An Open Letter To The MDBA Award Nominees Regarding Beverley Manners of Rutland Manor at the Award Ceremony

I’ve been reading our dog forums in the last few weeks, copying some posts before they were removed. It all made for a very interesting few hours to see what the mostly pedigree dog boards full of experienced breeders  such as Dogz On Line think of the Rutland Manor fiasco and in particular the MDBA registering the Rutland Manor puppies. Some of these breeders and trainers and other professionals are expected to join Beverley Manners at the MDBA award ceremony held in a few days, for she has been nominated for the Master Breeder award and also for the Dog Trainer award!

Julie Nelson who runs the MDBA has been performing somersaults in her logic to argue in support of Beverley Manners on the Australian Dog Forums (my favourite, as it is for ALL dogs). Here at least they are not delete-happy and you can still read the thread here where, conscious that they will not remove the posts of the members, Julie is forced to put up a fight as she is being asked straight questions such as .

“I am confused about the above…
when you go to the Cobbadog webpage one of the links takes you to a Rutland Manor page which says they are still running and breeding?
Or are you saying it doesn’t matter what dodgy things she has done in the past as long as she is doing the right thing now?”

Now that’s a good question but it didn’t get answered!

Gems from Julie Nelson include

“Rutland Manor as a physical place does not exist and hasn’t done so for a long time. The Person who they refer to is a 72 year old lady who owns 5 dogs which all sleep on her bed.”

like all the hundreds of dogs Beverley has owned including all the mothers and fathers of the 400 puppies a year she was producing only 6 years ago. It’s a bed the size of Texas and full of lies.

One of the posters gave this reply full of common sense

“Hi Julie.Been reading your replies and clarifications with much interest.One thing that still has me stumped though…..”Rutland manor is not a physical place”….Yet they display photos of the pups and outside runs: … ppies.html “

“Again I will say to you there is no such place as Rutland Manor. It simply doesn’t exist as a physical place where there are kennels and dogs bred. Rutland Manor is not an MDBA member and Rutland Manor is not registered with us as a prefix.If I try to answer anything else Im guessing and assuming. I can only tell you what I know.There is no such place as Rutland Manor.”

Total double think which will fool nobody. From this place that doesn’t exist, litters are being sold and the MDBA is registering them.

“we do require bone afide pedigrees but our intention is to widen the gen pool and try to help people get it right.”

This is priceless as Beverley has admitted that she faked pedigrees and we have  more examples of faked sex changed/ name changed ANKC pedigrees that she  issued to sell breeding stock and puppies. Here’s one for you MDBA, from a registry she fooled earlier.

Real ANKC Pedigree        Beverley’s faked pedigree for “registration”

Spot the difference, not just a name change but changing the sex makes this a complete fraud, the type in red is Bev’s attempt to hide her tracks. New Covenant Pty was Beverley’s failed breeding company.

Getting back to the facts, you are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who sold two harmless, sweet, already overbred bitches, Rutlands Billie Jo and Rutlands Bobbi Jo  to the hell hole that is Banksia Park Puppies, to be bred until death. Nothing else can be the consequence of her action.

You are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who allowed Rutlands Happy Wanderer  to get into this appalling state, and mated her in this condition for more expensive fake Australian Labradoodles. 

You are going to wine and dine with Beverley Manners who has faked, defrauded and abused her dogs for all her breeding history for nothing more than MONEY.

Will you sit down comfortably with Beverley Manners who bred Shania at least 8 times after a  multiple mastectomy?

I ask you to call a halt on this sham in the name of the dogs you work for and with.


Ubique Larkhill, a fellow friend of the dogs

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A Web of Deceit -Terragethen- Tegan Park- Rutland Manor Cobba Dogs

Puppy Farming is based on lies, fraud, and abuse, the big losers are the dogs and the owners of the pets with fraudulent pedigrees and health tests.

Look at the Puppy Farms in the title, Google them and you will come up with horrific owner stories, paper thin accolades from the owners’ well known  aliases, legal action taken against them by the authorities, and of course a few “true believers” foolish enough to believe that because their puppy was one of the lucky ones then all was well.

The puppy farmers are out for No 1 and pass on their own mistakes to each other as prime breeding stock at very high prices, amazingly the other puppy farmers fall for it. I’m not going to waste much more time on the corpses of Rutland Manor or Tegan Park except to remind everyone: DO NOT let them grow again. Don’t buy from them you really don’t know what you will be getting.

