs, so I wonder why she feels the phrase “ALL RELEVANT EYE TESTING DONE PRA …..” as that would not satisfy the message that clubs such as The Cockapoo Club of GB are putting out there. The main worry here is that as a couple of her Cockapoos have been DNA tested not to be what they were sold as then perhaps as with their ancestry or origination being questionable then so would the actual parent’s health test history !

  15. Puppy farmers lie, cheat, hack, anything to make their dollar, just a bunch of mongrels!

  16. Cockapoo Dad says:

    I did a quick search on some of the text on the Jandaz homepage re Parvo and the reasons why people can’t see their puppies, and thought it exceeded Janice’ usual levels of literacy, so found that it came from at least these two websites http://www.articlesbase.com/pets-articles/how-to-reduce-the-risk-of-parvo-243076.html and http://www.jurgersonskennel.com/JurgersonsKennelVisitationPolicies.htm – the funny thing about the second one is that this breeder then goes on to explain how they help mitigate the risk by LIMITING access not denying it.

  17. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    I have to ask as this would certainly be worth asking one or two questions of Janice by anyone who gave even the slightest concern about where their puppy was coming from:

    Today the 17th May 2013 on the Jandaz website we have the following 5 puppies advertised:


    1) Mindy ………an F1 American Toy (American Cocker Spaniel to a Toy Poodle)
    2) Jacob………
    3) Robbie …….an F1 American Miniature (American Cocker Spaniel to a Miniature Poodle)
    4) Jade ……….an F1 English (English Cocker Spaniel to either Poodle…as not mentioned)
    5) Oliver ………an F1B (a Cockapoo to either an American Cocker Spaniel OR an English Show Cocker Spaniel OR an English Working Cocker Spaniel OR a Toy Poodle OR a Miniature Poodle)

    So, even if Jacob was a brother to any one of the others, we have at least 4 different puppies from 4 different mating mixes. This would (in reality) mean that there is likely to be at least 4 litters born (and as such more than the 4 actual puppies available……unless each bitch only produced 1 puppy each). This could well relate back to stories posted on here where customers have been offered the chance of making “an offer” (in cash) at taking a second puppy home at the same time 😦

    There is something very odd about this and it should send alarm bells ringing in anyone’s mind about the FACT that so many variables happen to be available at one time ?

    Where’s MUM ?

    Where is the rest of the litter ?

    Where are the photos of Mum with her pups ?

    Who is the Mum ?

    What Health Tests does the Mum have ? (and / or the Dad ?)

    What are the Kennel Club names of the Mum and Dad ? (and a breeder of such acclaimed history in breeding, longevity of breeding within the Show World and one who claims to keep a full and detailed database of all breeding activity !!!!!!!!!).

    Please please please………never pay good money for a “photograph” of a puppy……….it’s not the photograph that will be living with you !

    • I have got one comment waiting to be approved but unless they respond to my email they will not appear. It looks like there are still people prepared to ignore the fraudulent pedigrees and illegal over-breeding in Janice Griffith’s puppy farm so long as their puppy is ok.

      • Anti-puppy farms / factories says:

        But there is really no way for prospective owners to know if “their puppy is ok” or not, as any illness won’t be discovered until the puppy is in its new home. There are numerous new owners who found this out the hard way; I am just one of them.

    • Number Cruncher says:

      The list of testimonials on the Jandaz website from customers from all over the world is laughable and I was always taught that self praise is no recommendation. Are we really expected to believe that these are all accurate? Even if they are, they represent only a tiny proportion of the puppies that have been sold by Janice Griffiths.

      What I do not understand is why the Jandaz website is not amended to show photographs of the breeding dogs with names and their test results? Why are we not shown photos of the mother with her puppies? Why doesn’t Janice video her kennels for the world to see? Surely a Vet would be only too happy to put their name to a public letter, if they believe that the business is run in a responsible way with the best interests of the animals as a priority. Why not publish copies of the Council’s Breeders Licence? RSPCA inspections?

      Many reputable dog breeders are totally open about their business and by following their example, Janice could so easily dispel many of the uncertainties voiced on this website.

      We have to ask why there is this lack of transparency if Jandaz Cockapoos have nothing to hide and they are proud of the work they do?

      Come on Janice – prove you’re as good as you think you are!

      • The last 3 comments arguing in favour of the puppy farmers are all from fake or non responsive email addresses, come on you can do better than this.

      • janice griffiths says:

        i dont have to prove any thing to you get a life

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Janice Griffiths,

        You are right as you don’t need to prove anything………..as unfortunately for you it has been proven already in all of these threads.

        Prior to these comments I don’t think that many would have taken anything further but I’m confident now having read what I have read (and not just on here) that there will be so much more to come………………………

  18. dog lover says:

    Janice you say on your website you cannot stop the rumours or really change people lives who believe them all you can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have noting better to do then talk about you .Janice do you really think we have nothing better to do then wage a vendetta against you for no reason I have had dealings with you and you are a puppy farmer and not to be trusted, the truth is the truth and will and is catching up with you .

    Janice you say all you can do is sit back and laugh , really, what are you laughing at Janice to long you have got away with deceiving people now it is time for justice , for the owners who bought in good faith and for the dogs .

  19. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    I’d now say that Janice Lesley Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos is a daily visitor to this very website as Farms of Shame now appears to shape Janice’s presentation of her own website.