I mean it. You don’t: Here’s a case in point.The story of one dog again: Terragethan Scribbles.

This valuable pure bred Merle Poodle was sold by Anne Michele Clay’s “Terragethen Kenal” in Oak Hill Florida to Angela Cunningham’s Exotic Tiny Toy Poodle Puppy Farm and put to work to breed poodles and Tegan Park Labradoodles (AKA Cobba Dogs!) in the new Merle colour which she describes proudly

“CAUTION As predicted miss guided breeders believe they can “Get “the Merle pattern cheap and easy… and are crossing Collies and .??? scares me to think!! Please be careful, Tegan created the pattern by using pure Poodle, Years of searching the globe to find out if they still existed and then finding one that was entire and able to pass its health testing. It was a long extremely expensive road I was purely lucky to see this lovely coat pattern come to life.”

The problem is that Merle does not occur in Poodles, it’s only found in puppy farms that have introduced another breed, usually Shelties or Australian Shepherds. So which was it? At least Australian Shepherds would be a home breed if you want to breed Australian Labradoodles..

So I put my investigators onto this and the answer was a surprise!

Scribble’s Dam is a “poodle” called Layla , her and her sister Lola’s pedigree is here . Oddly there is no parentage or breed given for their “parents” Gigi and Beauregard.

Here is Layla, doesn’t look like a pure bred poodle to me and my investigators’ report led me to a reasonable explanation for those oddly short legs and the impossible Merle gene. Terragethen also puppy farmed Long Haired Dappled (AKA merle) Daschunds.

Given inbreeding and breeding back to Poodles, Anne Michelle Clay created the Merle “Poodle” and sold Terregthen Scribbles to Angela Cunningham (Woolley)  as a PURE BRED POODLE.  One con artist taking in another.

Anne Michelle Clay was inspected by the AKC in 2007  and then Animal Control seized 77 poodles, 5 Daschunds and other breeds from horrific squalor in her faeces-strewn home. (Video appears after short advert). Typically she reopened under another name, Michele Walker, as Utopia Poodles. Sounds like our Angela reinventing herself whenever the law gets too close, doesn’t it?

Angela and her mother Beverley Manners’ new invention is the Australian Cobba Dog to sell all colours and sizes of what were called Australian Labradoodles

They are both mad as a gumtree full of galahs!

from the Urban Dictionary

1. Cobba
A person of either gender who enjoys pleasuring one selves with a corn on the cob up the ass.
Joe-“My ass is sore from last night.’
Jack-“That explains what that corn cob was doing on your bed..You cobba.”
2. cobba

a person who cant speak properly, usually mentally impaired in some way. they seem to congregate in groups and usually are extremely unattractive.
a cobba is usually drunk and has no life or aspirations in life, and will in most cases amount to nothing in life.
 Noticing the embarrassment that the Cobba name caused, Bev has changed the spelling to Cobber. Puppy Farming is like any other dubious business, “change the name and do the same”

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Sunsethills Puppy Farm: Rorie’s story, a puppy’s Hard Labour

As you know Farms of Shame sometimes take up the story of an individual dog in a puppy farm. I was sent a picture of  a puppy, not a happy and confident puppy but a puppy just about to have puppies herself for her puppy farmer owner,. Looking into her eyes I felt that we should try to tell the story of this sweet and shy puppy that was bought not to love but just to make money, given a sketchy pedigree and described as an Australian Labradoodle.

Here she is

Sunsethills Crimson Aurora was born on the 4th of December 2003, the result of a mating between a poodle and a cocker spaniel crossed with a labrador (or so they said). Of course puppyhood is just an inconvenience to a puppy farm and she was mated at 7 months old by Melinda Radus to a poodle and had her first litter at only 9 months old on the 25th of September 2004  at Sunset Hills Puppy Farm. She shed hair so in order to carry on the pretence of breeding “hypoallergenic ” dogs she was bred constantly from then on to poodles or dogs that were well over 80% poodle according to our researchers..

51/2 months later on the 2nd of March 2005 poor Rorie had another litter to a poodle. Her little body couldn’t cope and she had an emergency c-section almost a week early  We have a picture of her looking thin and miserable and shaved to the skin. She has some tiny puppies that Sunset Hills fought hard for as they had big money waiting for them and export deals.

You would think this 15 month old puppy had now done enough for her owner but sadly that was not all.

5 months later again  on the 11th of August 2005, Rorie had her 3rd litter after another difficult labour. The fact that she had only recently had a caesarean was not enough to give her a rest from producing puppies for sale. Rorie wasn’t fit to have a picture taken and photoshopped to the desired gold/red colour and anyway she wasn’t important, only the puppies mattered. as some were kept for breeding and sold for a minimum 25, 000 AUD as breeding stock. All this from a puppy bitch who had no real pedigree, just another mongrel. Rorie’s bitch puppies Elly, Abi, and Crimson were kept on to produce more puppies in America and Australia for Sunset Hills. 

Only 5 months after her last litter at the beginning of January 2006 Rorie was exported to America. She was 7 weeks in whelp and had her puppies at Alpenridge, Sunsethills’ American branch on the 23rd of January. This branch was first set up with Melinda’s mother Sue Broady described on the website: Sue is a wonderful and caring person who has been involved in animal breeding programs for over 30 years now.   She has a great love for animals and a talent for developing breeding programs.

Note the picture of Sue Broady
By the time Rorie was sent heavy with pup for the long and uncomfortable trip to her new “home” at Alpenridge there had been some changes, Sue Broady is now called Crystalyn Widic  but with an identical description:  Christalyn is a wonderful and caring person who has been involved in animal breeding programs for over 30 years now.   She has a great love for animals and a talent for developing breeding programs.

Click on the picture of the 2006 website and you can see the Sue Broady picture now labelled Crystalyn.

This is Sunset Hills new Breeding Center located in the USA.  Our Center is operated by Christalyn Widic recently relocated from Crooked River Ranch, Oregon to Elko, Nevada, the home of the anual National Cowboy Poetry Contest!

Sunset Hills is like most puppy farms, nothing is quite what it seems, names are changed at will and we are all expected to believe everything we are told. These farms trade on the gullibility of the public who after all only want a puppy to love.

I don’t know whether life was better or worse for little Rorie in America, but I do know that she was still not allowed to just be a young dog given freedom to have fun and love with a family.

5 months later on the 2nd of July 2006 after finally having some health testing done, Rorie had her 5th litter in America at Sunset Hills new breeding centre Alpenridge. After that we do not know what happened to her. I hope she was finally retired as they claim and allowed to have a life, not just litter after litter of puppies until her poor body could take no more. Rorie, a cheap little cross breed puppy, earned hundreds of thousands for her owners, she deserved a wonderful life after being sentenced to Hard Labour every 5 months. Rorie’s life was not exceptional at Sunset Hills, it was typical for any bitch unlucky enough to remain in the kennels.

I believe that loyalty is a virtue  we should all respect, but there comes a time when we need to look carefully at what demands our loyalty and judge if it is worthy of it. In this case Sunset Hills has clearly got a number of loyal friends but it is time they took stock. I know many already have.

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Sunset Hills Puppy Farm Dogs, where are they now?

Nothing is more leaky than an office at a Puppy Farm, workers are treated  with scarcely  more respect than the dogs and we have as usual received a lot of documents about the business at Sunset Hills. Many of the Family Care Homes are very concerned about the dogs they love and have to return to the puppy farm and the future of those that are still with them. So this one is for all of you who are worried about the Sunset Hills dogs.

Here is the list of some of the dogs, some with pictures, that were owned by Melinda Radus when she sold out to Nichii Gakkan, we know there are many more hidden away. We have compiled a list of 136 dogs , over 3/4 are bitches enabling something like  a hundred litters to be born every year at Sunset Hills or more likely more..

Here they are and if anyone can update us on the fate of the dogs please get in touch, we hope for the best for them ALL, the labradoodles, the poodles , the cocker spaniels and the many unknown mixed breed dogs now owned by Nichii Gakkan.

Does ANYONE doubt that Sunset Hills WAS and IS a puppy farm? There are still the same old tired lies that puppies are born in the home and socialized , is anyone fooled? Do the sums yourself, 5 litters born between 16th April 2011 to 2nd of May, that would mean a minimum of 15 litters in the “home” at one time. A sad and silly lie.