    I would have thought a strong, long established breeder with many years experience and long traceable (!!!???) bloodlines would be able to stand alone and fend off any allegation, rumour or comment about her breeding practice. However it appears that Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos has to rely on this site to dictate how she markets her practice. Only the other day she advertised several puppies from several crosses and then following comments on here changed the photos. She then reverted to putting a statement out saying how she can “sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me”. This then met the above comments and got retracted !

    We now have two photos of 3 puppies each. The below link is her page showing 3 black puppies. If I’m not mistaken it shows a litter of F2 puppies as the first puppy is very Poodle looking and the second is very much Cocker Spaniel looking so I would hope that Janice Griffiths would be able and willing to share with her customers the potential outcome of these looks a year down the line ? http://www.jandaz.co.uk/372/contact-jandaz/?1=1&puppy=1565

    Janice please stop feeling and commenting that You are the victim here.

    Please also stop conjuring up all these supposed testimonials as they ALL scream of a desperate woman shouting ME ME ME ME ME ME Look at ME Look at what I do Look at my puppies Look at a life You could share Look at a life You could live…….when few of them do….

    • Concerned for cockapoos says:

      I also saw the statement on Janice Griffith’s Jandaz website – and noticed that it was hastily removed.

      “All I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me” – this statement speaks volumes. The so-called “low life people” are decent people who have paid money (cash!) in good faith and have had heartache in return.

      All she can do is laugh – I guess this must be right as she certainly can’t defend the lies, or explain the fraudulent pedigrees or excuse the illegal over-breeding of her bitches, let alone explain why certain “F1 cockapoo” pups have in some cases turned out to be something else!

      No explanations have been forthcoming.

      Regarding the 3 black puppies in a basket currently advertised, we can only guess about their parentage, or if they are even from the same litter – because, as usual, no information regarding parentage is given.

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        You can all say what you like about my mum but she is a caring breeder and everything she does is spot on. How many puppy farmers vaccsanate 3 lots and let puppy’s go at 10 weeks plus microchipped. I said I would not get in to this which hunt & unique larkhill or victor larkhill is being watched by DP police also FBI are after you. You can say what you like about my mother but I know the truth and so do a lot of other people. Come down and see my mums kennels she has the vet in the kennels also was approved by pembs council Mr sharp and his words were) if every kennels were of this standard we wouldn’t have a problem! So instead of hiding behind a screen tell us your true identaty ?????? What do you have to hide mr larkhill ???????? Leave my mum alone and get a life and let the police and FBI deal with you. Stop ringing at all hours in the morning. What goes around comes around! victor ?????? Sarah xxxxxx

      • Number Cruncher says:


        Naturally you support your Mother, but the various accounts of practices at Jandaz suggest that everything your Mum does is NOT “spot on” as you suggest. Perhaps you both have a different opinion as what constitutes being a “caring breeder”. Your Mum’s lack of understanding regarding the law detailing the number of litters and the frequency that a bitch should be bred, are stark reminders of the gaps in her knowledge. Anyone who allows a bitch to be mated at six times, including four times in back to back seasons, is not a caring breeder.

        You claim that Mr Sharp from Pembrokeshire Council has approved the kennels, but do not state how Mr Sharp is qualified to reach this conclusion or why someone from Ceridigion County Council is not prepared to be quoted in a similar manner.

      • Silva says:

        Ubique, didn’t you tell Janice you are not Viktor? Sarah’s comment is inconsistent, first she says who UL is, then she asks for his identity. Not clever is it? Ubique have you ever rung Jandaz? Even once?
        It reminds me of another mother and daughter team, Beverley and Angela. I wonder if puppies are sold at 10 weeks old because they first have to be purchased. Yes, very similar to Bev and Angela.

      • No, as I told Janice Griffiths earlier I am not Viktor, quite obviously not but Puppy Farmers will say anything to take the attention off themselves. This tactic has failed almost as badly as their blogs. No I haven’t rung Jandaz, why bother? If I want to talk to a liar I have any number of homegrown puppy farmers to ring.
        A lot of my long term contributors from Australia and the USA are seeing the similarity between Griffiths and Garratt and Manners and Cunningham. Almost spooky.

        Nice to get Sarah Garratt’s comments instead of her sock puppets’. Welcome Sarah. I would like to hear your responses to the questions posed by Shame-on-Farms / Mills.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Hi Sarah Garratt (Janice Lesley Griffiths’ daughter…..known “sock puppet” and Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs),

        Your input here does open up a load of questions and I do hope that you would be so kind as to provide answers ? :

        What are your own thoughts on over breeding of a bitch ?
        What are your own thoughts on “back to back” breeding ?
        What are your own thoughts on under-shot jaws with Cockapoos you may have bred ?
        What are your own feelings about the practice your own Mother operates ?
        How do you (as a breeder) feel about people paying good money to have a puppy delivered in a box without any interaction with the Mum or establishment ?
        What are your own feelings about “Cockapoos” that get DNA tested as not even being a Cockapoo ?
        What criteria do You understand needed to be classed as a “caring breeder” ?
        How many vaccinations would You think OK ? ……( 2 administered by an actual vet ? or 3 administered by…..your Mum ?)
        What are your own thoughts on microchipping ? (you claim to be able to micro-chip yourself, so how does the actual cost of a micro-chip become so valuable when it comes attached to a puppy your Mum sells ?)

        Just a few basic ones here (with so many more to ask), but I thought that should be enough to cover this time in one go.

  20. alison says:

    janice, i have a memory of another australian puppy farmer trying that line on me, so i exposed the mistruths one by one on the forum where she posted…. it only took a little bit of online detective work…. you start at the beginning, working out what are actual indisputable facts… then show where they diverge from what has been posted… beverley didnt like my work on her stories. would you like me to work on your case…?

  21. alison says:

    hmm Ms Griffiths… some of the german shepherd community dont have a very good opinion of your breeding practices… lack of health testing in your breeding dogs….

    • Sarah Garratt says:

      Whatever. To be honest I don’t care what you think as I said I know the truth so crack on with your blogs what ever turns you on!

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Why do you all hide behind made up names ? If you have nothing to hide ? Lol

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Mr Larkhill you say
        I would like to hear your responses to the questions posed by Shame-on-Farms / Mills.

        The police & FBI would also like to hear from you personally ? But I forgot you hide don’t you ?

        Shame on Farms / mills
        I would like to know who I am responding to so come on you know who I am! Who are you ? Where are you based etc etc i look forward to my reply.

      • I’m glad to say the Police (and FBI!) have no interest in me, why would they? Its the Puppy Farmers who break the law. This is all just smokescreen designed to intimidate unhappy puppy buyers with vain threats but they have found their courage and their voice. Sarah was reared on the proceeds of Puppy Farming and of course she wants to protect the highly lucrative family business.

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Mr Larkhill that’s the best yet!!

      • This a warning for Janice, Sarah and sidekicks/sockpuppets.
        Any mentions of police or FBI which are solely designed to terrorize my contributors as I am clearly out of your reach, will result in no more of YOUR comments allowed.
        Answer the valid questions posed by the puppy buyers or stop commenting.
        Put up or shut up.

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Omg Mr larkill
        Who do you think you are get a life you don’t answer my questions do you? So why should I answer yours!!!! Think and do what you like becuse to be honest your boring me now. So as I said before crack on with your blogs & your nasty comments if that’s all you lot have in life I feel sorry for you all. Off on my holidays now folks so you carry on and enjoy yourselfs chow for now xxxxxx

      • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

        Sarah Garratt,
        We understand you don’t want to answer Ubique Larkhill’s questions. Please could you give some answers to us owners though. Why all the fake pedigrees?

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Jandaz Cockapoo owner? Name please ?

      • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

        The reason I’m not giving my name is the same as that of ‘Number Cruncher’ above so I can only repeat him. ” because of the many threats that have been issued by members of your family and your close associates, some of whom have criminal records, including common assault, criminal damage, possession of drugs and possession of a sawn-off shotgun.

        You don’t need my name though to give a few answers, as I’m not asking specifically about my own pedigree. It would be good to have reasons for the pedigrees mentioned here: https://farmsofshame.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/jandaz-a-problem-of-pedigrees/ I’m asking on behalf a number of owners (as there are quite a number with false pedigrees).

        Thank you

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Your so hysterical I can’t stop laughing the things you say are so off the wall. it’s unbelievable! Like I said crack on lol

      • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

        Strange sense of humour! But I guess there’s not much else you can say as you’re not going to reveal the reasons for the false pedigrees on here. Some cockapoo owners with false pedigrees have discovered their dogs are not cockapoos at all ….so it’s not funny for them. Readers will draw their own conclusions.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Sarah Garratt (Sarah Garratt Griffiths / Fallon / Rivaz Showdogs) you are such a giggle……..Not !
        Unless you were earning from your mother’s questionable practice why are you so concerned about what is written on here ?

        Perhaps more worrying is that if you believe Jandaz’s breeding practices to be honourable and acceptable then perhaps your breeding practice is carried out in the same way ?

        Trot off on your hols then.

        Perhaps then Janice will join us and answer some of these very simple questions ?

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Stalking me now are you ???? Go on pick on me nothing to pick on lol bet you been on my Facebook gosh you lot are so desperate I feel sad for you byeeeeeeee xxxxxxx

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Alison I feel
        Very alarmed that you are showing such an interest in myself going on my website and coping and pasting !!!!! Very worrying are you stable are you ok ????

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Sarah Garratt ……………………….Bye

        PS: “stable”….totally fits Alison’s comments (and other’s)……but it does not relate to Your own !

        …………..Rivaz Showdogs must then operate the same breeding practice that Jandaz does………

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Nice try shame on farm / mills who ever you are! but your getting very desperate now lol have a nice Sunday xxxx

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Alison you quote
        Ms. Griffiths please give the name of the vet/ vet clinic you use… i dont just go ringing any phone number sent to me…..
        are you an assured breeder with the kennel club?

        Well as you say your the investigater so investigate it! & as for myself you can investigate me as much as you like

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        The new revelations (DNA tests and passing the blame) do shout a very loud and obvious question:

        If those are not the actual parents of those puppies sold WHAT value is there in the health tests claimed ?????

        Janice (and Sarah Garratt) it is most certainly time you answered some of these questions !

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        May I just say instead of putting words on a screen why don’t you pick up the phone or come to mum and ask ? It’s like Chinese whispers.
        (LONG SPIEL OFF TOPIC / Deleted: UL)

        And if anyone wants to talk to me then please do so or email me you all know who I am
        And I have nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of Sx

      • Sarah Garratt says:

        Larkhill you have not posted all my post I wounder why ? The truth is getting closer!

      • Number Cruncher says:

        Sarah Garratt said, “May I just say instead of putting words on a screen why don’t you pick up the phone or come to mum and ask?”

        Because, when a question is made in writing there is; no mis-understanding of the question, sufficient time to provide a considered reply and no mis-quoting of either question or answer.