I couldn’t fit more than 2 litters in my dog friendly home , it’s just impossible of course, but puppy farms have to say this in order that the public believes they are not handing their money over to  dog abusers and dog pimps.

Can YOU tell us where these 136  dogs are? Please look carefully, maybe some of them are safe, desexed, and in a good home. We certainly hope so, but how could they make money for the owners if they are?

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Dylan Jones’ planning application for kennelling 196 breeding dogs waits for Carmarthen Council’s rubber stamp

All round the world there is an assumption that the Brits love dogs, and according to Napoleon they are a nation of shop keepers as well. Pet Shops and Puppy Farms are encouraged and work well together to supply poorly bred, badly reared, puppies to the dog loving UK consumer with no thought for their parents left literally in the dark in Welsh sheds.

Pictures and videos of the Welsh puppy farms can be found on You Tube, but none of the breeders identified by the (easily googled) Y Byd Ar Bedwar puppy farming documentaries  were prosecuted for cruelty despite the colossal amount of evidence. There is simply no wish to prevent the trade in miserable puppies in Wales.

Most of the breeders operate outside the law for years and when they come to public attention a breeding licence is sent overnight to them without investigation according to the anti puppy farming leagues in the UK.

Dylan Jones is one of the Welsh puppy farmers who was recently obliged to apply for planning permission. A concerned neighbour sent us a copy of the retrospective planning application, its frankly breath taking!.For a start “retrospective” means the farmer has been breeeding outside the law and the council choses to make him legal rather than remove the dogs to safety and prosecute him  as is their duty .

Instead of the original 9 breeding dogs in 1994 there were in fact 196 on his farm, solely “cared for” by himself who runs a farm and his wife who works for the council. 2 part time workers 196 dogs don’t add up at all. Some photos were taken in support of the planning application and people understandably made the mistake of thinking that the pictures were of agricultural buildings not dog kennels. This is from a letter from the Council included among the planning documents

Have a look!  Do these look like a well run dog kennels  with heated runs and some form of enrichment to make lives less boring or does it look like a dirty cold dark grim shed for storing equipment .

I’ve read the whole planning application which is being pushed at the council as good for local business  and nowhere is there any thought of the lives the victims will lead, stuck in these narrow kennels with litter after litter of puppies for their short over productive lives.

The ultimate insult to our companion animals is to be found at the bottom of this picture of the kennels. Does anyone think these 196 dogs will be well cared for by Dylan Jones? Or that they will be HAPPY?

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Labradoodles, just a business, like any other

Nichii Gakkan medical services company has bought out Sunset Hills Australian Labradoodle Puppy Farm. The last vestiges of any doubt we might have nurtured that their dogs were bred with any real care and concern has gone. It’s been an open secret for some time that Melinda Radus was looking for a buyer for her huge numbers of breeding dogs in the sheds at Sunset Hills and she has now announced the sale here;article=147439;title=Doodle%20Breeders%27%20Discussion%20Forum

I’ll give her this , Melinda is making a strong case for selling out to the Japanese giant but the case made is purely business.

So what’s the plan? Nichii has over 600 medical facilities and they intend to have multiple therapy/assistance/companion dogs resident in each facility. They intend to track, monitor and record the success of their program and publish medical papers on a large scale to the government and medical communities to the benefits the Australian Labradoodle dogs have on the aged and ailing.

There is no voice for the dogs but then there never was. Just how”productive” can a dog be?  The most fortunate can be sold as adored pets, some can be trained to be companions for the elderly (until of course they are too old themselves), and of course they can be passed on  on to the subsidiary Pet Shop chain or even disappear forever as research animals.

The truth is we don’t know what will happen to the dogs and all their puppies sold to this uncertain future, but they will have to make money for Nichii Gakkan or the shareholders will want to know why. Don’t believe the hype about “sharing a vision”, this is ALL about PROFIT.

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Service Dog Charities and Rutland Manor (Update)

We are please to announce that HALO dogs has  a new committee and Beverley Manners is no longer part of that worthy organisation. It’s good when people open their eyes to the truth.

Well done HALO

Sadly she is still on the board of Aussie Angels as Vice President. I wonder how long that will last?

In 2009 she was on the board of Disability Aid dogs                                  

Then there was HALO

Now there is the AAAD

No organisation lasts long with Bev involved

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