        Very simply – It can’t be like Chinese Whispers if it’s written down. The Chinese Whispers relates to misunderstanding of the spoken word!

        There are some very straightforward questions asked in relation to the practices employed at Jandaz Cockapoos for which no straight answers have been forthcoming.

        There have been some equally straightforward questions as to whether practices at Rivaz Showdogs were learned at Jandaz.

        Let’s have some answers!

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Sarah Garratt / Rivaz Showdogs WHY would anyone want to ring you or your mother Janice Griffith of Jandaz when we are all aware of you telephone matter to name one reason another reason is that Janice does not answer calls from withheld numbers and also these people would rather you both answered publicly on here all the questions that have been asked of you both (more so Janice of Jandaz).

        I would have thought that if you did have sensible answers to any of these questions you would want to make them public ?

        Back-to-back breeding / selling puppies to people you have not even met ? delivering puppies to people you have not even met (goes against what the Jandaz website openly promotes !) and also the odd puppies that get posted with no mention of Mum, some solo and some that “could” be from the same litter, adverts showing puppies described as a number of different mixes at the same time and more importantly false pedigrees and Cockapoos not being Cockapoos mean Health tests are false too.

        How can you condone a breeding practice like that ??

      • Concerned for cockapoos says:

        Janice, why not just answer the fake pedigree questions …..unless this is a problem???

      • The owners of Jandaz puppies need answers to their questions and Janice Griffiths and Sarah Garratt’s sole aim in their comments on here is to get hold of targets to stop them talking. Sarah has now left a message saying that she won’t be posting any more. No loss as she wasn’t responding to these legitimate questions. Janice has admitted to selling a litter from another bitch called Bella with wrong pedigrees because the bitch was mated elsewhere to an unknown dog. We have confirmation by DNA of fraud on the litters including puppies Bella and Heidi, and ALSO by Janice on this other litter born to Bella as neither Bella’s nor Heidi’s dams were called Bella.

        People are wondering if Jandaz is breeding AND running a Pet Shop selling puppies from other local breeders and there are rumours of puppies brought in from Ireland to fulfill orders and of puppies delivered TO the property.

        I am informed that UK law would require a Pet Shop licence in order to sell litters born off the Jandaz Puppy Farm.

      • alison says:

        ms Garratt,
        if this is so boring to you, why are you bothering to keep coming back?
        I dont know that anything completely abusive has been posted.
        There has been some legitimate questions asked of J. Griffiths… as a breeder I would actualy be wanting those questions asked by prospective owners… it means they have done their homework about the breed/animal they are going to own… and it would/should be a simple matter to provide the proofs if you had them…
        a young puppy should be vet checked… this is what happens when you take them to the vet for their immunisations and microchip insertions… a legitimate vet checks out the puppy for other health concens… I dont care how many immunisations their own breeder gives their own animal… it doesnt beat a proper veterinary examination, and copies of health tests, both genetic and physical….it also gives both you and a prospective buyer proof of health…
        if you have a problem with this… why?
        and just in case you were interested,, I am posting under my name! So you can report me to the FBI or any other government body if you like… I just don’t think they will be too interested in me!

      • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

        Sarah Garratt,

        Many of us posting here are owners affected by Jandaz. We couldn’t care less about the FBI or the real names of people posting ….or any other smokescreen.

        What we would like is an explanation for the false Pedigrees (details with evidence of a few are in the “Problem of Pedigrees” article).

        Can we also have reasons for the back to back breeding of many bitches which Janice has already admitted with the rather feeble excuse of not knowing it was illegal at the time. Her comment to the “Statistics of Shame” article was “The kennel club bought the ruling in about back to back breeding only a few years ago, so i was not breaking the law.”

        Please could we have straight answers.

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        I have to totally agree with “Jandaz cockatoo owner” here as none of us desire to share our identity (for obvious reasons also mentioned above) and you, Sarah Garratt, daughter of Janice Lesley Griffiths and of Rivaz Showdogs, are using it as a smokescreen to not answer some very simple questions that have been put to you both.

        I don’t personally care if “Farms of Shame” are being hunted down by the Police, FBI, DP, KGB, CIA, AA, RAC, KKK or even BGT as they are not likely to be interested in anyone who comments other than yourselves !
        Unlike with so many other forums, you don’t happen to both be banned from this one !!!! so you have a voice and even more importantly you have an audience.

        Please drop the threats and provide straight answers ?

        These threads are based on fact …No rumour, No fiction, No which (?) hunt nor even Witch Hunt ! No created situations but people’s real life experiences added to a healthy mix of actual on-line, traceable, registered, verifiable and genuine factual information…….with more to come.

        As for the vaccinations, I would personally trust a vet who administers 2 (seems to be the norm) more than I would Janice for administering 3….that she states she administers herself ????

        It is interesting when people suggest your only involvement is due to you “protecting” a lucrative “cash” income as with the number of puppies advertised (Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles) on the Jandaz website last year it came to a sizeable cash figure even based on an average selling price (prices ranged from £475 – £875) !

        I also find the comment about holding puppies back until 10 weeks so that Janice can work out what the pup is ! interesting as a number have been DNA tested not to be what they were sold as. If your mother bred them then surely they would be exactly as advertised ? So why give false pedigrees too ?

        How would you answer that Sarah ?

      • janice griffiths says:

        ring me and be honest who are you please

      • janice griffiths says:

        jandaz cockapoo owner , WHO ARE YOU ? pm me please

      • Number Cruncher says:

        As I concluded in my post entitled Jandaz, the Statistics of Shame https://farmsofshame.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/jandaz-the-statistics-of-shame/, it’s not just some of the contributors to Farms of Shame who hide behind anonymity. The names of many Jandaz breeding dogs have their names changed, presumably to make traceability difficult for both the authorities and puppy buyers.

        I can’t speak for others, but I use a pseudonym, because of the many threats that have been issued by members of your family and your close associates, some of whom have criminal records, including common assault, criminal damage, possession of drugs and possession of a sawn-off shotgun.

  22. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    Sorry but all this over-vaccinating and keeping the pups until 10 weeks of age is just a smokescreen in my view. In fact, vaccinating 3 times is a huge red flag in my eyes as to why this is necessary when scientific research strongly shows this to be useless, which you can read below and can easily be googled. It makes me wonder why these vaccinations are so necessary in a supposedly pristine set-up. I can only imagine that the vaccinations are being given to ensure that any traces of the pup being raised/brought in from poor breeding conditions are eliminated! Also, keeping the pups until 10 weeks of age gives more time to work out what the pup actually is!

    Once again you are playing the victims. This is not a ‘witch hunt’! Jandaz owners are genuinely concerned for their dogs and all your mum can do is sit back and laugh. We don’t care about the police or the FBI. But you are right about one thing; what goes around comes around and in your mum’s case I’m sure it will.

    Quote from Google:
    “Another point of confusion among many breeders and owners alike is when to begin vaccinating puppies. I see many pups that have been vaccinated several times by the age of 8 weeks. Ok, great right? The puppy has already had a series of boosters, and should be protected against parvo. Wrongo!
    Puppies receive antibodies against parvo and other diseases from their mother before and shortly after birth. These maternal antibodies provide some protection during the first 8 to 12 weeks of life before disappearing from the puppy’s body. The other thing they do is interfere with a vaccine’s ability to stimulate the immune system. Any vaccine virus particles given during the first few weeks of life get “snapped up” by the maternal antibodies before having a chance to have much benefit to the puppy.

    Now, vaccinating puppies against parvo at 3 or 4 weeks of life may not hurt the animal, but you might as well toss the vaccine down the drain for all the good it is doing. Every veterinarian has his/her own vaccine schedule, but most are fairly similar. I recommend vaccinating puppies at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age”.

  23. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    Your illiterate defence story about Bella gives no explanation as to why Bella’s DNA test came back as being different to the puppy you sold, let alone all the other ‘cockapoos’ you have sold that have also had DNA tests carried out that confirm that you lie. And before you say these tests are inaccurate, both a puppy and its mother have had the same conclusive result, tracing back to your kennels. It’s time that we heard more about these false pedigrees and less about who we are. Why should we give our real names? It’s common and intelligent practice when on public forums/websites to have ‘user names’. Get over it and start showing some respect to the people you have deceived.

    • janice griffiths says:

      bella the choco poodle was taken to a breeder of cockapoos and she said she had been mated to a spaniel so i sold as f1 cockapoos

      • At last some answers.
        This is very illuminating. Would you like to tell us more, Janice?

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        OK…….so Bella the Cockapoo that you sold to Ann was from your Chocolate Poodle (also called Bella and as per the photo you confirmed to Ann as the mum) and you passed her, in season, to another “breeder of cockapoos” and she told you she mated her to a spaniel ?

        That should merit either a “yes” or “no” answer should it not ?

      • Jandaz cockapoo owner says:

        Can we ask who this other breeder is? …as their unknown dog is the sire of Bella.

        Is this usual practice of Jandaz Cockapoos?

      • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

        Please could I then ask how many were there in Bella’s litter ?

        Given Bella’s results are you going to contact the others and explain ?

      • I Love My Cockapoos says:

        Janice, your answer confirms that your defence story is patchy and concentrates merely on a cash transaction. We are told nothing of how/where Bella was reared, who her real parents are, health tests, etc which is surprising considering Bella was rehomed because of her nervousness and later found to be of a different mix to the one you sold. Readers will want to know more…………..

      • I Love My Cockapoos says:

        Your defence story only proves that your daughter, Sarah Garrett, lied in her huge and ridiculous publicity stunt on a cockapoo FB page, telling members that Bella had been collected from her owner’s home, as the person who collected her was desperate for your bloodlines?!?!?!?!!!!! But that’s not true is it? I feel the only reason you were desperate to get Bella back was because you knew that your lies were in danger of finally being exposed.

  24. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Janice must be watching these threads and they must now be having an effect on her business !

    Instead of understanding people’s genuine feelings about what and how she does things and putting in measures to correct things in line with what is increasingly becoming a more desired way of breeding Janice has chosen to retreat into even more secretive and defensive ways.

    Today some more puppies made their debut on her website…..however these are no longer named, no mixes mentioned or ages referred to…now Janice has gone as far as not putting a topic below a new blonde puppy….putting “Black Cockapoos” below a photo of a black one and “Apricot American Puppies” below a blonde one….all with cutie ‘ickle bows in their hair (aaarrrrhhh).

    So Farms of Shame is impacting on their sales. I’m glad that the buying public are being educated as to what to look for, what to look out for and what to expect from an ethical breeder.

    As for Jandaz’s new Homepage image…….”I AM WATCHING YOU”……then it’s a little too late Janice……we know many that have been (and still are) watching You Janice…..very closely.

  25. alison says:

    Ms. Garratt… i wonder again… why do you need other’s names? Did you breed these puppies? Are you now taking responsibilty for any issues or problems that have or may occur in these puppies? It seems so… so perhaps you can answer the questions??

  26. alison says:

    Ah Ms Garratt…. from your own website….

    Has a LIFETIME interest in ALL dogs produced. They want to know how your dog does in it’s new home, love getting calls and cards from you and are always there to advise you of a problem comes up. If a medical condition crops up, they want to know so if it is potentially hereditary, they can alter the program and try to stop the problem in future generations. A good breeder is a mentor and best friend to all buyers

    Knowledge of the breed
      Any mediocre breeder can read a breed standard book and regurgitate the information, thus making themselves look knowledgeable about the breed. Then there is the breeder who takes the time and effort to learn about the true character of the breed, the history, the health issues effecting the breed etc, are the dedicated breeders. It is the dedicated breeder who will research blood lines and strive to improve their lines and screen potential buyers. It is the dedicated breeder who will show their dogs and be there to help educate people about the breed. If you have purchased a rottie from a dedicated breeder you will discover the support continues long after the sale has been concluded. …”


  27. janice griffiths says:

    ok folks this is JANICE !!! i am sick to death of your total obsession with me and my family ,I have my puppies vaccinated by my vet 01570470100 ring them they send my eye test reports to optigen in america i have not had any reports of sick puppies ??? if i am failing please give me names and addresses or contact numbers , I AM HAPPY FOR A MEMBER FROM THIS SICK FORUM TO MEET ME AND MY FAMILY AND VIEW MY KENNELS what more can i say ?janice

    • alison says:

      Janice can you please clarify this statement regarding optigen and eyes tests? Do you or your vet send “results” or reports to optigen in america?

    • Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:



      The above statements were just taken from your website. I cannot dispute that Jandaz dogs can be “every were” (due to the volume of puppies you have advertised each year ! ……..with more to come on that) but NOT all of them are “HEALTHY HAPPY AND WELL ADJUSTED POOCHES”, please refer to Bella’s Story for one and the I Love My Cockapoo forum for a number of others !
      Statistically you would produce / sell some Cockapoos that are lovely dogs just by the shear volume of turn-over, but you always appear to turn a blind eye to those who do have problems 😦

      I think it odd that you can claim a difference between an American Show Cocker, an English Show Cocker and a Working Cocker but you make no mention of a Duel Purpose Cocker which is a mix of English Show and Working and perhaps more worryingly you by your very own claim you do not differentiate between a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Poodle and a Standard Poodle. I’d envisage somewhat of a difference with each of these ???

      If your claim is that there is only one Poodle (as they are all the same) then you would have to then include the English Show Cocker and Working Cocker as the same too.

      Janice I really do think things are catching up on you at a noticeable rate of knots. You are now increasingly showing publicly your distinct lack a knowledge and understanding of dogs.

      Oh and now you appear to allow people to “….AND WHAT IS BETTER COME AND SEE MUM AND PUPPIES TOGETHER…” why are these never shown on your website other than for the reasons mentioned on Farms of Shame posts ?
      Would these visitors get to see your whole set-up or just the inside of one room ?

      “….OBVIOUSLY AT A SAFE AGE…” please could you let us know what you define as a safe age ??

      The questions asked of you are increasing and your own website appears to take this questioning into account and adapt it to avoid these questions being asked of you…..perhaps it’s time for a few answers ????

  28. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    Sarah….I think we’ve already got the message that your mother likes to laugh at all the people she has deceived and it appears you do also. Please can we have answers to the false pedigrees. We are not laughing about these…….they have caused much misery and heartbreak.

  29. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    Actually Janice many have already spoken with you in the past with individual concerns and have sadly got nowhere. This has nothing to do with ‘not having any bottle’. You have been more than aware of sick puppies in the past. There is email evidence of this. Now please can we have answers about the false pedigrees PLEASE.

  30. alison says:

    “…best form of defense is attack…”
    Ms Garratt are you now saying that anyone who checks out your website is stalking you…?
    what happens if i was a legitimate showdog owner wanting to know something about a prospective dog handler for crufts, what if i had a rottweiler bitch and was looking for prospective mate… i would be stupid not to do some backgrounding for that.
    As i said before… when you are investigating anything, you find out facts, dates, information that can be validated by outside sources , and then work out where what is being claimed is inconsistent with those facts….

    Ms. Griffiths please give the name of the vet/ vet clinic you use… i dont just go ringing any phone number sent to me…..
    are you an assured breeder with the kennel club?

  31. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Sarah Garratt / Rivaz Showdogs I don’t fully understand your “Nice try” comment and I’m not sure what I’m getting “very desperate” about ?

    Your passionate support of your mother Janice Griffiths of Jandaz and her exposed breeding practise and ethics shows that Sarah Garratt of Rivaz Showdogs must operate under the same criteria ?

    Please ask Janice to answer some of the above questions put to her….what is her explanation of the fake pedigree paperwork and how many puppies were in Bella’s litter are just two of them.

  32. Janice, I’m grateful you acknowledge there was a problem “bella the choco poodle was taken to a breeder of cockapoos and she said she had been mated to a spaniel so i sold as f1 cockapoos” In order to sort it out what is Bella’s KC name and who did you think she was mated to and how many puppies were there?

  33. I Love My Cockapoos says:

    As I said before Janice, it doesn’t matter who we are. You have been given clear and legitimate reasons why identities will not be given which seriously indicate that your family and close associates are not to be trusted. But what does matter is ‘who are our dogs?!?! and’ ‘Where are their parents?!?!’ There is evidence on here of false pedigrees ranging from 2007 through to 2012. I wonder how many others there are!!!

  34. dog lover says:

    “bella the choco poodle was taken to a breeder of cockapoos and she said she had been mated to a spaniel so i sold as f1 cockapoos”

    Janice, it’s this statement that concerns me the most. May I politely ask if Bella’s mum is named Bella then why was Mrs Ann Cooke provided with a picture of a chocolate miniature poodle with the name Coco attached to it? I’ve also been informed that on Bella’s pedigree papers her mother is named as Jandaz Queen. There are many pups out there with ‘fake’ papers – what’s the story linked to their false parentage?
    Your reply would be greatly appreciated….

    Is this another smoke screen to show your innocence?

  35. Concerned for cockapoos says:

    Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos,

    It has been asked several times already, but once again, could you please answer questions about your false pedigrees.

    In particular, can you explain what happened with Jemma (renamed Heidi) whose pedigree has been proved false – the dam was said to be Jandaz Bessie / Jandaz Brown Betty – not so! See https://farmsofshame.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/jandaz-a-problem-of-pedigrees/ You sold this pup as an American cocker x toy poodle but she has been DNA tested as English cocker x bichon frise. This is conclusively backed up by DNA testing of her offspring. The bichon in them is clear to see.

    This one, and others, need explanations!

    What is going on???

  36. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Given that now, allegedly, a DNA test has been carried out on a bitch purchased from Jandaz (as referred to in the above comments….however I must suppose that she was purchased from Janice “in good faith” but subsequently bred from to produce “”Cockapoos”) has come back as not even being a Cockapoo herself !?!?!?!

    Then where would that leave Janice with regards to “responsibility” or “accountability” ?

    How many people own a dog that is not as advertised because of Janice’s trust in others ?
    How many people own a “Cockapoo” from Janice that is not as she had advertised it as ?
    What effects would that have on the validity of any “Health Test” claimed” ?
    What effect would that then have on the successive breeding of “Cockapoo” when the gene-pool has been tainted by a breeder’s lack of ethics ?
    …..and this from a breeder who claims to keep detailed records of all her breeding, blood-lines, ancestry and a long history of breeding other breeds within the Kennel Club…..then how detailed / monitored was this mating ?………..and then how detailed / monitored was Bella’s mother’s mating ?…………….and then potentially…how detailed are any other Jandaz matings ???

    Janice you are facing mounting questions here and it’s about time we got some answers.

  37. jandaz says:

    Mr larkhill you pic choose and delete posts to suit your own ends that is NOT FAIR , we are being harassed ! not your sock puppets on here ……

  38. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    It appears that the devious and dubious dealings of Janice Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos is still at play:

    Firstly someone has posted on another forum that he is due to get his puppy later this month:

    It is remarkably strange that this puppy has not even appeared on the Jandaz website !?

    Could it be that Janice uses a few choice photos to entice the potential buyer to e-mail and then a puppy is selected to be shown to that person ???

    But what of the puppies Janice has difficulty in selling ?
    What if they don’t look like a Cockapoo enough to find a suitable home ?
    What if they get to stay (unchosen) with Jandaz well past the age she wants them to go by ?

    Well she could of course give them away “free of charge” ! (there was mention on other threads here of Janice inviting people to “make her an offer” on a second puppy).

    This from a club’s charity donation fund:

    “you are nearly there girls keep going this donation is from a lady who gave a good home to one of my smooth cockapoos which i gave free to her ..
    Donation by janice griffiths on 22/02/13
    + £12.50 Gift Aid”

    I’m not sure what the general consensus is….but in my book taking on any dog means taking on a responsibility…emotionally, physically and financially (though the reward should outweigh any of them) and for any dog to be “given away free” does not send out the right message to anyone as you’ll never really know where and what life it then enters.

  39. dog lover says:

    Janice Griffith’s is now stating on her website her dogs are happy healthy and well adjusted, know doubt some are, there are also pups that are not, they are also sold with fake pedigrees and she will not answer why .Do not believe this women she lies, money is her main concern not the wellbeing of her dogs or pups. If you buy a puppy from her you are buying from a puppy farmer I know from personal experience what this woman is capable of . Please do not buy a puppy from Jandaz.

  40. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    It is a very sad fact of life that people who have something to hide will retreat into their holes when the heat is on………instead of taking a firm stance in the belief in their actions and answering those who speak against them.

    If Janice Lesley Griffiths of Jandaz Cockapoos or even her family including Sarah Garrett of Rivaz Showdogs really felt their breeding practice was 100% above board and professional then they would certainly have taken a firm stand against the comments and posts on this website… ?

    HOWEVER they choose to lay-low and hope it all blows overs and it has done in the past on the other forums they get exposed on. That is a true sign that Jandaz have something to hide.

    But selling puppies as Cockapoos and then these dogs being a different breed when DNA tested surely sends out a huge message about their breeding practice ?

    The Jandaz Cockapoo website has now stopped even showing their usual non-stop array of available puppies !

    If times are hard Janice Griffiths of Jandaz then please could you answer some of the questions asked of you above ?

    Take a stand against those who question your breeding (or buying-in) practice……………..unless these people speak the truth ?

    • Number Cruncher says:

      As predicted by Shame-on-Mills it does seem as though Janice Griffiths is lying low.

      Last year the Jandaz Cockapoos website changed almost daily showing a constant flow of new puppies ready for collection. This year the flood of new puppies has slowed dramatically. So there are only two logical conclusions; either :
      Jandaz have sold off the majority of their breeding bitches and those that remain are only mated once a year and not on back to back seasons
      Jandaz were buying puppies in from other puppy farms in South Wales or Ireland to sell on as their own.

      The latter would certainly explain the numerous lies regarding pedigrees and explain why we saw very few photos of young puppies with their mother, but a large number of puppies “ready to leave”.

  41. Shame-on-Farms / Mills says:

    Janice Griffiths is now back advertising more puppies again with little or no information about them, their background nor their mothers ! Relying on a photo to do the selling for her and then again there could well be others waiting to be offered to anyone who calls. Janice is still letting new enquiries know that her puppies can be delivered without the need to visit. How can she claim to vet the people she sells to or the homes they’ll live in if she need not even meet her customers face to face ? The new additions: Rosie – Miniature Cockapoo…..though I’d certainly recommend that the people who bought her look to have her DNA tested as she looked so much like a Poodle puppy it would need checking (given Janice Griffith’s of Jandaz history). Billy, Miniature but Toy size (?) Bruce Rupert, Miniature Cockapoo Tommy, Black Toy Cockapoo (another one that looks very much like a Poodle) Timmy, Black Boy Cockapoo (another one that looks very much like a Poodle) 2 unrelated photos one showing 2 puppies entitled American ready October and the other shot showing 4 puppies (both with those beautiful Jandaz bows !) also entitled American ready October. It’s a Buyer Beware world so please do your research !

  42. Angie F says:

    I find it sad that a website such as the Jandaz website can post up adverts for puppies available but show nothing about the mum or dad or any health tests nor who bred them, where they were bred nor how they were bred. The sheer volume of puppies advertised must make people wonder where they are coming from ? All this from someone who promotes herself as a small family that centres on breeding ! This small family all appear to have made themselves known across many forums. Much more than any other family concern, small or not, and not for the right reasons.

    I don’t know if I am alone of this but the Jandaz website shows the most wondrously glowing testimonials, the most flamboyant and gushing raves about these people’s beloved dogs and they great they all are, but all appears to follow a pre-scripted rave about how well Janice and Jandaz do ?

    Jandaz Janice and Sarah Garratt have been banned from many a well respected dog breed forum, they have been banned from websites spanning many years and still hope to portray themselves as caring breeders ?

    I don’t think Janice Griffiths will ever wake up and smell the coffee as she’s much more used to champaign if the photos are to be believed, so it has to be the customer who needs to get wiser.

    Please don’t pay the delivery driver, pay attention to doing the research.

  43. Joanna says:

    I feel absolutely devastated reading this. I have a dearly beloved family pet who is scared out of her mind by most things she comes across. I don’t know what to do. I thought she just had a nervous disposition but I did my research on Jandaz before all of this came out.

    What is worse is that in absolute faith in her pedigree and parentage I recently mated her in order to have one litter for my young children to enjoy and with a view to keeping one ourselves in the hope that a bit of company will help her nerves.

    Now I discover that she probably carries congenital health issues I was assured she was free of.

    Absolutely devastated.

    I consider her my 3rd child and my children consider her a sibling.

  44. Ann Observer says:

    Today (13th April 2015) Jandaz Cockapoos advertise Lucy being an F1 English Show Cocker crossed with a Miniature Poodle. Remus said to be an F3 American and English mix. Then Teddy, Lilly and Rose all F1 Amercian cross Miniature puppies. Strangely Lilly and Rose are both available from the 23rd May but Teddy is ready on the 10th May……but they all look the same age in the photos ?
    Rose’s dad is the supposedly famous Duffy. Who is Duffy ? Is he the one Janice calls JANDAZ MR DUFFY ? If it is then it’s likely to be Tisaj’s Eye Candy an American Cocker with no Health Screening records shown on the Kennel Club’s website ?

    Strangely all the puppies shown today all look the same age and even stranger, and perhaps the most worrying by far for any potential new owners, is that there are NO PHOTOS of their MUMS !

    …….and then there is the very genuine concern that the single advertised F3 puppy could very easily have common ancestry in both sides of his genetic bloodlines so it’s worth checking his ancestry against the pedigree certificate Janice Griffiths sends with him, that’s if you just ring up, pay, and have him delivered without even getting out of your chair !

  45. Sue Cooper says:

    I’m convinced she’s in cahoots with Karen Crowley another breeder who claims to have 1 breeding bitch and also tells stories like it was an accident mating or it was a 1 off to pay for a carpet etc etc.
    She told me a similar tale but 3yrs later when my cavapoo was diagnosed with syringomyelia and CM I discovered she was actually a licensed breeder who had at the time of the councils last visit 13 breeding bitches and 3 litters of puppies. Ive heard stories of other owners of puppies she’s bred of dogs that have died at a young age and dogs with serious health problems. She was also heavily involved in the dog show world as a judge.
    I know that Karen used Jandaz poodle stock to breed dogs but don’t know if the connection to Janice goes any further. But I do know Janice is very defensive if you question her about Karen stating she only ever sold her a boy poodle years ago. But would you remember a customer from that many years ago if you breed multiple puppies?
    I don’t know if she’s still breeding but it’s likely she is so avoid any apsledene puppies. She’s been known to breed cavapoos, cavaliers and cockapoos amongst many.
    Her methods and lies are very similar to Janice of Jandaz so I’d be surprised if they weren’t connected.

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